Love Live! Sunshine!!

Final episode.
Final thread.

Moose was better

I miss them

For canon!

It's over, I'm gonna cry.

>no full group op
Dumb kananshitter.

I'm glad it's over.
PDP when? Rina best girl.

>Final thread.
You wish

The fuck are they smoking at this school.


Thank god this boring ripoff is over

Reminder that both Muse and Aqours were good in their own ways and it's okay to like one more than the other.

Shit b8 m8


mouth-chan save rabu raibu



Last truth

Most real fans feel this way. It’s a shame this franchise is clogged up with so many casual faggots. Looking forward to the next chapter though. I actually kinda hope Love Live becomes more niche but still operates so that I don’t have to deal with normal fags.


>linking your own reply in another thread

Who is your favorite μ's girl?
Who is your favorite Aqours girl?

Sorry user, common sense isn't allowed in these threads. You either shit on one group or you fuck off.

Kotori and Dia.

>real fans
is this i-am-better-fan-than-you insecurity teenage episode?

Reminder that µ's managed to save their school for years to come whereas Aquors only managed to vandalise theirs with graffiti.


I like savage gurls.

>I actually kinda hope Love Live becomes more niche
They're actually entering the "normal" idols realm.

I've been to all Love Live concerts, and I have been a fan of Mimorin since '86 (I've been to her birth), and I hate Aqours, so yeah, you're full of shit.


No he's not, everyone's struggling to keep up with season 2 meanwhile you can breeze through a rewatch of the originals in a weekend.

Maki and Yoshiko

Tori and Yoha

And as an extra KasuKasu.

I like DORKS



Fuck you, I gave birth to Mimorin and I love Aqours

>shiitake is indeed a female

I kept telling you dogfuckers that Shiitake was a female since s1, you all got BTFO AHAHAHAHAH.

If you like Aqours and not Muse, or Muse and not Aqours then you’re not a Love Live fan. I’m just stating a fact, you don’t have to get defensive.

Riko got her own dog to fuck.

Before anime aired it was Maru, now You

that was it? that was the episode?


Yeah time to go watch Umi slap the shit out of Honoka all because Kotori decided to be a cunt and not tell Honoka she was leaving

>my opinion let's me speak on behalf of everyone
I don't care if you don't like the anime, but your use of "everyone" has no basis when people in these threads have stated otherwise.


Honk and Maru. Now go ahead and murder me.

we did it reddit

Incredible how they went from a mediocre s1 to a fantastic s2, now I'm hyped for the movie.

Honoka and Ruby

I'm the one who impregnated you and I prefer µ's.



> anime reconning more shit

I'm glad this is over.

>they went for the fucking dream ending

More screencaps please

Can a cuck expert explain me what's the state of the Chika/You/Riko relationship after ep 13?

I like Aqours, but unlike the original, Sunshine didn’t have the novelty of being a new concept it kinda felt uninspired as a result. I want whoever directing this anime to be fired and banned from touching Love Live ever again. So much goddamn potential wasted, even more than OG. I want whoever did the School Idol Movie to do the Aqours movie. That movie wasn’t pure fucking kino.

the story in sunshine don't make so much sense and it's to rush, holy shit why can't they fire the writer already?


For muse I don't know, but I'd definitely have sex with Maki, Nico, Eli or Nozomi.
For Aqours Yohane, no doubts about it. Also Dia, this season made her look better.

Kotori/Pana and Dia

Nico and Mari

Sunrise just went full retard and now it's kinda pointless. The movie will probably pander to another flavor of the month pairing. Like KananRiko or DiaRiko or whatever.


Sakurako will be the screen writer for the next LL anime

Chika's the cuck now, as she should be.

They tried to make it an OT3 but failed miserably. I think this is the point where all our Youfriends had committed suicide.

Can't we all just accept that both the original and Sunshine are mediocre shows with nothing worthwhile about them other than cute girls

>no season 3
Disgusting, the groups need more time than just 2 seasons and a movie.
This format they’re going for sucks.

YouChika forever, Riko is busy fucking her dog.

>LL movie
The movie started out great but turned into a mess in the 2nd half.

Maki or Nico, can't pick

based subbers

Why not just use "like"? For both S1ep10 and this?

>favorite μ's girl
No one because they are unlikeable 1 dimensional meme girls.
>Aqours girl

Oh the irony.

Lovely final episode I was hoping it would be 3 season this time around though.

I'm glad this shit ended. Please no season 3 sunrise thank you.

Holy shit what a twist


I was going to say, this kinda felt gakkougurashi-esque.

lmao, nice bait dude
yeah, sure

Riko has THREE girlfriends.

This, also Aqours didn't have the years of build up of Myuzu so it's pretty sad.

>try to cuck You with another girl
>lose to retard chuuni
>girl you're cheating on and cheating with get together
Absolute pottery. Rat BTFO

I don't argue with anyone here because I just assume you're all secondaries and don't know what you're talking about. If you want to get nasty you can meet me in the /vg/ thread.

>Still no You episode


Chika, Shiitake and You. Not bad.


The P-sans of LLS are fucking idiots. Even though Aqours isn't making as much money as moose at their peak they're still making a lot.
Should've milked it for a minimum of 7 years plus cameos.

Is there something wrong with me when I almost cried during their old intro? also pretty nice episode I guess

Riko's a whore.

Fuck I still can't decide

Don't shitpost with my favorite µ's faggot.



>forcing nine teen girls to meet other, compose xs numbers of songs, go to xxs number of places, becoming a relevant goup, all in one year of 3 seasons
Hell no, fuck off fanservice

Why are these threads always so shit? I thought it would die down, but nope every single one is filled with "Muse is better" bait as if LL was the pinnacle of writing or even fresh for its time. And if you're one of the morons responding to them, you're part of the problem.


The build up for the finale was pretty good even if there's no actual content in the middle.