Hey guys! why is no one talking about violet! new episode soon HYPE HYPE!!

Hey guys! why is no one talking about violet! new episode soon HYPE HYPE!!
Post fan art while we wait!

she's so cute!

c'mon guys join in!

Page 10 here we go.

Why does no one give a shit, why would you faggots rather shitpost instead of getting comfy for the next episode, fuck you all

All the VEGfags are on MAL/ANN/plebbit/youtube.
Try there.

Proof that Sup Forums is full of underages who can't understand the masterpiece that is VEG.
Remember when Sup Forums was better than all of those other communities? How times have changed.

>VEG falseflag thread #109
I'll shitpost on the other 3 threads and watch the episode in peace.

>Post fan art while we wait!

They exists?


Well this was a challenge

>bully violet ripping my heartfelt letter
I-I might like this

You know what, your version is better. My version's letter is from her to you but I'm changing it

How hard was it?

Told you fuckers Netflix would kill the hype of this show THANK FUCK.

I'm suprised Devilman got a lot of attention despite also suffering the same fate

I want to cum on her robot hands

But why is she ripping it though if it's a letter to me?

KyoAni didn't need Netflix's help to kill the show. All they needed was Ishidate, and he did a swell job of it.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

Took a little longer than an hour. It was surprisingly not that hard, just time consuming. Hardest part was getting the proportions right and I still think I didn't completely nail that.

Teasing, I guess. Here's the revision.

No, thank you.

are you the user that drew nishimiya in the KnK threads?

Wow, you remember that?

yeah I really liked your stuff - keep up the good work!

Thanks, I really enjoy it when I get to sit down and draw something to post here even if people barely care about oc. Except for that one time I drew Chidori and pretended I was a KyoAni animator leaking things from the new FMP (before the studio was announced), that thread autosaged.

I take it back, it is OK but sad.

It really sucks that actual good shows that get popular get the "ironic shitposting until everybody hates it and threads are deleted on sight" treatment.


Because an IRC chatroom successfully shitposted this anime to death so that no one would want to discuss it. Notice how on other sites that require an account to discuss anime, there is frequently a very active thread on the anime. But not here. The shitposting is rampant here.

Where do you even go after Violet Evergarden? I was one of those people who used to always just rate 9's as a 10/10. After all, there's no such thing as perfection, I'd never have given out a 10 otherwise, right? I was wrong. I was so wrong, and I regret, so badly, misleading my friends on MAL for all that time. Violet Evergarden is a 10/10. Perhaps the only 10 ever made. I wish I could properly express what it's like to see Heaven made manifest.

Numerals are clearly insufficient to contain the level of quality Violet Evergarden reaches. It's absurd even to give it a set number. Like saying God himself is a 10/10. When something defines the very concept of Goodness, it stands above rating, it stands outside of our systems. It is the standard the system judges by. It is what the system wishes it could be.

Ratings are dead. Violet Evergarden lives.

You. I like you.

This is a disappointing anime.

disappointing anime knower