I know this is weird, but I've always loved the way the cities looked in Dragon Ball. It's simple, varied and visually pleasing. I can't think of any real-world location that looks anything like it. Sure it's not the most practical thing ever, but it's also not fantastic to the point that it would never exist.

What anime or manga settings do it for you?

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Anywhere that's not a high school setting or Japan.

Anywhere that's not a medieval european setting or isekai.

You say that but the architectural style seen very briefly in the MHA "fantasy" credits immediately caught my eye.

Academy City. Filled with adventure and superpowered espers and magicians yet the basic premise of it is grounded close enough to reality that you can just imagine it existing someday somewhere. A city dedicated to scientific progress and research churning out the latest breakthroughs in science and tech powered entirely by clean wind energy with the entire city geared towards education. It sounds like it'd be fucking wonderful to live in if it were real.

Some can be fine but more often than not they like any fun or distinctive style. Be more fairytale-esque or like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or something Japan jesus fuck. It's all about imagination dammit.

Yeah I like those dome-like structures as well.
One of the few things that they actually kept throughout the entire series.

I love the town in Kiki's Delivery Service. Sorry for the shitty picture.

Ah that ED is great.

its a real town


A lot of Ghibli movies have buildings that are pleasing to the eye, I personally was awestruck by Nausicaa's, and Howl's. They brim with life and are beautiful to look at as well.

This is an unusual topic that I can get behind.

PriPri had some great designs.

Something recent.

Really digging the vibe of these ones, it has a cool British steampunk feel.

Why would you have military barracks in the middle of a city, without even a chain-link fence around them?

do we have a map of the city yet? there are so many districts in the LN it had to keep track of all of them

Try watching steamboy or princess principal if you like the steampunk aesthetic

What the fuck are you talking about?

It's just a Nissen hut / Romney hut / Quonset hut / Italian Chapel. That architecture can be used for basically anything.

I really like scifi or retro futuristic inspired architecture you see in some anime, don't really have any screenshots

I dont like houses that look like a child made them out of playdough, no one likes building or maintaining houses without 90 degree angles.

>gravity doesnt exist
Yeah great going.

The scenery in Frontier and Delta is a treat.

Personally I'm sick of everything being 90° angles. Boring square grids might be the most space-efficient, but when you design like that it's clear the intention is to cram as much shit into as tight of a space as possible. And that's something I don't want for myself, I couldn't stand living in a city because of the constant noise and light pollution.

Futuristic cities tend to look like all of the buildings are blurring together, but to me quality of living should take priority over cramming people into the smallest piece of property possible like they're sardines.

>quality of living should take priority over cramming people into the smallest piece of property possible like they're sardines.
A round house would give less living space than a square house on same property. Its just stupid and counterproductive which is why its only seen in fantasy aimed at children.
I was pretty triggered by the round doors in LOTR hobbit holes. They suck so much for everything.

imagine trying to get a circular wooden door to fit and seal properly


good taste, user

How do you feel about Tulou?


good thread, have a bump for scenery porn.

Symphogear definitely has the best future-looking citis

AKB0048 looks very pretty. Then again it's by Satelite.

Architecture is when you stop having practicality as your highest priority and become willing to sacrifice space, materials, and sometimes convenience for the sake of aesthetics.

We could all live and work in stacked grey concrete boxes that don't waste an inch of space on things like a lobby made out of a smooth stone with a bronze statue in the middle or large fancy offices, but that would be a pretty depressing existence.

Sora no Woto, doesn't help it is based on a real city though. I also like the town from Haibane Renmei and Non Non Biyori.

I should watch S2. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did.

sometimes stacked grey concrete boxes are architecture.


I too would love to live inside an oversized washing machine.

Also this coming out in a few months

>Personally I'm sick of everything being 90° angles.
Right. 120° is the thinking man's angle!

Reminds me of Sonic Unleashed and that one town in Legend of Dragoon. What kind is this style called?

