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What are you working on?

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Volume 2

Currently cleaning newest chapter of Vinland Saga. Not for an English group, though.

i want translate akame ga kill zero to brazilian portuguese, but i dont know make scan

Nothing because I'm a lazy fuck.
I left several doujin halfway done but hey, at least nobody was expecting them.

desertsnow registartion is open, too bad it doesn't have half the amount of raws posted daily ugcity had

It seemed to me that nobody even had the time to find out that it existed. I'm pretty sure that the announcement was on haruka for less than (or close to) 24 hours before haruka went down. That was certainly not enough time to notify the majority of the people who used the site, possibly including raw providers.

What's their URL?

desertsnow has 1600 registered users right now, ugcity had around 1200
people are just afraid after what happened
I know about the site from 2ch's download board, also I had an account on aqua which closed down too and announced snow
people stopped uploading on ugcity after haruka went down (that was in july), then after the arrests in september both ugcity and aqua closed down, then desertsnow opened

Doesn't desertsnow have open registration? ugcity did not, as I recall.
Anyway - even mags that are already available on public sites are not uploaded to desertsnow at the moment. That's very bad.

Nothing, because my wrist is a bitch and nobody else wants to work on what I want to work on anymore

it opens every week for like 1 or 2 days
I have no idea what they're trying to do but it's better to assume it's going to close forever someday
people don't bother posting public raws there because it's a waste if you can just get them from ddl sites and you don't get as many points as when posting 自炊, ugcity was like that too
the site also has other things like tv shows, music and books if you're into that

This is a shot in the dark, but you might want to try a vertical mouse. It's supposed to be more ergonomic, if that's what ails you.

Not how to "make scan" nor how to English, apparently.

Already planning to buy a trackball mouse that can be set up vertically, thanks senpai

You can understand a language and not be able to perfectly speak it. Probably the case with many J>E translators

Place is a graveyard right now, guess I'll check in 6 months.

>you don't have enough e-peen (you)s to download this txt
>nothing but public raws anyway

Are all DDL forums this autistic? I don't remember even baidu being like this, but I also rarely used that.

for some reason Japan also likes that retarded discuz system that's prevalent in china
a way to force people to contribute I guess

I always had a desire to open a scanlator to make only mangas that have 1) just 1 volume or less and 2) only finished works

I've always seen it as an "if you're to be one of us, you'll go down with the rest of us" sort of mentality. Slightly forces law enforcement to sidestep, too.

The fuck happened to comic-walker? God dammit.

What about them? I stopped caring when they started downscaling shit.

That's nice, learn English first.

They downscaled yet again.
It's x924~933 right now and I can't find a way toward the higher resolutions.

Based. Gotta cheap out on the bandwidth somehow, eh?

They also started hosting their shit on Nico, pretty sure it wasn't there before.
So yeah, they totally killed it. To think that they started with x2048 and now this. Man.

Would someone scan things for me if I made them ripping tools?

I don't need. I have a reasonable japanese.
Sufficiently to translate middling well to my mother' language.

How would ripping tools help scan? Like tools to rip out the binding of a book?


I mean ripping as in getting drm free copies

So that they can print them out and then scan them for you?

If you're good enough to write a tool to remove DRM, why would you need someone else?

All things I want don't have digital raws

Buy a scanner and scan them yourself, no one's gonna be your scanning slave for some ebook ripper.

Is there a way to rip stuff from MangaOne or do I have to take screenshots?

This is how you shit the bed.

How do you suggest to handle pic related?

Guess you gotta buy magazines now? Or do they have exclusive stuff?

Dunno about the exclusivity, but some magazines magazines have a shitty resolution as well which is really bothersome.

>i only work on new manga

Still I don't think I've seen anything below 1024px and everything is usually 1200 or 1600

Gotta make them shekels somehow

Yeah, they really need to start upping that. It's almost 2018 for fucks sake; monitor and mobile device resolutions have reached a point where this is simply unacceptable.
I can somehow understand them keeping it a bit lower for magazines (where I still think that 1200 is still too low, the standard should be 1600+), but when you buy a tank and it's fucking 1200, it's simply a rip-off.

About C-W, I went through the source a bit more and they capped the width to 650.

Maybe they knew how scanlators care about resolutions and wanted to make it difficult for them

long dash with exclamation mark at the end

Something like that?

>they capped the width to 650
Fucking hell.

Crows Respect. Mostly done with the translation, need to fill in a few blanks.

Still waiting for the rest of Crows Zero 2 to finish being cleaned and typeset.

They don't care because most paying customers are reading manga on their phones

Why would you ruin that? Disgusting.

Tell me then what should I do? This doujin took me a fucking week to clean and redraw, I want it to be perfect.

To anyone who has used a scanning service like scanpdf I was planning on getting a bunch of c93 stuff scanned from melon from them. How do you pay them? I've heard they aren't a fan of foreigners so would an english name on the paypal receipt be a dealbreaker?

>People always want me to translate the doujin or koma and edit the words in.
>Translate a doujin from Jap to English as tons of people wanted it on/vg/
>Decide fuck it and just put it on a pastebin rathet than edit the thing as it takes too long.
>Put it in a pastebin and post it
>Ask if somebody could edit the doujin and put my translation in
>Nobody does it
>Wasted and hour or two translation for nobody to read.

That's to be expected. Editing is by far the hardest part of scanlation. It might take you an hour to translate 60 pages, it like takes 10x that minimum to edit it.

How do you get the cum stains out of your translation skirt.
Am I meant to wear panties?
They tickle too much.

