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Requesting anything cute of Tharja and my SI together please, anything nice to top the year off.
Maybe sitting on the grass at night watching New Years fireworks, in casual clothes preferably.
Or her in Azura or Camillas new outfits for a Japanese style New Years.

Or wearing a cardigan and pantyhose combo like this.
Or any similar type of casual clothes you'd like.
Wearing glasses with it would be a plus.

Requesting Chelsea wearing a kimono for new year.

Please and thank you!

Requesting Kuukaku Shiba
Larger Reference: imgur.com/a/9blYZ
-Wearing a Yukata and enjoying fireworks
Or anything is fine as long as she's smiling.
Have a nice weekend!

Requesting Rias in this leotard imgur.com/a/65HBh please

Or watching New Year's fireworks. Thanks, have a nice day.

I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari wearing a party hat, please.
Or watching fireworks from a far (bonus point if they are above the sea)
Or Akari drinking some champagne, please.

Thank you if you pick this up!

I would like to request Mai Natsume celebrating the new year by wearing a kimono (preferably with a floral pattern). E.g.:

Another suggestion is Mai happily opening a present. Something similar to:

Or perhaps Mai naked with a ribbon wrapped around her body. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

Requesting Cyan:

-dressed as a neko miko
-in this cute winter outfit (i.imgur.com/d0qXaOT.jpg)
-in a snowglobe
-as a doggirl since it will be the year of the dog
-adjusting_panties with lingerie, or gym bloomers. Or shirt_lift with an over sized shirt or sweater with panties
-wearing pantyhose, showing her butt and feet

Something else cute, cutelewd, or lewd is fine.

Requsting Shion eating Ozoni (soup with mochi in it) while wearing one of these Kimonos for New Years : imgur.com/a/8AbR9
I would also be fine with her wearing a dog kingu since it's the year of the dog
Extra Shion refs(expressions and outfits):imgur.com/a/P4zFT
Anything cute of her is fine
Thanks in advance

Requesting Natsume in one of the following ideas:

- in her miku outfit welcoming people to a shrine a.pomf.cat/lppdki.jpg
- purifying her computer for the New Year a.pomf.cat/shegzr.JPG
- wearing the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shirt a.pomf.cat/gngjqn.JPG
- looking at the New Year's Day sunrise from the beach

Anything else New Year's related is cool as well

Requesting Natsuru either:

- Wearing winter clothing ( see ref ) and hugging user / SI for warmth

- Getting drunk and pouty on new year's eve

- Struggling to fit a bra over her breasts

Anything else cute/lewd is also fine. Thanks and have a good weekend + new year!

Requesting Lavinia wearing something festive
Wearing a sling bikini with Yutaka like this
Chilling in the snow or alternatively warming up in an onsen/hot spring
Please, thank you, have a great weekend!

Requesting Homura wearing a Kimono for the New Year. Something like either of these would be lovely: i.imgur.com/PkL494I.jpg

Or alternatively, watching the New Year's fireworks, holding a glass of Champagne, visiting the shrine, or anything related to New Year's eve!
Anything with my SI would be welcome too: imgur.com/a/ygIBZ

Of course, anything cute or cool is fine too! I'd appreciate it a lot, thank you for your time and have a nice weekend!

Requesting Mai in any of the following:

-POV with her on a park bench leaning forward for a kiss with her eyes closed, maybe while wearing casual clothes: imgur.com/a/gV5M2 with a beautiful night sky behind her like this one;i.imgur.com/6SVK0gq.jpg if possible
-Or wearing a tight knitted sweater sweater with her arms crossed
-Alternatively Mai practicing kicking or punching on a heavy bag
-Another idea suitable at this time of the year is Mai watching the fireworks together with me while wearing a kimono:
SI ref: imgur.com/a/e7cSq

Anything else cute or cool is appreciated. Thank you I hope everyone has a good weekend and a happy new year.

Requesting Taiga dressed in an elegant tiger patterned kimono and celebrating the New Year, please.
Or Birdyfag's really nice idea of Birdy and Taiga having some sweets and coffee and a cafe in casual clothes, or sparring.
Cafe ref: imgur.com/a/6FnXH
Sparring ref: imgur.com/a/lWKGK
Additional Taiga references: imgur.com/a/bgzt4
Anything would be appreciated.

