Do you still enjoy anime or just watch it out of habit?

Do you still enjoy anime or just watch it out of habit?

>Sup Forums
>liking anime

I thought we settled this a long time ago

What is anime?

I don't really have anything better to do, so

I still like anime.

get back to Sup Forums

Fuck off this is Sup Forums now

I thought we were supposed to link people to reddit now?

I like anime and watch it because it's fun and entertaining.

well you should go back there

Fuck off Sup Forums

I only watch about one or two new things a year and maybe one or two old things in my backlog. I mainly read manga now, easier to get through more or it faster and more variety.

I can barely watch anime anymore. I'll watch some clips on Youtube so I can keep up with the memes, but that's about all.

It's not just anime though, regular TV and movies are hard to watch. I either get bored or confused within minutes. I think I have late-onset ADD

Yeah of course. It's fun to marathon a show from my backlog, and it's sometimes more enjoyable than watching an episode every week.

Who the fuck watches a medium out of habit? Of course I like anime, but not unconditionally. If I don't like something, I don't watch. Aren't most people like that?

>keep up with the memes
Do you know you're the best example of ironic weeb we found until now, right?
Congrats, cunt.

I watched almost all good anime. It's hard to find something to enjoy for me. Almost all modern anime are reusing plot routes, characters, jokes etc from other anime, so it's hard for me to enjoy this because it's almost literally the same tat i already watched many times.

I'm realizing when I look back that I only ever really liked animated media. I was raised on the 2D Disney movies, only really watched cartoons as a kid. I'd include Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, DBZ, Beyblade, Sailor Moon, Carcaptor Sakura, Hamtaro among others in with the cartoons I watched because I hadn't made the distinction between western and Jap cartoons yet. Watched tons of stuff on newgrounds and homestar runner when I learned how to use a computer. The finally discovered Ontario's late night Anime broadcast Bionix which had stuff like Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam and Inuyasha and that's when I got hooked. To this day 99% of the media I consume is anime, I just appreciate what people can represent with hand drawn (or digitally put together) art over what people can capture with film.

I enjoy Japanese entertainment with all of my heart and feel nothing but disdain for people like who reduce anime to meme material without feeling any kind of passion for the medium.

I fucked up
I can't watch any western show be it live action or cartoon. I can only stomach anime now and my live action/reality tv shit is twitch and youtube. I haven't turned on a tv since last year.

I saw a anime once and have regretted it ever since.

I don't think you're looking in the right places, or you're so consumed by the idea of tropes being bad that you don't notice differences in execution. Take a break from newer anime, and try to come back to it at a later date. Burnout will do that stuff to you, especially with how oversaturated the industry has become.

Fuck off to your e-celebs, faggot.

This. That post made me a little sick. That user should do something to mend whatever habits he has that has brought down his attention span. For example, less browsing Sup Forums.

I don't understand it. I had some roomates like that. They'd also sit around watching youtube and twitch all the time but they'd talk about the games they'd watch other people play as if they actually played them themselves. Disgusting.

I already in anticipation for new season anime and threads, because i already finished everything i want to watch this season.

I used to be in same state like 4 years ago but then i started watching star trek and now i watch movies every weekend

>If I don't like something, I don't watch.
This is Sup Forums, what are you talking about. People here would gladly watch something they hate just so they could complain about it later.

I still enjoy it but I´m a lot more picky.

I enjoy manga, but I hardly watch anime anymore.

I agree, watching anime is hard i had to reduce my usual 20-25 anime per season to 12-14 because that was physically exhausting.

Reasons I watch anime
>Really tired of some movies nowadays
>Some good series get ruined by edgefags
>Sometimes the animation of some anime are very pleasant to the eye

I've been watching less anime and reading less manga this year, but I've never considered doing so out of habit. I do it because I like it.

Sometimes it's fun to watch a trainwreck, Juuni Taisen was a fun, infuriating ride this season. You just have to draw a line for the sake of self respect. I jumped ship from Bahamut S2 over half way through because I realized Sup Forums wasn't exaggerating about how fucking terrible it was.

I still like it, but I haven't watched nearly as much as most people here.
Assuming most people here have watched >100 anime

I genuinely enjoy anime, however what I'm tired is of incomplete adaptation where I have to resort to read the original source. I wish anime would stop being a promotional medium.

I still watch ten or so seasonals along with 4-5 older shows. Watching with a group helps.

I've cleaned out what I really wanted to watch from my backlog a long time ago, the rest are just eh series that I never finish anyway.
Now I just mostly watch a few airing series while my backlog collects cobwebs.

Too much waifushit nowadays, but I suppose that's always been around

I have to admit after seeing the winter schedule I found myself asking this.


I enjoy anime, it simply became habit to watch it after replacing most other media I consumed. Though the amount I watch has spiked recently since I got my friend into it, watching shows with another person is a lot more enjoyable for me.

Love it

>I can barely watch anime anymore. I'll watch some clips on Youtube so I can keep up with the memes

I thought the same thing when I was younger, about how colorful and fun it was compared to the odd sitcom or drama.
However, a couple of years ago I started thinking about the choreography in certain scenes and realized just how much camera work(storyboards) and angles affect the end result. After that I opened up to the whole live action scene, watching Tarantino movies with that mindset was (and still is) a blast.

100% habit
4 years exhausted my level of tolerance

After twenty years of watching I can still say I rather enjoy it. Though, I can say that there really is a shit-ton of series being done every season. Overall I just don't know what I would do without fiction in general.

They could have just not wanted to spend the money

Dump the rest.

thank you good user, for the new Remilia reaction pic

I enjoy it but I'm much more selective now about what I watch, I used to do about 12 shows a season but it's been about half that recently.

How far down the rabbit hole have you gotten? Have you gotten to the point where you can watch moeshit, or are you still watching Shonen junk?

I'm watching citrus and that's it


>recently watched 2nd season
it just solidified the fact that I don't enjoy anime
like I used to

What kind of a dumb fucking question is that?
I’m on Sup Forums cause I like talking to other autistic faggots about my favorite SoL moe cancer animes.

No one is asking why you're on Sup Forums.

I stayed away from Sup Forums for years because I fell for "Sup Forums doesn't really like anime". But that's bullshit. Sup Forums anime even more than we love bitching about anime.

>falling for Sup Forums memes

>Want to watch more anime
>If I watch one I really like I want to support it and buy merch for it.
>don't have the funds to do that
>don't watch anime as often so I don't have the temptation

I don’t care if no one is asking.

I have never even finished a shonen show before. I watch pretty much every genre besides it. Stop trying to justify your inability to maintain a relationship.

>it's an "anime burnout" episode

I mostly don't enjoy anime. There is some rare case when a series becomes extremely popular, which raises the chances of me also enjoying it.

>henshin h-anime never


I still enjoy anime but it's hard to keep up with seasonal titles and also finish the backlog when not living the truNEET lifestyle. Browsing Sup Forums, I'm not so sure I enjoy anymore but I definitely still do it out of habit.

>2nd season
It wasn't very good though, try rewatching first and then see if that's still true.

What kind of stupid fucking question is that? Of course I enjoy it. Why would I still be fucking drowning myself in it?

This isn't Sup Forums you tard. End this meme already.

>it wasn't very good though

Yes and I know why.

wow blaming the new characters.