Everyone knows you're supposed to scanlate in the nude.
Lurk before posting.

Have you tried a diaper?



Don't fuck up when filling the request form and it should be cool. There's foreigners in japan living in japan you know.

I can't imagine doing 60 pages in 10 hours, if I had to do redrawing/typesetting/cleaning, wew. Even without redrawing, my typesetting is slow, so I wouldn't be able to manage it.

I spent a little more than a week cleaning and redrawing a 30 page story (raws were shit and needed a lot of redraws) and now I just can't bring myself to typeset it because it was so tedious. It's been two days since then and I've just started translating a tank.
Just fuck my shit up.

>redrawing before typesetting
>complaining about the time spent
Choose one.

I do that all the time, I like to have my shit done well. But this time it just killed me.

ikr, I just finished cleaning a chapter and now I'm getting lazy when it comes to the typesetting/slight redrawing because it just feels so repetitive:
>choose font
>choose font size
>break line up
>remove extra spaces, check for wrong type of I, etc.
>choose spacing between line
>make sure the autocenter didn't do something hideously wrong
for the most part
not counting going on searches for the meaning of random SFX #23 because I at least want notes for the sfx goddammit

what should i do if i want to start scanlating? do i join a group and try to see if i can help with things? or do i pick out a manga that i like and has XXX number of days without updating and then start doing the translating, cleaning, redrawing, and typsetting myself?

If you're starting you should just learn a position and try to join a decent group that will actually train you a bit so that you don't fuck up.

so where do i search?

That all depends on you.
Do you hate working with people that can be flakes or drama queens? Are you okay with letting certain projects stall while you're waiting on others? (You can work on other stuff in the meantime of course, but if you're super passionate about certain series, you might not like seeing them stagnate)
How much time are you willing to commit? Doing everything yourself is of course going to take the most amount of time, but even if you work with others, the roles you take on will require different amounts of commitment.
Are you fully confident in your ability to translate/clean/redraw/typeset? Or at least in your ability to learn?

You could join a group that's scanlating manga you like and that appears to not be crap. You'd probably want to avoid groups that seem too large because they probably won't want to waste the time training someone without much experience. If their release quality seems low then I'd avoid them too because they clearly aren't in a place to correct you. If you can't think of a specific group based off of that and manga you like, then you could always check the recruitment forum on
I'd recommend practicing whatever position you're applying for first (if you can TL, ignore this, since I'd assume you already know the language to a decent degree) a bit and to be upfront when applying and actually telling them that you're new and not super sure about what you're doing. Most groups will probably test you with a couple of pages, it depends, a group I'm in has some members which are strictly trainees.
also, if you don't already have it, you need Photoshop
yes, it can be cracked

>Are you fully confident in your ability to translate/clean/redraw/typeset?
Not quite, but i've done some single page fan manga of re:zero and i've done enough that i'd say im half decent.
>Or at least in your ability to learn?
I can learn
Thanks, i'll look at's recruitment forum. Also i already have Photoshop cracked

If I just give them a bunch of links and ask them will they just take my money and buy the books directly, or do I have to contact them, go to melon/tora ship them to them and go from there? I have no problem paying them upfront.

You buy the books and ship them to them.
Their info are here:
You have to specify the order numbers or the books name here.

when cleaning, how can I avoid nuking the grey texturing when I'm levelling to tidy up line grunge? is there a better way?

Dodge tool

If you're talking about jpeg artifacts, clean the scan with waifu2x nr low settings + tta on y plane only. Next put the cleaned raw on top of the layer of the base raw, you set it to pin point light and if there's still some visible artifacts use replace colors on pure white and black with very low value.

waifu2x? tta? y plane?
I'd been using layer masks

>not counting going on searches for the meaning of random SFX #23 because I at least want notes for the sfx goddammit
I personally love when the sfx are translated, so to you and everyone else who does that, i adore you guys. I can't imagine how much work it is

I'm exactly the same way. I love when sfx are translated. You don't have to redraw and typeset them, but just a note makes a world of difference to me.

that tool worked quite well thank you.

even in hentai?

On hentai is even more important, handwritten moans are hard to do.

>I can't imagine how much work it is
Too much, honestly. I've never translated hentai but I imagine you work up a pretty decent sfx vocabulary after just a volume or two, just like how you won't have to look up the translations for 'womb' and 'cum' anymore after two chapters, but for other random sfx it mostly just feels like time you could be spending translating dialogue, even more so when you're a one man group and also have to do cleaning and TSing. I only do it when it's plot critical.

Would anyone mind double checking a doujin I TLd for typos?

Could you post a before and after example? I'm curious how much of a change it made. what said went way over my head

If you can still look up what they mean then that's still very easy. Some authors love to make up their own sfxs, and you just sit there like "I know what you're trying to say, but there isn't a word in English for this". At times like that, just make up something that vaguely fits the space and call it a day

it's the game sound effect references that get me.

>Next put the cleaned raw on top of the layer of the base raw, you set it to pin point light and if there's still some visible artifacts use replace colors on pure white and black with very low value.
could you explain this step a little more? I think I'm missing something.

In the layer panel in Photoshop, there is a drop down menu next to the opacity slider. It will say normal. Click it and select pin light.

Looking for a typesetter/editor for Risou no Koi no, sono ato ni. 100 pages of light text.
Translation is halfway done and I can finish the rest in an hour at most.

Pls contact Winstonite on

I refuse.

I just paste all the script in the most common font, then style it accordingly.

best scanning device brand?

Add the fonts you use the most to the tool presets for quick easy access.

That's entirely dependent on what you're scanning and budget.