I would like to request anything of Aigis and her new P3 Dancing Moon Night design my.mixtape.moe/axluql.jpg (embed)
Her as a doggirl since it going to be year of the dog this year
Waering a yukata
Dressed as Android 18 from DragonBall Z my.mixtape.moe/nirjju.jpg (embed) ,but if you have other ideas feel free to draw anything cute or cute lewd you would want to draw with her.

Thank you and have a good weekend and a Happy New Year.

requesting my husbando mariya shidou

Requesting kurome receiving a birthday gift and smiling.

Or kurome wearing the same outfit as in i.imgur.com/ZT0Ea4Q.png, in a cute pose.

Or Kurome dressed in a kimono with a wataboshi ( i.imgur.com/Zpx4duP.png?1 ) smiling at the viewer.

Or a PoV of Kurome wearing just slightly lewd underwear, pushing me (the viewer) down on a bed, like danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2735703 .

Or Kurome wearing the same uniform as in ( i.imgur.com/2NEFwoS.jpg ), with a pocky in her mouth inviting me to eat it with her.

Requesting my lovely Anna as a tall imposing sexy office lady, similar in height to her end of series self. i.imgur.com/qoBu1iF.jpg

That or her in armor similar to Power from Shin Megami Tensei. i.imgur.com/UcDlrSr.png

Anything unrelated cute or /e/ tier lewd is fine.

I'd like to joint request Nozomi and Yukio. Yukio as a tiny conscience and Nozomi as Pinocchio. Yukio would be sitting on Nozomi's grown nose.

Pose similar to this: outsidethebeltway.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/pinocchio-nose.jpg

-Nozomi taking care of me as I recover from a fever would be really appreciated.

-Nozomi going through this scene from Alice in Wonderland: vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/4/42/Alice_feeling_happy_calm_quiet_and_waiting_to_meet_bill_as_a_giant.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151119030556

That or just her breasts and butt grow.

Anything else with Nozomi that's cute, non-lewd, butt related, fairy tale related, and/or with me is really appreciated.

Who's ready for a new year!!?

SI Reference: imgur.com/a/E1qww

Requesting my lovely Inori enjoying new years.

Alternatively, something cute/cutelewd in PoV is always great as well.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Requesting a POV of my princess Makoto watching the New Year's fireworks with me.
Alternatively, requesting Makoto wearing some comfy winter clothes, while enjoying the walk in snowy alley.
Or Makoto like this:

Of course, anything cute/cool and Christmas related would be still much appreciated.

Please, and thank you for considering.

Requesting Chie Sasaki
- with two hairpins a 20 and a 18 for the new year
- Miko outfit
- anything New Year related

Damn you people are fast

Requesting something cool or cute of my wife Yuuna wearing the red version of this butler uniform: i.imgur.com/g2FtSnK.png

Well, it is a simple copy & paste for most Anons.

Hullo WWD

I'd like to request my Noir

Almost anything pleasant is fine, please enjoy your weekend and New Years

Requesting Chihiro happily training with exercise equipment & a determined facial expression.

Official artwork for outfit reference but is fine with anything! imgur.com/NxujrIS

Requesting Kuon

-Dressed up in a one-piece swimsuit and surfing
-Snowboarding down a mountain with a comfy looking snow gear on
-Sitting down on a bench eating a sweet potato in an autumn park with her tail holding a drink
-Sunbathing out in her swimsuit out on her porch
-Doing any kind of silly or sexy pose you can think of in her swimsuit or naked
-Wearing a costume of Claire or Nel from Star Ocean 3 for while her tail holds a dagger or two

This is her swimsuit imgur.com/mXlzZ4Y
Claire and Nel imgur.com/a/V3tmg

/r/equesting my queen, Yazawa Nico, with her hair down.

Requesting Hyun-ae offering me lap pillow

or Hyun-ae watching sunset on a beach

or Hyun-ae at spaceport wearing spacesuit

Or Hyun-ae as a mummy

Hello waifuthread I'd love to request the following with Akua:

-Her enjoying the New Years Fireworks.
-Her and I decorating a christmas tree SI: i.imgur.com/J8iT41o.jpg
-A scene of her looking out over her castle balcony as it snows peacefully
-Her wearing comfy winter clothes with a mug of hot cocoa.
-Her sleeping lazily sprawled in a large bed.
-Maybe her wearing lingerie and/or a nightgown i.imgur.com/CUCX8XK.jpg
-Some sort of badass or fun action scene with her.
-Something cute and related to the spirit of the holidays

Anything else is fine. Please and thank you! Happy New Year guys!