Looks pretty Spanish

Not sure if it has a name, but I think it's inspired by certain places in Italy and Greece

Isnt it based on the Greek town Santorini?



You're the one in the washing machine.

I also like this kind of thing. As much as I hate cities in the UK, occasionally in the suburbs you can find these quiet areas and they have this nice melancholy atmosphere, especially if it's raining.


Not a fan of the cities on earth, but I do love Dragon Ball's alien and alien planets. They are, like you say, creative, varied and I like how un-earth they are

it's definitely greek inspired down to the blue accents

If you're talking about Namek, they're literally living in post-apocalyptic ruins.

All of them really. they went to like 6 different worlds at the end of the Buu saga while Kid Buu was searching for Goku and they were all really varied and unique despite being literal throwaway assets

>A round house would give less living space than a square house on same property. Its just stupid and counterproductive which is why its only seen in fantasy aimed at children.

It's only bad when you have a small plot of land or otherwise deeply concerned about property taxes. If that's the case, then you live somewhere that sucks. (One of the reasons I moved far from the city.)

Not a big fan of the earth tones or those roofs.

I like some of naruto architecture

This is literally a map in Overwatch.

Are you saying that a popular and iconic place from a country was used as reference for something? That's amazing


>world is a blender of fantasy, historical feudal japan, and semi-modern technology
>basically nothing is done with this besides backgrounds as everything focuses on wizard ninjas

>naruto architecture

Kishis worldbuilding is nonexistent.

Reminds me of that robot chicken star wars episode


Eiken had a pretty comfy setting.

2 green buildings on right part of picture I guess.

narutoverse's response to detroit

You can have hangars without them being related to the military.


Also, Macross consistently has one of the best architecture style in anime.

I think that rather than Santorini its more Gaudi, like FF8, elevens are supposedly huge fans of Gaudi's architecture and make the larger part of its tourism.

What are some anime artbooks with architecture in them?

>elevens are supposedly huge fans of Gaudi's architecture
He's known as God's Architect and some people in the church want to canonize him, and one of the reasons why is that some asians have been so impressed with his work that they've converted to Catholicism because of it.


Based blame-poster

Most of the anime movie art books has architecture facade drawing on them. Like One Piece, Hayao Miyazaki

Treasure Town from Tekkonkinkreet is really something that caughts the eye.

Niheishits are great.

Well it helps that he was an architect.

This is so detailed.

surprised nobody has put this yet.

>Wan Piss (of shit)


Looks more like SSR.



Too saturated because it's planned to be a background, the same goes for all the manga panels that try too hard to be eye catching.

Seeing these backgrounds I wonder if Kazuyoshi Yaginuma(in the evening of a moonlit night) worked on Tekkon.
I really like that kind of style.

Because of Ufotable drowning in all Fate shit, we will never learn how fusion of Shinjuku with Paris by Teikoku Shonen, could look like.

what is this suppose to be?

I really enjoy the Aria setting.

GiTS has very appealing style (for me, at least). It looks futuristic, but it also looks old. It's what people in the past thought the future would be like, and that makes me feel a special way.
Sadly, I don't have much screenshots to illustrate my point, as I'd deleted most of them some time ago.

Oh wait, there's a couple of them.
I had started an architecture thread last year, it was incredibly successful and reached bump limit. I wish yours reaches bump limit, as this is a very interesting subject.


I always laugh that the creators house actually looks like it would fit into dragon ball

It's nothing unique. It's nothing groundbreaking.
But it looks real, the buildings look like actual people live in them; they don't look like some bland silver glass statues made to signify the wealth of the region.

In an age of glass and aluminium, it's always refreshing to see something old. But not just something that looks clean, sterile, and imitates the style of the old, but old, homely, and used.


I really fucking wish Toriyama hadn't had DB take off. His art is loads better when he focuses on things that aren't living.


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