Aikatsu Stars! & Pripara

Being an idle is suffering.

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Elza told me that's photoshopped as fuck and you both know it.

Being an idle is fun and tomodachi! Fure fure!

Nice face.

She looks sloshed.

Kirara told me this was the most embarrassing thing she's ever done for this show.

Even more embarrassing than drinking Ako's pee?

Which idle is the one keeping you alive with her smile? Mine is pretty generic, but I don't understand how anyone could not feel this way about her, getting an MC as the best character is a rarity that is almost unheard of.

She didn't do that for the show, she does that recreationally.

Ichigo is a fucking miracle, and she's such an annoyingly generic answer because she's just that good.

If an idle is keeping me alive, I'd like her to stop.

She didn't do that on the show. Also whoever told you she did it at all might be telling porkies.

This one.

But then how can you discuss new idles? I've been suicidally depressed for 23 years, cute 2D girls have been keeping me alive since CCS originally was airing and I saw it on TV by chance.

Ako is a cat, not a pig.

Help! This sheep stole my cat!

>it's an Ako episode

Is it possible that we could get a Friends teaser after the episode this week?

Aria told me that she found these in Kirara's underwear draw.

...those look pretty comfortable

Girls wearing boxers is lewd.

Why was she rooting through Kirara's drawers?


>getting an MC as the best character is a rarity that is almost unheard of.
But when it happens it's great.

"Oh, I'm drowning, must be a Tuesday."

Lala's uncomfortable laugh is probably the thing I'm going to miss even more than pushuu. You know the one.

It used to be commonplace in New Zealand 10-15 years ago.

Its Wednesday and you are drowning in booze.

Eh he he he he...

You can say it's ICHIBAN


Whatever day it is.


She's happier this way. You should learn to be happy for her.


This got pretty serious

I'll never stop loving her.

Yeah, no one could be happy dating ainon.

I love this part of pripara. Enjoy.

I love Hibiki puri

Post happy smiles.

Does Amu count? She is my reason for living.

This pairing is inexplicably devoid of fanart.


Reminder that Zucchan loves Hibiki and feels sad about how much of a bitch Dorothy is to Hibiki.


Dorothy and Hibiki aren't all that different. They share this unwarranted sense of self-importance.
And Dorothy is a bitch to everybody, not just Hibiki.

Actually it's Thursday.


I hate when people dont realize that Dorothy is always the first one to defend Lala or someone when bullshit arises.

Prichan cg lives will probably have that shitty niconico text overlay.

Pretty sure Pripara already had those in a few episodes. Specially ''iine'' barrages.

Jymmy better translate that too.

But I do, Doroshi is a pretty good sweet girl when she wants to, and it's funny how she's like an older sister to Lala at those times.

>Try as hard as you like, Hime!

I liked the thing Lala did here.

Kids will be able to text in messages that will fly across the screen in real time.

>I want Lala to come back

Dorothy is selfish and obnoxious in general, but she and Mirei both go out of their way to bully Hibs.


>he thinks Elza will hold the upper hand at any point
The blowing out is going to be amazing, she has triggered so many death flags her ship should be sinking under their weight.

>/ai/ will text in constant barrages of "I want to fuck x"

Inb4 /ai/ spams "I wanna fuck lala".

Yes, but she she is very blunt in general. Both what you are saying and the post you are quoting are technically correct.

Oh boy I can't wait to post my shit like "I wanna fuck x!" or "emoi" when an ainon post that.


That's so emo!

/ai/ reference?

>I want to die


I love the parts where Lala makes a really tiny noise



How are they going to meet rivals and friends in Prichan? They don't need to meet other idles to record youtube videos.


They're gonna do collaborations with other Youtube idols. The rivals are a jealous bunch who issue false copyright strikes on their videos and make disstracks against our protagonists

Virtual youtuber rival!

I want to fuck Mahiru.

Still sick, still dying

I want to get sloshed with Mahiru.

I want to hold Rola close while I sleep.

Just hug a wooden plank

Don't want splinters thanks.

I want to die.

Why arent you buying /ai/ doujins user?

Hug a glass panel, then

Hug a boy instead. I'm a boy.

I picked up Meitantei Tsukikawa Chiri and 氷砂糖's newest doujin recently.

Realize>>>every other PP song

So is Rola.


Happy pa lucky>Every other PP song

I want to hold Elza close while I sleep.

Rola is a boi, big difference.

I'm afraid you'll find she's not interested in hugs from you unless you're her mother.

I can pretend to be her

>asking for permission
there are many things wrong with that, how is she going to protest through the duct tape?

I just want someone to hold me close.

I'll hold you close, user.

That's what they all say.