2018's just around the corner!
I'd like to request my darling Amakusa Shino enjoying a firework display, but anything else nice and appropriate for the season is fine too!

Requesting Emiya in winter clothes or casual clothes, maybe watching new years fireworks? Surprise me.

Additional Amu Hinamori references and description: imgur.com/a/Aw4Gm
Anything cute or cutelewd is good, but here are some suggestions:

Winter/Christmas/New Years related:
-Walking on a snowy path while listening to music on her headphones
-Doing snow angels
-Amu in a miko outfit shaking a gohei

-Wearing this cutelewd outfit i.imgur.com/4WHYkZS.jpg
-Wearing a dog collar and giving the viewer (me) the leash. Up to you how lewd this can be.

Joint Request: Happily trading outfits with Youmu Konpaku Reference: imgur.com/a/OkWzM

Hello gentleman, requesting noire sitting in a throne chair like imgur.com/a/GsGNn or similar, also, requesting this painted if you can imgur.com/a/EHSi5

I'd like to humbly request my beloved Rikka

-enjoying a good cocktail, book, or spanking
-attempting the One Finger Selfie Challenge, but "accidentally" failing to cover one of the two
-putting on toeless stockings

Anything else she inspires you for would be more than wonderful, of course, including lewd if you want to do that since both her and I are massive perverts.

Thank you for reading, and if you pick this up I hope you have fun. But above all, have good time, and a happy new year.

Requesting my dear Ionasal, please!

• For new years, I'd like something classy of her wearing her china dress (bottom row, middle pic), like enjoying a glass ofg champagne or something
◦ Or her wearing a fancy cocktail dress
◦ Or her suit ('Nightfrogger' outfit)
SI ref here if you need it: imgur.com/a/s6wR0

But as usual, I'd be happy with anything. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and given the speed of threads this weekend, have a pre-emptive Happy New Year!


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Draw together online NOW!

Requesting a firework explosion in the shape of Popura's face in the sky for New Years (chibi-styled is fine), art of her in her clothes shown in this image files.catbox.moe/hg4t90.jpg or pixel art of her doing whatever cute.

Any other drawings are more than welcomed, I hope you all have a good New Years!

Requesting anything New Year related with my dear husbando. Kotatsu, nabe, mandarin oranges, him wearing kimono+hakama, you name it. Or celebrating it in a non-Japanese way and enjoying the fireworks or having a dinner with SI. Thank you!

Requesting Erza please!

I'd like to see her in a yukata shyly asking the viewer if they want to go watch the New Year's fireworks together.

Thanks to anyone that draws her!

Requesting Aqua doing something cute or silly. Anything would be great, but if you want to do something specific, this week I was thinking of her a little bit drunk and saying "happy new year!" since new years eve is Sunday. I hope everyone had a good 2017, and an even better year ahead!

Hey everyone!
I'd like to request Dolce celebrating the new year.
Another idea could be her in her pajamas while drinking some tea.
Nevertheless though I'd love anything with her.
Hope you all have a great weekend and a happy new year!

Requesting my baka husbando

- Wearing a hakama and kimono for New Years

- In the rain/taking shelter from it
Possible inspiration refs: imgur.com/a/g0j7u

Anything else cute/stupid is appreciated too. Thank you!

Hello people of WWD. To finish this year with a smile, I would like my waifu Momo Hanakai wearing this type of kimono but in good or silver color imgur.com/a/m7h6E, if you're on the lewd side, PoV feeding while wearing this imgur.com/a/goIU3, also other cute or lewd ideas are ok, as long it's 7 or lower on the scale of lewdness.

Thank you if you're planning to do it.

Requesting my dear Ion, since it's my birthday this sunday I'd just like to see him smiling, being happy and comfy maybe wrapped in a big scarf or a fur lined cape of some kind. Birthday related things like offering a gift, flowers or a hug, decorating a cake or cookies, delivering breakfast in bed or out on a cold but sunny POV date would be great, but just his smile is the best gift. Thank you!

Flan, I absolutely adore this. I love the little details like the hair clip and tie to keep her hair back, and the highlights you added to her eyes was a small but awesome improvement. That's one date I wouldn't be able to contain my excitement for, that's for certain.

Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to draw Mitsuru, and I absolutely love what you've made. Thank you again, I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead!

