ITT: Cliches that ruin isekkai

ITT: Cliches that ruin isekkai

I'll start
>RPG mechanics
>Anything with cell phones

Pic rel cell phone was pretty good

>Anything with cell phones
that's oddly specific

have you ever seen cellphone shit that isn't cringe?

also, nice quads

Stop pretending you didn't like Isekai wa Smartphone.

I do remember one that found a way.

though I forgot the name

>lack of likeable characters
>best girl losing

Most isekai harem ends anyway.

>Japanese Isekai
gary stus with no difficulty and all the power

>Chinese Isekai
1000 chapters to get anywhere

>Korean Isekai
being Korean

MC is a self aware faggot who knows all the quirks of isekai anime/manga.

>MC is Japanese teenager with black hair
>MC got killed by a truck saving someone
>MC is given cheat abilities by god
>MC introduces modern ideas that somehow weren't though of before to make him seem intelligent.
>This includes but isn't limited too, inventing soy sauce from slimes, crop rotation, and detachable swordblades.
>MC is against slavery but still has slaves
>MC needs to defeat a demon king
>MC doesn't want to go home
>MC attracts capable and attractive women
>this includes lolis powerful or otherwise
>MC is a master of magic/armed combat/ hunting despite have no experience in these fields.
>Constantly outfoxes goverment officals, military strategist and the smartest people of the new world with the education of a Japanese high school student.
>MC pretends he's not a lolicon or sexual pervert despite most likely being both even if he was killed as a Japanese otaku neet.
>MC isn't overweight or ugly

what about russian isekais my man?

>MC is self aware that this is an Isekai from all his LNs
>still acts humble and cautious

if he was really self-aware he would be hedonistic as fuck

Also Nobunaga's use for it was good.

>MC wants to go home


>>MC is against slavery but still has slaves
US founding fathers are Isekai MCs


I can't stop liking overpowered isekai MCs and the shows themselves no matter how stupid they get

>MC doesn't want to go home
Even worse when the MC doesn't even think about going home. Subaru never acknowledging how he got brought to the other world seriously flared my autism up.

they were against people being slaves. at the time, that meant white males, and usually white male firstborn property owners.

I was at the jefferson estate recently and they do a really good job of painting him as very clever but also a complete monster by modern standards.

>Adventure Guilds

>There's a society EXACTLY like feudal japan

I like the Chinese OPMCs more
they seem to do more with their bullshit god-like powers

Though I wish there was more actual OP chink MCs and not "OP for 5 levels above but the young master he killed had a father who is 7 levels above"

>ranked guild cards

>first quest is killing goblins/collecting herbs
>goblin quest has him run into GOBLIN KING

You can't ruin trash to begin with.

>goblin quest has him run into GOBLIN KING
Lucky him

>Can steal abilities from random monsters
>There are chapters that are basically laudry lists of obtained skills.

>none of them matter since MC is OP anyway with just handful of them

>Cheat skills/items
>Super prodigy that's born one in every kajillion people
>Befriends that one super rare monster that's known to never befriend humans

Basically anything that lets the author ignore strength progression. Kills any and all tension in a story. It's fine every now and then but when every isekai is doing it, it just makes the genre stale as fuck.

MC being able to make items from his old world or do advanced shit from his old world just because he knows about them, even though he has no actual experience.