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I wanna make a bingo chart for Ososan threads, but I need 24 spaces. I'm up to 20 so far, help me fill in the rest.
1. Karafags
2. Choro is cute!
3. Incest
4. Iyamifucker
5. Fatlust
6. -kun posting
7. Shotalust
8. Totty Bullying
9. Yumematsu
10. Edge
11. Seiyuufags
13. Oso fucks men for money
14. S2 is shit
15. Ichi is a moeblob
16. Bitching about tumblr
17. Bumped at page 10
18. That fucking cat
19. "Pure"
20. Headcanons

21. The totty with a gun “delete this” image

You mean this?

22. The franchise is doomed/dying

Why won't mobster Oso just put on his fucking coat already?




Poor Totoko-chan

What's the shittier dumb comedy? Pop Team Epic?

Or Season 2?

Watching PTE helped me put S2 in perspective

Oh shit was this in the PTE OP or something?

It’s just fanart dude.

It's arousing to see AU Oso in a position of leadership, and him with his knowing smile

The Mobster AU is my absolute favorite. Organized crime is so sexy. Osomatsu always sees himself in a position of leadership, though. As does Karamatsu. The rest just might not have their same viewpoint.

I guess I phrased that weird. I meant in an AU where Oso is the leader not just because he's the elder, but implications that he earned it, especially in this AU. Considering you don't get to be the leader of a mafia group by being a doofus.

I am have returned

Pleasure to have you again. Please make yourself at home.

How is Karamatsu so talented?

Whick mastsu pair would you have a threesome with and why is it osoichi?

Because those two are the lewdest bar none. Karamatsu's great for romance, but you go to Oso and Ichi for the kink shit.

with pleasure.

Fucking seriously, just stick your arms through the sleeves. There's four fucking renditions of mobster Oso and in every one he's pulling this shit. Is this a cultural thing?

Have you never noticed 3PD 1920s gangster type men with flowing long jacket draped over their shoulders like a cape? Even striped Kara in here wears it that way. Or this old man here: bondsuits.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Largo-Charcoal-Suit-3.jpg

He's just irritatingly consistant about the whole thing.

23. Kara is an asshole in S2


Choukei are assholes.
Well aside from some osoichi pandering.

I feel like Oso is doing that to mock Ichi. He's trying to get under his skin.


Honestly it was just nice to see other anons into chubby/fat matsus that weren't Ichi or tumblr stuff. I'll tone it down if you want.

Why was he angry at Totoko when she arrived at the job interview?

Because she was acting like she was wordly and had a lot of life experience when she was just as green as him. Except he actually fucked up while she was able to pull it off.


If you stop then how am I supposed to get my fucking bingo?

Overwhelming sadness.

>Nyaa-chan for Choro

Choro didn’t deserve her.

I just want Choro.

I saw a theory doing the rounds on twitter that the jar skit represents each of the brother's hurdles to growing up and graduating NEETdom.

Oso - Says it's about "timing" (i.e. he's just not ready to yet)
Kara - Makes a lot of claims he can't live up to then blames the jar
Choro- Really does want to open the jar, but makes excuses
Ichi - Tries to open the jar, but gets frustrated and violent
Jyushi - His whimsical approach to jar-opening makes no goddamn sense
Todo - Knows how to open the jar, but his brothers won't let him

>Knows how to open the jar, but his brothers won't let him
That was seriously infuriating. Everybody knows you should use hot water to open the lid.

>3rd thread this week
>when the previous one died before reaching bump limit
Where's the fun in that tho

That's easy to miss since it's their approach to everything.