Requesting something New Years-related with Kagura, please! Maybe wearing a kimono or just wishing the viewer a Happy New Year.

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Good evening, everyone!

Requesting my adorable phoenix Tsukihi Araragi!

- Sleepy bird wearing user's oversized t-shirt
- Skiing
- Having Fun with Fireworks
- Wearing a cocktail dress and drinking champagne
- In a Hula Outfit with Coconut Bikini
- as Princess Azula sitting on a throne and being really smug (imgur.com/a/npLU9)

Of course, anything cute/cutelewd/lewd is always appreciated, especially if it's New Year's related!

For more references for her many different hairstyles: imgur.com/a/06z8m
SI Reference: imgur.com/a/lXIK8

I wish you a wonderful weekend, a happy new year and thank you for considering her!

Requesting Nephrites Lomka.

Preferably in workout gear, like a sports bra and leggings, maybe a little out of breath. I doubt she'd ever actually go to the gym but it's a cute thought.

Please and thank you.

Requesting my love Eruna!

-wearing a kimono for the occasion
-doing cute winter things, her cute winter outfit: i.imgur.com/dyDWGFM.jpg
-looking cute under the snowfall
-confessing to me
-ice skating
-holding or drinking can coffee
-anything similar along these lines

Thank you if you consider drawing her!

Requesting Tessou happy with hair down wearing a simple white dress with green frills of your choose looking at the viewer.

Joint request:

Tessou & Syuko dancing while dressed in Morgiana's dancer outfit.


Requesting Hagoromo Gitsune using her tails to play with a kecleon, getting her tails brushed, or having user massage her feet. Anything else is fine, too.

Requesting anything of Misato Tachibana please, cute and/or lewd is fine. If you're looking for a more specific request I would like to see her do one of these.

-Laying inside a snow canon that she just built
-Celebrating New Years by using a noisemaker and wearing a new years tiara
-Doing an winter sport, such as skiing or even sled riding
-Having a warm bubble bath after being out in the cold all day

Of course anything else is fine as well.

Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters doing Terry Bogard's Power geyser or Rock Howard's victory pose with the wings.

Power Geyser: i.imgur.com/a3T1kty.gif
Victory: i.imgur.com/XXxU8aW

Alternatively requesting Mimi dressed as the female Sightseer from Pokemon S/M, please! If you could draw her accompanied by a cute shiny Corsola as well, that'd be swell!

Refs: imgur.com/a/ccxES

Or Mimi wearing an outfit like this pic here as thought it were her clothes modified with some thighboots!

Ref: i.imgur.com/sgbT6lm.jpg

Requesting Chiaki Nanami wearing one of these cute santa outfits, please (or something similar if you feel you have a better design in mind)! Refs: imgur.com/a/SS540

-her and me trying on cute maid outfits together, please. SI ref: imgur.com/a/dcg3M (keeping this here in case the pixel user comes back so they know I didn't forget/stop wanting it)

I have a list of ideas in the top right corner of my ref if you want to draw her but don't like my ideas. also lewd is fine as long as it's light ecchi and solo
And to all of you, hope your weekend is/was good!

Requesting my dearest Solle, please and thank you!

-Perhaps dressed as a FE unit imgur.com/a/dM6P3
-In new years attire
-Relaxing inside warm and snug
-Flustered giving a late birthday gift
If not anything is fine, thank you!

What an adorable outfit.

Adorable! Take comissions again fag

Requesting Nozomi doing something New Years-related!

Some suggestions:
- Popping open a bottle of champagne
- Wearing a kimono for New Year's
- Wearing a scarf and winter jacket

Anything else is fine too, though. Thank you, and have a happy new year!

Requesting my precious Momo wearing the Free Planets Star Fleet uniform, optionally assuming a dramatic pose when giving an firing order or being terrified by geometric shapes, please and thank you.
References: imgur.com/a/gu0Qc

Requesting my cute Futaba making cup ramen!

Requesting Rin showing her genuine softer side while watching New Year's fireworks, and optionally getting teased.

This is extremely cute.

Requesting Kaede

Requesting my darling Miia enjoying an egg, maybe lewdly enjoying it with her tongue. Eggs are a special part of new years, aren't they?

