Would you love a steppe waifu?

Will Tarasu ever get a happy ending and reunite with Smith?

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Yes she does, now the real question is what will Pariya do when she can't marry her beu, and instead gets married off to some fugly fat fack in his 50's

I wanna marry Pariya and make autismo babies with her.

Would she be a good mother?

I want to eat her bread

Reminder that Tarasu gets reunited with Smith and promises to stay with him

But will they make it back to Britain


shirin is best sister

>Those large breasts filled with mother's milk

Dear god I wish I was her child

Wait how far back is the translations to the raws out? Thought they were up to date but that's great news if they do, but the image almost seems more painful like he's bearing the fact that she probably got married off already.

>Tentatively holding hands
O-Oh ...

Here's the thread, but I'll give you a summary:


Basically, she got married off while Smith was gone to a man who also lost his wife, but he couldn't do anything, let alone touch her, because she kept crying at night about how she wanted to be with Smith.

So being that great husband that he is, he went to Ankara with her since that's where he said he would be at, and he talked with Smith to tell him to take her as his bride since Smith is the only one she has eyes for. He seems okay with this since he knows how true love looks like as he used to be married himself.

It ends with Smith and Tarasu saying they will never leave each other again.

braise dengri and biz Alla bilen brother :DDD

Damn, thanks for the link. Honestly kinda fucked up for the guy that married her but go Smith. Hopefully it works out.

You have that image of the mongolian or hun dude who tells his brother to go off and embrace other cultures and he comes back fucking weird?

I think it's fitting since not much time has passed in terms of the series, so it's not like he wasted time. Kaoru Mori tends to do these romances quite well and end them happily.

Ex-husband is a fucking bro though

I guess, but then it seems like all that drama for nothing other than forced tension then. But given who it is, I was prepared for that. Hopefully this is settled and they go back to the main story so the shota can impregnate FMC cause damn this is starting to be too much of a snails pace.

>You have that image of the mongolian or hun dude who tells his brother to go off and embrace other cultures and he comes back fucking weird?

in fact, i have more!

Beg you pardon but won't she get stoned for homosexuality?

That's why the skinny one had her husband marry her too, so then it's all good.


Thank you my friend

The last one caught me off guard.

you are welcome!

A bro or a cuck

Why not both? He's a great man for not fucking her and letting her be with her one true love

he could get another wife easily on that region y'know

Would Tarasu be a good wife and mother to her half-British, half-Steppe kids?

>half British-half Turkic
So its basically a Boris Johnson?

Pariya with get happily married with Umar
Taras and Smith will go to see Amir and Karluk again, and then live out the rest of their days comfortably in British India
Russian soldiers will invade Tashkent, but since Amir and Karluk live far to the west they won't be affected much. But there will certainly be rumours of war, petty brigandery by both Russian patrols and other nomadic tribes, and Karluk will have a chance to show his MANLINESS to Amir. Then they will fuck like rabbits and it's a happy end for all.

We can only hope they live happy lives in the end

i hope so
hope Karluk doesn't try something funny
last thing he wants to try that fucking with the Ivan to prove his manliness

fuck this shit, i thought it was kinda of hentai

it's halaltai

So how do real steppe waifus look like?

Love me some autism waifu and /ss/.

TL;DR: He's bro as fuck.
Longer: He gets forced into marriage by social pressure, and goes out of his way so his wife is not unhappy because of that. And when she tells him that she loves another man, he offers her a painless separation (bro) instead of forcing her to stay in marriage and having an affair (cuck).

>Will Tarasu ever get a happy ending and reunite with Smith?
Someone hasn't been keeping up.

Why is Talas so embarrassed about showing her hair? She looks absolutely gorgeous without the turban.

too pure

>didn't want to be married in the first place
He gets out of a social obligation he didn't want to fulfill and ends up being someone else's hero. Husband guy was a bro and also gained from this situation.

I agree


>other than forced tension then
Reminder that in Emma a character is black bagged and sent to America to try and "break up" a couple and it only proved to be a minor inconvenience to the romance overall.

You are right, this is just the authors M.O.. But I'm fine with there so long as I get those good Feels by the end.

has the Russians invaded yet


If you expect Mori to go the grimdark route you'll be disappointed. For most tribes the Russians were little more than a change of management anyway.

Like filipinos but more rugged

Like normal east asian girls. But taller, hardier, less shy than Chinese people but more shy than any westerners, and with nice butts.

Ali is scum.

Remind me, something. I've read the chapter that came out today. Smith trailing a dangerous path to ankara. But I remember a thread a few months ago, where his waifu would reach him again, but I can't remember the chapter and what it was about. What happened? did his waifu find his friend in ankara?

It should be the next chapter or so. He meets his British friend and then he meets his waifu.

ah, so the big news we got were spoilers from untransalted chapters?

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That entire arc was fucking crazy I agree with . Just some lazy yuri filler, it felt so out of place with the rest of the manga

Bump for love


I want Amir’s brother to end up marrying a genki village girl who dreams about being bride-kidnapped by a “savage” from the grasslands

All hail tight turkic pussy


Is that you Onur?

wasn't that artist artist who drew lewd halaltai doujins?
also nice pasta, saving it.

a reminder that turks did nothing but oppress amira and karluk's people for centuries

Want to fuck a woman so bad you convince your husband to marry her in order to disguise your lust for her as "sisterly love". I loved how the old lady was well aware of their relationship, and the husbands cluelessness was funny too.