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>astolfo will never toot your horn



no bully


that's gay


I want Astolfo to toot on me


kill yourself

Why everybody wants to touch her pulfy vulva?

Fuck OFF.



Aw I thought it was Astfolo's ass at first but it's just a girl's. Gay!

Now listen here, Shitkicker! Don't go confusing me for some whole other body. You must be thinking with your dick if you think we're just gonna walk away from this. We're gonna stay 'til this gets done.


I'm not positive if I'd rather be Jack or Astolfo here.


cute boi




cuck the jannu

Y'all are fucking gay.

What did they mean by this?

can we get a show of hands here, who is actually gay?

I just think he is cute and enjoy annoying people

He is the Rider class servant on the Black team.

>I just think he is cute
So you are gay then.

you know you can think things are cute without wanting to fuck them, I don't want to fuck puppies either

No toot zone.

>you can think things are cute without wanting to fuck them
What's the point then?


asking what the point of cute things is is a bit too existential for a Mongolian basket weaving board

I love taking dicks up the ass and in my mouth but I'm definitely not gay

I'm asking what's the point of cute things if you can't fuck them. Seems pointless to me.

Felix is the tallest of them, what was the artist thinking?
Cute things make you feel good.


>haha isn't it so fun to beat transgender people when they don't conform to your expectations ;)

You guys are fucking sick

>Black team
You mean he rides multiple Blacks?

he isnt trans you stupid fuck

He's a crossdresser you idiot.

also this artist self inserts as the one being kicked in the balls


I hope they put a little more effort into combat and more adjustment to the characters.

>tfw no spacezin nightingale

I am going to marry Astolfo!

>trannyfag trying to claim astolfo as one of them
back to you go

It's not a trans. Just a fuck'n trap.

I want her to blow my horn.

>50 posts into a TOOT thread
>Still no Doom
I am disapoint.

gays and degenerates are not allowed here on Sup Forums

>trap X is transgender
Not even an Astolfofag, but off yourself.

more surprised its still here, hotpockets seem to hate it

I'm not gay but I really, really like Astolfo.

Astolfo was a mistake

Astolfo is cute, CUTE!
if you disagree you're gay

Yes, I agree


ASStolfo actually looks female, no way he could be trans. Shoo!


>looks female
He's 100% MALE.

Upgrade complete.

10/10 made me laugh

>actually looks female
Fuck NO.

Me on the far right



I know it's a 'he', dipshits, I even referred to him that way later in the sentence. Learn to fucking read.

Pls be my bride(male).

Sorry, I'm taken.

Haven't you ever wanted to protect?

So does she have a feminine penis, or a magnum dong?

The latter

Wow, it's current year you prick. Leave your kink shaming in the past were it belongs.

Feminine in its unerect state, massive once it's ready for combat.

>"Is that a sword on your hip, or are you happy to see me?"

More like
"Is that hippogryph in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

>implying beating them up doesn't make their skirt tent up

Feminine. It would be weird if my gf had a bigger dick than me.

Rider kick


He has a huge cock though.

He needs a huge one for all the girls he's fucked.

Good bait, genuinely got me angry


I wish I was as cute as astolfo

>Needing a big penis to be good at sex
Hentai taught you nothing.

>Best girl survives the war
Based Nasu

But user, you are.

Are dominant traps a thing?

No I'm not

He's good and has a huge penis.

>You guys are fucking sick
Says the guy who thinks it's natural to slice up your genitalia and change your hormone balance because you're too fucked up to accept how you were born. Good one.

Did you just assume their gender?

Well, if it's a trans male he's really just a male and if it's a trans female it won't mind being called a guy, right?

Apocrypha wasn't written by Nasu