How do you like your MCs?

How do you like your MCs?

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>Mr. Bones says...

If only the author allowed MC to fulfill his claim to impregnate every women in the world.

Angry and old


I like my MCs to be cool, stoic, brooding, and badass. I mean shit, if you’re gonna self insert why self insert as a cuck or a loser?


>no more Yuusha-Sama to brighten our Tuesdays
It hurts.

They have to be relatable so I can self insert. So typically I gravitate towards depressed Mcs.

should i watch the anime or read the manga of slam dunk?

Manga. The anime has DBZ/One Piece tier pacing.

Actual characters not uguu or pandering shit

Easygoing MCs, like Gintoki or Yoh.

I like them completely disagreeable, but still well written and make sense, usually having their own personality

At this point I'll take any mc that isn't gay and impotent.

We are getting more wholesome oldmen characters as of late, based fujos are saving us all.

>loyal to a fault
>lots of useful hands on skills
>if you fuck with his harem he will beat you into a bloody paste
>is man enough to handle the monster

I want characters that are literally me

Smart, capable and wholesome ones are pretty good.

>why i can't have a bankai or somethin

dont forget stylish and handsome
no homo


Realistic but not self-insert.

>How do you like your MCs?
100% beta like Gudao

someone that's literally me.

user, why on earth would you deny yourself Takehiko Inoue's art?

MCs who actually think, and I don't just mean "let's make everyone else so oblivious that the MC comes across as smart for just having common sense".

Low life MCs

Is this Diamou? I don't recall him ever wearing a scarf?


In the thread

I don't remember this, is it from the ln?

10/10 MC

Really great MC. One of the best WSJ ever produced. Cant believe i still like him more than anyone else out of the entire series despite said story having over 90 chapters. Usually i already have other chars i like more, but not this time.

I recently watched ReLIFE and I thought the MC Kaizaki was pretty good. 27 years old with a graduate degree, so not just your typical inexperienced high school kid, which I appreciate as someone out of college for a few years. More smart and street wise than badass. He was cool and yet vulnerable/flawed enough to be relatable. Never had any retarded or beta cuck moments.

Like him.

The man, the legend.

I don't watch anime to relate I wanna escape this shithole I call a life


Intelligent, nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor

Capable, likeable and with a nice character arc.

The boy

>human trash
>lazy bum
>exploits people and situations
>brags all the time
>you have to put a gun to his head to make him help you
>corrupts people around him
>rude and abusive
This is what I call a proper self-insert character, not some diligent nice guy that would selflessly risk his life to save a random girl and never take advantage of her.

Make 'em fallible, but not to the point of incompetency
They shouldn't be completely selfless; let them be selfish every now and then without feeling bad about it.
None of that UNDERSTANDING bullshit. Yeah, it'd be nice if we didn't have to fight, but MY FUCKING GOD, it's almost always done poorly by any anime that attempts that shit.
Make them strong, but not so buttfuckingly strong that the author has to asspull a reason for them to lose for the sake of drama. That's just bad writing.
If they're a harem MC, dedicate a few episodes per girl to the process of them actually falling for the MC; girls shouldn't just be throwing themselves at his feet for a chance at the dick, the MC has to earn their admiration and affection in a manner that feels natural.
On that note, don't pussy out and go for the Tenchi Solution. Pick one and pick them early on to avoid that "maybe they will, maybe they won't" bullshit.
Don't let them take any bullshit from the women in the harem either. YOU HAVE BALLS, MAN. SHOW SOME TESTICULAR FORTITUDE.

you are pretty much describing the MC of growth cheat.

he fugs the first girl in his harem before they even meet any others and number 2 has to spend over 150 chapters convincing him to give her some dick too, he eventually agrees, IF she can also convince wife 1 to share.

he also tries not to kill but doesn't get hung up about it if he has to.

Is Saitama clinically depressed?