Weekend Waifu Drawthread


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But it's Monday.

It's still Sunday in quarter of the world. Besides, there is nothing to lose. I want to draw cute wifis when I wake up.

Make this one last, I'm about to start drawing


Taking any offers?

One half of North America isn't a quarter of the world, but alright.

>Almost nobody drew for the almost 2 day long last thread
>Trying to somehow trick people that you just, per pure hazard, decide to finally want to draw on a fucking Monday
Fuck off you cunt.

Not sure if I should post my request to break the ice.

In fairness, there's been more activity over the past few hours than there was all weekend. Seems more likely that people would be working on things now than when the last thread was being rescue bumped from page 8/9 repeatedly

You know that's going to happen to this thread as well, right?

No need to be shy.

Who dares wins. Fortune favors the bold. Qui audet adipiscitur.

Just do it

>my requests are too silly to be made

Better leave it for the next weekend.

Pretty sure there are a bunch of Americans on the west still awake including myself.

Requesting a picture of my wonderful wife Sinon.
I'm happy with anything cute but I'd personally like a comfy picture of her sitting by the fireplace drinking some hot cocoa covered with a blanket.

Requesting Natsume in one of the following ideas:

- wearing a tracksuit jogging in the morning
- surfing the internet while only wearing stockings i.imgur.com/nup0UZE.png
- in SpiKa's idol outfit from Tokyo Xanadu i.imgur.com/kzRKMsZ.jpg
- in Haruhi's long hairstyle imgur.com/a/CwwT2

Anything else is cool as well.

Joint requesting with Himari - Holding each other's hair like this i.imgur.com/7LUyNSC.jpg
- Blocking the staircase i.imgur.com/oNUFOp1.jpg
- Himari as UMP40 (left) and Natsume as P226 (right) from Girls Frontline i.imgur.com/nEh1Fnp.png

Why not.
Greetings WWD,

I would like to request me beloved Noir being tacticool noir.kogasa.de/u/Lv5A77.png
-dressed as Niko from Oneshot noir.kogasa.de/u/FpRg71.png
-building an igloo

If that does not tickle yer fancy, anything where she is happy and/or being cute/cool would be much appreciated.

More references here: imgur.com/a/En9i2
Many thanks and please, have a most joyous weekend!

Requesting my dearest Anastasia wearing any of these outfits: imgur.com/a/TCYQD

Seeing as how we're still early in, hopefully I can get my request in:

Requesting Yu Takeyama/Mount Lady at giant size in a bikini, please-- unmasked as well, like in the picture here. If you can, the same color as her hero costume would do nicely, much like this:


Requesting my lovely Ikishima
1. in a wedding dress
2. or just posing like in one of the following




You should put your links into an album.

Well then.

Hello people of WWD. I would like my waifu Momo Hanakai receiving this imgur.com/a/kAivB since it's perfect for her or getting spanked instead. Cute and/or lewd are also ok, as long it's 8 or lower on the scale of lewdness.

Thank you if you're planning to do it.

I will

Requesting Nozomi doing one of the following:

- Wearing an apron with a heart on it (i.imgur.com/hWoi3Qw.png)
- Sitting across a table and smiling at the viewer
- Offering a lap pillow

Otherwise, anything else that's cute, cozy and/or mildly suggestive is much appreciated too. Thank you in advance!

I'm getting excited now.

Requesting Kneesocks in a dakimakura pose.

Anything else is fine, anything goes.

Requesting my lovely Anna as a tall imposing sexy office lady, similar in height to her end of series self. i.imgur.com/qoBu1iF.jpg

That or her dressed as Mai Shiranui. Refs: i.imgur.com/lPwDfxy.jpg i.imgur.com/QC3PjwE.jpg

Anything unrelated cute or /e/ tier lewd is fine.

