Why the fuck doesnt Vegeta wish back his own planet fuck Cabba

Why the fuck doesnt Vegeta wish back his own planet fuck Cabba

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He never gave a shit about his home planet

>Why would Vegeta do something completely out of character
He always hated the other Saiyans and saw himself as superior to all of them. Super is so stupid that it wouldn't shock me if they made him do that though.

i just want a reason for Nappa and Radditz to come back god dammit

Because U7 Saiyans were cunts and he is very aware of this

Vegeta loves Cabba.

saiyens are giant assholes and basically u6 saiyens are everything he's become being on earth

couldnt he just wish them not to be cunts?

Exactly if he brought them back they'll almost certainly declare war on earth.

>them being nice automatically makes him like them
what the fuck? if anything thats MORE out of character. besides, vegeta wanted his planet back, he just didnt want to show it because he thought it would make him look weak

not even the super dragon balls are powerful enough for that one.

and? he would do that too if goku wasnt around.


Vegeta is tsundere for the earth.

You can't wish a mass of people back if more then a year has passed. And even in the Namek saga he never even entertained thhe thought of reuniting with his people. He accepted their passing and his pride was always set on himself as their prime representative.

He has a family now, is stronger than he's ever been and has finally settled into a planet that's not so dark and gloomy. Plus with what we've seen of his interactions with the sayians, he didn't care about his people, just his bloodline.

Their entire race can be soloed by Tien at this point

He never cared bout his planet. He killed Nappa who was his only friend since childhood and he didn't give a single fuck after finding out that Frieza destroyed his planet and killed his father either. Vegeta only ever cared about immortality and himself.

he did in the broly movie


We know Vegeta was a piece of shit, but we're talking about present Vegeta.

>forgetting when he teared up when he told goku how frieza killed his dad and the saiyans

dragon ball is shit, thats why
i cant honestly fathom why people would watch this over something quality like naruto

It's too late to bring them back, they reincarnated a long time ago.

Why would he just start caring now? The saiyans were mostly savage retards and the elite saiyans didn't even see the lower class as anything but animals.

They keep changing the rules and limits for the dragonballs so much that it can't be used as an excuse to not bring back the saiyans anymore. Why does Vegeta keep calling himself the prince and have all that pride if his race are dead?

didnt goku explain that he was sad because he was basically a slave his whole life and not having a choice to do what he wanted?

nice headcannon

Namekian and Earth Dragonballs were able to recreate Namek and it's people, so why would he need Super Dragonballs?

it was both, he lost his race and was a slave and he couldnt say shit about either of them or hed appear weak. thats why he was crying.

With the Namek or Earth dragonballs maybe.

But apparently the limits of the Super Dragon Balls are much higher.

>I still think it would be dumb and serve no plot point if he did it though

He'd have to ask Whis to let him travel to U6 to collect the rest of them.

also pretty sure he didnt care much for his people. He just straight up killed nappa and didnt care about taking out goku the last other pure saiyan in the same day.

>nappa and vegeta literally call goku a low class dog and vermin about 20 times during the saiyan arc

also why the fuck does he love cabbage more than his own son

Not trying to defend Vegeta, but what could Vegeta did? Goku literally broke his spine.


i think the reason he killed nappa was because he was paralyzed

Nappa's pod was still on Earth and aliens have shit that can heal any wound.

>start to insult someone when youre fighting them
who would have fucking thought?

i dont think it could heal things that bad. remember how the couldnt heal frieza?

Vegeta also offers Goku to join him before they fight

frieza lost half of his body

Jesus it'd be funny if vegeta wish back planet vegeta and just fucked off to be king there taking bulma and trunks with him. Its retarded enough to work and its awful enough to piss everyone off from trying to give a shit about dragonball anymore since that appears to be what Super's endgame actually is. Super just ending and the narrator chiming about how vegeta and his family will live happily ever after on planet Vegeta before a fadeout on goku laughing with chichi and gohan and goten about something retarded like rice on the walls cause they eat like fucking garbage compactors. Fuck GT, fuck any reasonable future trunks saga, fuck the whole franchise.

Super is just the dumbest shit.

Vegeta cares about his heritage and history only as it relates to his own identity. He never gave a fuck about individual saiyans. Look how broken up he was about Raditz or Nappa, or even killing Gohan. Speaking of Gohan, Vegeta has a couple of very telling scenes with Gohan that relate to this subject. The first is when he tells Gohan they're some of the last saiyans which makes them like brothers, and then proceeds to knock the shit out of him. The other is after he thinks Goku has died and once again Vegeta tells Gohan they are the last saiyans and considers whether he should kill him or let him live as a servant.

Vegeta has changed a lot since then, but only in that he has become attached to his family and the people he's met on Earth. He never truly cared about planet Vegeta or its people for their sake, only for his personal pride.

that actually would be pretty hilarious

All the shit tier universes are gonna merged anyway. He'll have those Saiya jenies,

>He always hated the other Saiyans
I no rite? That's why he wanted to kill Frieza. Revenge for killing the people he hated.

