Papika makes the cutest feces

Papika makes the cutest feces.

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Only 4 female VAs in the system, all with the same accent.


they sound like teens their age, you don't remember being young?

This, they sound better than actual retarded teen girls to be honest.

>english dub

not a fan of dub but when people say shit like "they sound like old people" they are wrong 99% of the time and I honestly wonder if people forgot the time they were young or have been brainwashed too much by Japanese overacted voices that make teens and young adults sound like little children. You would be surprised at how Japanese teens actually speak.

Japanese girls in high school (and college too, based on my experiences talking to international students at college) do talk in a higher pitched tone of voice than American girls. At least part of that is them trying to sound cute, not sure if they have higher voices to begin with or not.
Japanese VAs on the other hand try to sound like literal 5 year old girls 75% of the time.

>they are wrong 99% of the time
> I honestly wonder if people forgot the time they were young or have been brainwashed too much by Japanese overacted voices that make teens and young adults sound like little children
Pot, kettle, black, etc.
Maybe you should take the time to listen to young women.

yes, they do speak in lower pitch than english speaking girls, just not like 5 years old like you say
>Maybe you should take the time to listen to young women

I'm not feeling Papika's VA.
Though it's hard to compete with her original voice
The others are OK

Wait, they're actually going to dub this?

daily dose

Huh, Papicunt's voice sounds familiar.

Anime characters don't talk like real people either. They talk like cartoon characters. That's one of the reasons English dubs are awful, the voice actors don't talk like cartoon characters.

Think of The Simpsons for instance. Those characters don't sound like real people, they're exaggerated cartoon voices. But that kind of talent doesn't make its way to English dubs.

>dubbing the absolute worst anime to come out in the last 2 years


She sounds exactly like Rainbow Dash.



with most dubs of anime i've already watched in Japanese, it's jarring at first, but eventually grows on me, and then it's OK. With this, it wasn't even jarring. It was OK from the start.

I thought the same thing

How do the voice actors dubbing manage to always sound so fucking awful. Cant they at least watch the original to even get a sense of how they should be talking.

Papika doesn't even sound slightly retarded how the fuck is her character supposed to work?
I mean it would probably be even worse if they tried to pull it of, but this sounds like some woman voicing a boy, they probably just went with the tomboy angle of her character.
Also i feel like the wording doesn't fit, i can't say much for the japanese dialect since i only have the subs to work with, but i doubt a girl that doesn't even know a lot of everyday vocabulary would use abbreviations like "gonna".
Doesn't really matter since i won't watch it and everyone who gives a shit already knows that pretty much all english dubbed is the worst, but this makes me think the localization would actually fuck up important parts of Papikas charakter.

Who even watches dubs?


How would a "normie" come to show interest in this show?

By looking for dubbed anime and finding this one.

I actually typically enjoy dubs, but this one seems kinda off. I dunno. Maybe it'll grow on me.

The only kind of dubs I like are these

I love English dubs! This is exciting!




It's like pottery.

How is this getting a dub if it sold like shit


Not even dubfags like them.

The whole cast, for reference:

>Cocona: Luci Christian (Nami, Ochaco)
>Papika: Brittney Karbowski (Luluco, Dekomori)
>Yayaka: Patricia Duran
>Salt: David Wald
>Hidaka: David Matranga
>Sayuri: Chelsea McCurdy
>TT-392: Jay Hickman
>Yuyu: Carli Mosier
>Toto: Philip Hayes
>Nyunyu: Emily Neves
>Mimi: Shelley Calene-Black
>Irodori: Kira Vincent-Davis
>Grandma: Tiffany Grant
>Uexkull: Mark X Laskowski

>worst anime
You sure meant best, newfag. It was Sup Forums AOTY.

It was until it shit itself in the bed

The fucking sharts.

Wonder when they will get around to dubbing pripri.

holy shit you're right

I hope you have that feeling of falling that wakes you up just as you're about to slip into sleep tonight.

Remember how they dubbed GuP with the same exact 40 year old woman voice for everyone and censored Katyusha by inserting the Tetris theme? They're literally the worst dubbing agency in the business and that's saying something. They don't even try.


But papika is a 40yo woman

Delete this, she's a healthy, young 32.

Why do they sound so unnatural? It's like they're just reading a script. Do these people have no acting skills at all?

The show sold like shit, why would they spend top dollar on the dub? They probably picked these people off the street and offered them lunch and a fiver for an afternoon's recording.

Let me give you a clue


sounds fucking terrible, as is tradition with eng dubs. stop even posting them on Sup Forums

You fail

papika sounds like a 10 pack a day smoker compared to japanese papika wtf

that's because shitty animes get shitty dubs

wow really? They have vastly improved since the last I heard them. Still kinda sucks tho.

>you will nver be a 14 year old girl with a 32 year ikd gf
why go on?