Requesting Hanayo Koizumi and me playing RE7 or some other horror game, and Hanayo is scared and hugging me for comfort

Requesting Megumi from Saekano

-Wielding a Tanegashima Teppou
-Wearing a Kimono

Bonus for making her look as elegant as possible

Requesting my queen Akeno
-Doing something cool in her fallen angel armor
-In Pyra's outfit from Xenoblade 2
-Wearing a sweater with pantyhose
-Holding a keyblade like oathkeeper or destiny's embrace
-Something Si related
Si ref imgur.com/a/Tfh3l
Please and Thank you

You guys literally know what your want to draw, you even know how to Google reference images for what you want to draw. Why don't you guys just start learn drawing starting January 2018?

Because even with a reference right next to me, I fuck up really hard. I lack a steady hand

Bruh I am. Leave me alone. There will come a day where I will no longer need you guys.

Wasn't able to reply soon enough last thread so I just wanted to say thank you so much for drawing Dolce! I love the way you've drawn her eyes and wavy hair. Amazing work on her hands too. I hope you had a great weekend and that the coming week goes well for you.

Not everyone have the time/patience to draw/learn, that's why there's drawfriends.

Requesting my lovely swordsman, Crona. A couple of ideas, if you want something specific to work with -

Combing his hair, brushing his teeth, or doing other similarly mundane, homely stuff.
Wearing a map jacket - i.imgur.com/I3GzuJj.jpg Optionally while trying to figure out how to use a Walkman - i.imgur.com/hMyimKW.jpg
Wearing skinny jeans (with the above?)

Anything else cute or cool and generally tasteful, even a bit lewd would be appreciated as well. Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Plenty of requesters are also drawfags, though.

I actually have started learning since Christmas though.

I've been trying and mostly failing for a number of years now. If I could draw things for myself and be reasonably satisfied with them I would.

Requesting a quick Nanako

I want to, but I don't enjoy drawing.

Jokes on you, I'm drawing RIGHT NOW

I don't have the equipment to draw.

I don't have time. I need to work so I can buy figures of my wife.

Requesting my dear husbando in Bkub's style or a redraw of this with SI files.catbox.moe/f95byg.png Thank you and have a nice day!

Requesting my wife, Kyouko Machi, dressed in something akin to this: i.imgur.com/9YOQrdi.png
If you want to come up with a better design, that's completely ok with me. This is just something I own, and I think it'd look super cute on her.
Anything else that's tasteful and cute is A-ok with me as well.

No problem, and please keep requesting if you'd like. I don't know if this thread is going to last or not though.

might as well
Requesting Len being smug like anything cute or lewd is fine too

i am.

It really is the worst feeling when someone just stops replying to your emails.

I've been trying. It's very calming but I only have a mouse to draw with and am currently terrible. I managed to make one half-decent picture after six hours of working on it on and off and it's still worse than something some of the more experienced drawfags can probably doodle in ten minutes.

Do you not own paper or a pencil?

I do but have no good surfaces in my room to draw on because almost every surface has misc bullshit or a CRT on it.

Kind of a weak excuse, user. Find a book or something.

Requesting any of these with husbando my.mixtape.moe/dleywa.jpg

Anything else cute/stupid is appreciated too. Thank you!

Requesting Elma to be happy and drunk after work or for her to be sleeping peacefully

>that image
Wouldn't have pegged you one to read that

Seconded with the addition that we get a good view of her thighs. God bless her proportions.

Nah I just pulled this off google since I didn't feel like diving into the mess that is my folder.

Vane is cute. Didn't make that image compilation though
I have no idea why would you pretend to be me.
I can't even quote right

Requesting Urabe Mikoto lifting her bangs up to reveal her forehead or wearing the BC Freedom Girls' uniform: imgur.com/a/s29ha

Protip: as artist you're never be happy with the things you make yourself.