>Somebody wishes back everything that Frieza ever destroyed, people and planets whole.
>Hundreds of races that were otherwise made extinct come back in full force.
>Some of them have their own legends of a powerful warrior who would rise up amongst them, the same reason why Frieza feared the saiyans he killed other "legendary" races.
>The legend is achieved and these new people threaten the universe

Can I become a DB Super story writer?

Revenge for taking his history and his birthright and his pride. The keyword here being his. The people themselves he was shown to be quite callous toward.

this is pretty good user

that would raise the mortal level
but maybe the only reason bills allowed freezer to exist was to destroy those races as they had too high a chance to kill more mortals

you cant write for super, its too interesting

stupid spic

i am now sad

He’s honestly just too deep for you

>only watched the saiyan saga
protip: the saga was about more than just Goku coming to terms with his heritage

>You can't wish a mass of people back if more then a year has passed.
doesn't apply for the super dragon balls, though

isn't sedal the saiyan's original planet? this is head canon but:
I suppose he's more interested in the planet where they originated from and prospered, instead of a planet the was enslaved by freeza and was a shithole to begin with. he also likes cabba.

>fuck Cabba
That's clearly what Vegeta wants to do.


If the Super Dragon Balls can bring back erased universes, why don't they use them to bring back Trunks' timeline?

For the same reason 17 doesn't just ask his billionaire sister to buy him a ship

Shenron would probably answer "I can't do that lol"

With how much Super is shitting on Tien I wouldn't be so sure about that

Give them 5 minutes of offscreen training and they will be SS3 level

I miss them lads

movies are not canon and what the characters say and do should not be taken as such

just take a look at pic related

In my headcanon Raditz is partying with Princess Snake.

that would be an interesting arc. and then his father wants to learn super saiyan, and then teaches it to everyone else. then launch an invasion on Earth after he gets a form that can rival Blue and Blue2.

ah fuck it. it's too late for that now. that should've been the arc after Cell Saga.

The real answer no one's giving here is that Toriyama had to make him feel bad because he was a villain back then and never thought that far ahead. Also because Toriyama probably doesn't even remember the whole Saiyan planet deal anymore.

>lets the man who killed his friends go (even though Vegeta then kills him) and even lets Vegeta run away instead of letting Krillin kill him
>killed his own flesh and blood brother and doesn't ever revive him or ever visited him in other world to try to make him redeem himself

Goku really must hate his family

>implying they wouldn't all feel the back tingle and be ss2 in hours or days


you need a high base power level for this to work afaik. cabba's saiyans all seem to have that high base power level, making them better than u7 saiyans and actually worth reviving

This is actually true. 99% of the "muh saiyan race" shit is literally Toei filler.

They aren't actually dead. They are in the otherworld in DBZ. Where everybody goes when they die, until they are killed when dead then they actually die.

They all kept training in the afterlife probably.

>bring back Planet Vegeta
this really would be a great idea for an arc. not only will you have the Vegeta X King Vegeta and Vegeta X Nappa character dynamics, but you also have Goku meeting his biological father and a reunion with Radditz. Bardock meeting Gohan and Goten, King Vegeta meeting Trunks, Radditz' reunion with a now adult Gohan and Piccolo. how the rest of the Z team reacts to Nappa, although granted they took Frieza coming back pretty well. lots of interesting character stuff.

Cabba is replacement Tarble.

Why give a shit about a random planet he’s never been to.

He has far more reason to wish back his home world than cabba

With how shit Super is at Power scaling. The Saiyans could probably put up a fight to SSB Goku.

Wasnt the otherworld tournament anime filler?

Personally I think it should be canonised as its a fantastic concept, but still.

He is a moralfag now.

and they replaced what they couldn't heal with cyborg parts
a prosthetic section of spine would be within their capacity if it turned out to be too severe for the tanks to fix

Nobody has watched Dragon ball and when I come to these threads this only becomes more obvious.
That or you guys are like, epic tricksters.

he never gave a shit
>admits this during Namek around and before his fight with Dedoria

Because that timeline is a fucking shithole

He'd be wishing back a planet of dicks he'd need to re-educate from the ground up. He also wants to see the universe 6 saiyans.

isn't Yo! canon? i'm almost pretty certain they've mentioned tarble since

They did in Battle of Gods. Bulma brought him up when they needed another Saiyan for the ritual but Vegeta doesn't have any idea where he lives.

Imagine them lauging at SSB due to the scouter giving em below 9k readings.

Sadala/U6 is more of a local Saiyan race he really wants to rule than a planet of disobedient shits
especially when Earth soften him up

do bulma and vegeta still have sex?


i wish more spinoffs adopted this endgame

>literally Launch-tier now

He's secretly a Caulifag.

This shit again... there are at least 10 ways to health a broken spine in Dragon ball universe.