Kemono Friends is proof that good writing can carry an entire anime

Kemono Friends is proof that good writing can carry an entire anime.

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>Jumps multiple times across a river carrying a 2 ton bus

How did she do that?

Servals have above average strength.

But CGI is shit

Nobody ever said KF had good visuals. But the story is great.

You just did.


It depends, you retard. These aren't going to have the same importance for everything.

mise-en-scène >


please leave this show in 2017. Hell there was a ripoff of it last season.

5 scoops of Japaribun every meal

Pick one.

so is this for like bronies in denial or something?

>cmon buddy, 5 scoops lets go

>He doesn't know about Kemono Friends
I guess your rock was comfy, huh?

Yuka is doing commercials now~!

That's pretty shit, like everything KF official after they got rid of Tats.

Talk about success.
She went from being a newbie VA to performing 3 times on Music Station, performing in stage plays and doing commercials for the food industry all in less than 6 months after the anime premiered.

I mean she's still a newbie VA, and I hope she gets more roles in other anime.

tats has nothing to do with what the VA's do though

Tats was the one responsible for the sudden boom of Nissin cup and JRA gamblers.

I can't believe I watched the entire season....

>Good writing






I hate foxes and think they're stupid!

Shame it's not well-written.

>Kemono Friends
>good writing
try harder.
kemono friends is literally a forced meme

Isn't that how it should be? It works for games, so why wouldn't it work for anime?

Actually everything would be the same thing if Tatsuki was still on board (due to a desperate need to keep milking the series to make people not forget it before S2 came out), but thanks to everything that happened everything about it feels negative now.
Hell, even that first M-Stage appearance would have felt like needless milking if it had happened after Tatsuki got booted.

If Tatsuki was there, it won't be milking at all.
Nigga would keep on extending the lore and enrich the franchise.

But oh the fragility of human greed.
All that Kadokawa can do now is to whore out the idols over and over and try to pretend it is anything comparable to what it could have been

On the bright side, I just can't wait for Keifuku

I am sooooo going to buy anything from irodori now. I know in my heart that everyone on KF feels the same way

You can ask any KF fan, whoever you want, and no one is gonna tell you that KF has great visuals. The huge appeal of this show is not the visuals, we've said it over and over again.

Too bad Keifuku isn't coming.

Good for her, I'm glad that KF has served as a springboard for her career.

Not yet.

The demand is there and no one else is as stupid as Kadokawa

I hope she's happy with her life.

If all friends can slowly heal up then why does she still carry on the eye cancer?

Why does she have a mc donalds logo on her head?


Still can't believe Otter's VA went from a HS student with a small role, to voicing a MC in an Kirara anime a year later.

>good writing
>slice of life
dumb friend posters

I unironically enjoyed Kemono Friends.

I wonder how many producers become her guests.

I wonder if she's enjoying the corporate bukkake sessions yet.

What good writing? It's literally an edutainment show for preschoolers to teach them about animals.


Is Jaguar going to the Super Bowl?


Don't you mean the Superb Owl?

Didn't she just carried the engine of the bus? And Serval is fucking strong, you should better ask how is that the improvised rafts didn't sink.

Serval is actually supposed to pretty weak. Makes you wonder if Elephant or Blue Whale could solo BigDog.


next CM

How many amphibious friends are there in the show? I'd thought sea-based ones would be rather weak on land

Which Friend would you make your wife?

Her face is so pinchable.

If we ever get an S2 the first episode would almost be certain to be dedicated to ocean Friends. Also Blue Whale is in the stage show.

Dolphins are such happy creatures!

Also how did Sand Cat dig away several tons of sand in a few seconds?


Yeah, an amnesiac journeying through the ruins of an abandoned society in search of her identity is sure slice of life.






Greater Honeyguide wants you to follow her.

What will you do?
>As adults, the pink-billed birds live up to their name, leading local hunters to wild beehives stashed in the cavities of baobabs and other tall trees. The men then scale the trunks, smash the hives, and make off with the sticky riches, leaving the wax and the calorie-rich larvae within for their partners in crime. (The Greater Honeyguide is one of few avians that can eat and digest wax.)
huh. uuuh, i'll follow her, i guess?
>collabs are just 3dpd and old busted Mine art tweening now
The absolute state of Kemono Friends in 2018.

They're also just rehashing their own art.

Kemono Friends is just proof that monstergirls/kemonomimi are really popular right now, and so the content starved public will take anything.

>thanks, but I'm on a diet


The Professor. She's smart, confident, introverted, prefers quiet, and would probably let me have a threesome with her and her assistant for research purposes.

As for me what I can give her, I can read to her and would learn how to cook well for my little connoisseur.

That's not very kashikoi of you, friendo.

She has a lewd look on her face so I have no choice.

kemono friends is the proof that even the most garbage moeblob anime can become a huge success

>Kemono Friends is proof that a fanbase can carry an entire anime.

I wanna hug her and tell her to not to worry about that eye, that she's gonna be alright.

>Good writing
Cute animals*


She has the perfect body I would fr*ck the H*CK out of her!


except that said fanbase wouldn't exist in the first place without the show's qualities

May i have some Shoebill for my collection, pretty please.




Dibs on the right one.


Whoa user, watch the language




Isn't that a llama?