Or Miia raising her hand while thinking naughty thoughts, like this: (i.imgur.com/TM4ax0T.jpg)

Or Miia with Akeno and Reimu in miko outfits, welcoming guests and couples to a shrine ushering in the New Year. (i.imgur.com/ZxVzw3p.png)

Or for something slightly lewd, anything focusing on Miia's hips, or midriff would be lovely. Her hips are very snexy.(a.pomf.cat/pmlgjj.gif)
Or for very lewd, something POV or with SI that would invoke the booru tag, "they_had_lots_of_sex_afterwards"

Anything else cute, cool or sexy is much appreciated. Thanks again.

Requesting Hisui doing a battle pose, dual-welding mop and frying pan.

Requesting my wife, Kyouko Machi, trying her absolute best to try and get all this snow to go away.
Anything else that's cute and tasteful is A-ok with me as well.

Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater would be really cute.

Requesting anything seasonal or handsome/badass of Shinjiro Aragaki. Thanks and take it easy.

Requesting my Sawyer in some cute goth-ish dress like this:
Possibly sipping from a champagne glass or something similar, something festive for New Years.

I'm always fine with other cute, cool or nice images, chibis, cartoon stylizations, etc. Imitations of styles like Nichijou or Panty & Stocking I adore.
I'm also ok with sexy pinups and lewd images, or cutelewd, if you have ideas, just ask me.

References: i.imgur.com/e0lSeeB.jpg

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

posting for gazerfag
Requesting Gazer wishing me a happy new year
Alternatively, I'm always a fan of cute pictures featuring her butt or her fluffy tail.

Further Reference: i.imgur.com/RhE2SM5.jpg

Joint ideas: tailbrushing with Hinagiku, hairbrushing with Natsuki.

Happy New Years, WWD!

Requesting Mint kissing SI at right at midnight of New Years. (SI Ref: i.imgur.com/X9rY60m.png )

Anything else that's nonlewd is cool too. Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year!

I would like to request my Dragon. I have some ideas, but if you have any other interesting things in mind, I would love to see them.

--Sleeping on top of her hoard, made with golden coins and jewel
--Laying down on the bed with sleepy eyes and wearing a babydoll and looking at the viewer
--Shooting some fireballs to the skies, making some nice fireworks

Thank you very much and enjoy the new year.

Requesting Maki making ramen

Thank you and have a preemptive happy new year.

Good evening WWD. Hope you all are having an alright weekend, this one last weekend of the year.

I would like to request my waifu, Nurse Hitomi, celebrating the New Year of 2018 going for a New Years party in a nice formal cocktail dress or the like. Alternatively, if you want, you could have her nude but wearing a sash saying "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018" that strategically covers her parts. That being said, any pic of Hitomi celebrating the New Year would be great.

In advance, Happy New Year to everyone, and here's to a good 2018! Also, I will be doing a cyclops-related storytime on Sup Forums when the New Year starts. Hope you'll consider joining when that starts


Requesting my beautiful Ai Nanasaki wearing a cute dress please?


Or maybe eating a cheeseburger with a milkshake


I would also love to see her acting very triumphant, like if she just won, or accomplished something important.


Anything is appreciated though, including cutelewd, thank you.

I'd like to request lovely badass Ibara. Specific ideas include:

• Enjoying a hot drink on a cold day, holding the cup with both her hands and doing that JK thing of pulling the sleeves of her cardigan past her wrists while still wearing the uniform blazer: i.imgur.com/S6bbcMY.jpg
• Firing off fireworks to greet the new year. Her cold weather clothes: i.imgur.com/rUrswu2.jpg
• Doing a Miss Congeniality cosplay of sorts: i.imgur.com/IZYP7Hp.jpg i.e. wearing a fancy evening dress of your choice for a New Years party, while at the same time being visibily armed/battle ready
• Keeping herself fit, wearing her track and field uniform: i.imgur.com/W2Aa2ve.jpg
• Or adjusting the buruma of said uniform like yande.re/post/show/351030

• I'm not opposed to lewd artworks either. Just for instance, something suggestive like yande.re/post/show/210027 (but preferably going 'naked shirt' instead of that tanktop) is absolutely fine.
• Also, pantyshots (including cameltoe)

Please note that Ibara's bust size is about average. Best orient yourself by the bikini pic on the reference sheet, much obliged. If applicable, also note that her skin is unusually pale.

Wishing y'all an enjoyable weekend

Requesting Rika in a PoV romance scene, like patting her head or her blushing at the viewer.
Anything cute is great too.

Anything cute or handsome is appreciated.

