White Album 2

What went so right?
Why can't other modern anime romance compete?

Not even his best work.

It was good because it showed liking the same person as your best friend is actually really fucking painful. The scene where Kazusa sits in the car and breaks down still feels powerful to me. And of course there's that ending with the kiss at the airport. I just want to be able to read the VN so I know what happens past the prologue

not saying that wa2 isnt good, but if a show with a shitty fucking vn ending is supposed to be the pinnacle of the genre then something clearly went wrong.

It's the curse of anime. There can never be a "best" that is also "good." There can only be the shiniest among piles of shit.

Nobody said it was the pinnacle, but it sure is the best of the last 10 years.

youre both wrong by the way, but theres no point in wasting any time arguing this.

>What went so right?
Characters actually talk and behave like humans.

How does it feel to be a complete idiot? You probably think garbage like Oreimo is the best.

The best part is that this thing doesn't even animate the best part of the VN and is still hella of a drama.

Because of Saekano I will never get the privilege of reading another Maruto VN again.

>Satelight is making that shitty crossdresser ramen anime instead of White Album 2B
fucking why

>You're both wrong but I can't prove it

Don't bother saying anything then, retard

holy shit all this samefagging

Try again

Just post what shitty anime you think is better then WA2 already

theres nothing to gain for me, so why would i?

Don't bother. He's just being a cunt.

You're right, it's already glaringly apparent you're stupid; it's not like you can disprove that notion anyway.

sorry my friend, your shitty vn adaptation isnt even close to being the best thing the genre has managed to produce. nothing you do will change anything about that

Because your tiny brain couldn't comprehend what I said not once, but twice, I'll spell it out for you one more time: nobody said it was the pinnacle.
That aside, regardless of whether it is or isn't, it's certainly not up to someone as braindead retarded as you to decide.

It appealed to the reddit audience perfectly.

By what? Being a show you didn't like?

Fucking destroyed.

fuck this thread

>mfw Closing and Coda never

I can't believe all the garbage that's been translated and those STILL haven't been finished. Is it because of their length or something?

Saekano is just harem trash. Megumi is the only one who's worth watching.

>no tsurezure children
bad thread

Tried watching a few episodes of this but couldn't get into it, and I've seen white album which has I thought was good.

You have shit taste.

This thread is pretty autistic