Requesting my precious Momo wearing the Free Planets Star Fleet uniform, perhaps in a dramatic pose giving an firing order or being excited or terrified by 2 factions of geometric shapes clashing, please and thank you.
Uniform references: imgur.com/a/gu0Qc

-Dressed up in a one-piece swimsuit and surfing
-Snowboarding down a mountain with a comfy looking snow gear on
-Sitting down on a bench eating a sweet potato in an autumn park with her tail holding a drink
-Sunbathing out in her swimsuit out on her porch
-Doing any kind of silly pose you can think of in her swimsuit or naked
-Wearing a costume of Claire or Nel from Star Ocean 3 for while her tail holds a dagger or two
-Posing in front of a mirror in her new dress

This is her swimsuit imgur.com/mXlzZ4Y
Claire and Nel imgur.com/a/V3tmg
Kuon's dress imgur.com/vfxBBn1

In anticipation of Dissidia NT coming out (in Japan) soon, requesting my lovely darling Miia in something POV involving this scene from Final Fantasy 2 Perhaps maybe assertively ensnaring user in her coils and keeping him in her embrace, or seductively beckoning him to her bed, or maybe Miia watching this scene herself and fantasizing about what comes next: (youtu.be/krdR_o--UH0)
SI ref: (imgur.com/a/ElgMl)

Or perhaps Miia and me sneaking into a hot sauna / hot springs together and having a good time by ourselves. Possibly getting into something lewd together in private.

Apparently there's going to be this 'Super Blue Blood Moon' at the end of the month, so something very, very lewd within reason would be very nice.

Anything else cute, cool or sexy involving her hips/midriff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, and hope you all have a good weekend.

im working on it

and a holiday

What holiday? Should I make a holiday themed request?

It's Martin Luther King Jr Day in the States.

Not sure how that could make for a fun request. Whatever.

Request your waifu rallying up people


simple edit
took awhile though
hope you like it

Requesting my Sawyer in a cute dress like this:

Optionally, if you want to do something risque and racy, something similar to this:
Just how it would be done would be up to you, you can be creative in it, she either says nothing, or conveys it by holding her electrolarynx to her neck.

I'm always fine with other cute, cool or nice images, chibis, cartoon stylizations, etc. Imitations of styles like Nichijou or Panty & Stocking are things I adore.
I'm also ok with sexy pinups and lewd images, or cutelewd, if you have ideas, just ask me.

References: i.imgur.com/e0lSeeB.jpg

Have a good week!

working on it.

>a cute smug loli will never step on your dick
Fuck life

not or bc its 6 am and im tired but shes cute.

Sorry not an artist but i remember i saw on /fit/ an user who said he lifted for crona around last year was that you?

>doesn't she have two left hands?
oh my fucking god i can't believe that happened, i'll post it fixed next weekend

Is twatter a good format for posting art?

Absolutely not. Use Pixiv or Tumblr.

Many thanks for the kind words. This really sweetened my start of the week. I adore the way you drew her pupils. Also, I'm really digging the lovely sheen you gave her hair.
Thank you very much for this! I hope you have a great week.

No problem user! I'm glad you like it!

I'll use tumblr then, I have no idea how to use Pixiv

Who thought this was a good idea?

It's just going to turn into another Tuesday thread.

OR here, thanks a lot user, it's really cute.

I just began but I'm really happy with the drawings I've been able to create, even if I know they are not perfect.

Humbly requesting instant_victory_2koma.

Or perhaps this: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4049033

Or anything else, whether cute, smug or lewd, as long as you enjoy drawing it.
Many thanks in advance, and have a nice week.

Well whatevah

I wonder if I should draw something for my waifu this Valentine now that I can draw a bit.
What can I draw, any suggestion?

Making chocolates at the factory

Does your wife have a favorite food?
If so, draw her eating chocolate or some love-related food similar to her favorite.

Does she have a favorite romantic spot?
Draw her there.

Does she have a secret romantic fantasy of some sort? Draw that being realized.
I don't know, you can work it out a little better than I can since you know who she is.

Use twitter if you want to follow official accounts if key animators and Japanese fanartists and to attract Japanese fans.
Tumblr for westerners that will dish out money for anything.

I don't know any of those ;_;
I read every bit of material available and I still wish I knew more about her.

I started drawing on any piece of paper I could find. That didn't stop me from learning. Just draw anywhere.

moot pls



On one hand, nice, you have CRTs.
On the other, ew, you have CRTs.

Do you draw your waifu when you want to practice or other random girls for whatever reason?

Just my waifu mostly. Someday I'll be able to capture her cuteness.