Is she worth watching Mysterious Girlfriend X for?

Is she worth watching Mysterious Girlfriend X for?

Watching, yes reading I think not given the conclusion.

Sadly no. She's not shown enough. Aside from this, there's maybe one scene where she's smut material. Otherwise, she's side character nonexistent.

She had a bit of character development in the manga, but the Idol Arc ruined the series and it ended on a wet fart.
The anime is decent despite that.

>Ookumo-chan translations never again


She's cute. Watch it regardless. Don't hope for another season tho.

I thought it got the axe, there are only 8 chapters right?

The anime doesn't adapt the chapter where she and Urabe go to the beach, does it?

It did? I'm not seeing anything on it being axed. I just know it got dropped from scanlation.

No idea either, since I haven't seen more chapters not even scans I thought it got axed.
Not related to op but did Tejina Senpai get axe too?

i think it ended at 11 chapters

It could be that people just aren't uploading the raws. I remember reading that was one of the biggest problems on why Torikissa chapters aren't coming out despite it being 7 volumes long with only 15 chapters translated.

>that one NTR doujin with her in it
Why doesn't she get any better lewds lads

Why does she look like a guy? I mean just look at her head, you cannot distinguish it from a guy.

artstyle of the series

Wrong wrong wrong. Reality is much simpler. Series just started in May last year and is released monthly. So there is only 8 chapters and one tankoubon released. Nothing more. Chapter 9 most likely in few days.

that's a boy...right ?

Well, tomboy.

The only good thing about this series is Urabe's voice actress. The only anime gig she has and possibly the most memorable voice. Or at least for me.

That one's hot.

so how's the author's new manga about the boy being possessed by his late father's memories and now wants to fuck his mom?

I thought I was the only one who had a thing for her

Pretty hot, but from what you can read in the thread, translations are dead.