Is this actually the worst anime ever made? I've stuck with crap that bored the fuck out of me before...

Is this actually the worst anime ever made? I've stuck with crap that bored the fuck out of me before, and I couldn't even make it to the halfway point of this shitty series. Literally the only good part is the big ass tiddies.
>Yes, I'm sure the manga is better. If anything that just makes matters worse.

>Is this actually the worst anime ever made?

You need to watch more.

Any suggestions on shitty anime?

This movie takes the cake for me.

'Second season' of Danmachi (I think it's title was Sword Oratia)

Darker than Black S2

go watch Green Green and pack the aspros

School days is the worst piece of shit I've ever seen

it really isnt
and the OP was banging

Guilty Crown
Clockwork Planet
Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalit├ęs

have fun, they are all shit for the contents not the wrappings

Ousama game, Bakemonogatari, Symphogear GX or any chink shit like Evil or Live.


>Clockwork Planet
>Seisen Cerberus
Fuck you. It is you that needs to watch more anime.

Fuck you

We really need a chart for The Room-esque so bad yet so good shows


Did you watch it subbed or dubbed? If you didn't watch the dub you fucked up

Infinite stratos

Watch at your own risk

>newfag retard doesn't know how to greentext properly
>instantly asks for recs
Fuck off and lurk for 2 years before posting.

That would be Sup Forums in entirety.

nah, they are pretty bad. clockwork planet was a big disappointment and seisen cerberus is just bottom tier trash

He asked for worse anime than Gantz, you mongoloid, it's not a positive recommendation.

I know, you dense motherfucker. Was I suppose to rename the pic to "literally you.jpg"?

>all these not-even-that-bad suggestion
Fucking newfriends I swear.

Some actual classics of badness:
Musashi Gundoh
Mars of Destruction

I will fight you, nigga.

If you wanna jack off to cans, at least get yourself some well-drawn ones.
Akikan is pretty much the defining QUALITY show of late 00s.

Explain how is that literally me then. Obviously I couldn't know what you meant because I didn't identify with that image.