Requesting Nanako sleeping through the New Year or watching the fireworks festival on TV. Or anything else NYs related.
Optionally with me. imgur.com/a/W7wL4

Enjoy the rest of your year!

I would like to request my beloved Binkan-chan getting a bit drunk in the new year eve with liqueur chocolate of course.

As alternative, requesting her dressed as the Priestess from Goblin Slayer since they share VA and the Priestess has a cute outfit. Priestess ref: imgur.com/a/y8nc2

Or if you want to draw her but you don't like the requests, feel free to draw her in the idea that you think you can do your best (while it be safe for her).

Thank you in advance! Hope you all enjoy the last weekend of the year and the next be better than this one for you all.

Requesting my angel Celica A. Mercury.
Anything cute, romantic or sweet lewd would be appreciated!
If you want some specific ideas:

-Her wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe

-Her pouring a pot of tea into two cups

-Her lifting her skirt and showing pink panties

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


Requesting Himari in cute fall/winter fashion wearing a scarf, a few here imgur.com/a/Q0urK or
- Lazing about at a kotatsu.
- Holding a light source or anything for new years.
- With her shirt slightly wet after being caught out in rain or similar.
Anything else tasteful is always welcomed; cool, cute, sexy, whatever.

Lots of other ideas: imgur.com/a/7ZSJs imgur.com/a/VR1vV
Extra refs for her and even more ideas at the bottom: imgur.com/a/yw4sK

Requesting Tsuzuki in one of the following:
-Montsuki (black and/or green), steal the fluff too: a.pomfe.co/xagkat.jpg
-Buttbow cheongsam: youtube.com/watch?v=rnHFAvNJae4
-King Enma's outfit: a.pomfe.co/kzloyss.jpg

Or finishing off a kadomatsu (bamboo and pine) arrangement. Any dog petting is appreciated. Thank you.

Requesting my waifu Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino either:
Drawing something cute in the air with lightning or flower petals
Something New Years related, like a wearing a fancy dress to a party, watching fireworks, opening a bottle of champagne, etc
Or anything cute and lovey-dovey

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Requesting Stocking.
Clothes refs: imgur.com/a/i4NGp/layout/grid
I'd like to see her watching fireworks in a black and purple stripped sweater or kimono.

Requesting my beloved Goddess Satsuki Kiryuuin, in one of these uniforms imgur.com/a/NvetL Or anything comfy / christmas related of her, all kind of stuff is welcome regardless!

Requesting Hibiki drunk and maybe slightly older looking.

Thank you for the wip, user! She is looking cute so far and I like the smol ahoge, getting some art of her Takashima Yuuna incarnation is nice too. I hope you have fun drawing my handsome butler wife, looking forward to the finished version!

Requesting Haruhi lazing under a kotatsu, or dressed in some miko clothes.
Other ideas would be her with other waifu's hairstyle or wearing Kon's armor from kirara fantasy imgur.com/a/KtBaW

Hope you have a happy new year!

They're not the same person .......

Requesting Mugino wearing a fancy dress, holding a champagne bottle between her breasts. Alternately, wearing this magical girl outfit: imgur.com/a/V8RmR


I was phoneposting, so I just chose at random since I can't find my ref. Thank you though

Hi WWD. Hope everyone's week has been going well.

I would like to request Sakuya from Utawarerumono in any of the following:

-Being cute and happy
-Dressing or undressing
-Wearing winter clothing
-POV shot of her wanting a kiss
-Lying in bed and looking at the viewer (something POV if possible)
-Dressed as Marivel from Wild ARMS 2: i.imgur.com/hKrimJd.png

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend

Still would like to see her wearing a sexy santa suit, reindeer, elf or some other suit. Possibly just the ribbons or something like this.

Celebrating the new year would be nice too.

Likely too late but going to link anyways.

Requesting Eikichi dressed as Ryuuta from Ouendan! Thank you!

Requesting Birdy enjoying New Years IN SPACE
Birdy ref imgur.com/a/cmY90

-Birdy being smug and flipping her hair

-Family photo with the three girls being a mix of rowdy, obedient and pouty, can be silly or proper family photo imgur.com/a/MHPwq

-Snu-snu face imgur.com/a/Z8BEK

-Birdy and Taiga enjoying some sweets+coffee at a cafe in casual clothes.
Casual clothe ref, or casually sparing in the ring.
Cafe ref imgur.com/a/6FnXH
Sparring ref imgur.com/a/lWKGK
Please and Thank you~