Danberu nan kiro moteru?

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not lifting in Kansas anymore..."

Cute girls lifting cute weights to build cute muscles! A Thursday feature of the new RAW chapter translation of my trash and general comfiness that is a Danberu thread.

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Chapter 39 - Punching Machine Contest
[Makunouchi Game Center]

Grab a wish with a fiiiiiist!!!!!!

Muji TV PRESENTS "Strongest! Punching Machine Contest" All starting noooow!!!!
[Jason Sgatham]

What the? Deire-san, when'd they change the host?
[Deire Kutarou]
Huh? No, I haven't heard anything.....who is that? [bold font "who is that?"]

If you'll notice, this bunny outfit is something Hibiki has been in around 4-5 times in previous cover and misc art...

Where did he even come from.....
I've never seen that guy in my life......

Er ... Sorry about that! That aside, let's begin the contest!
[Sakura Hibiki]
[Zina Void]
[Uehara Ayaka]
[Tachibana Satomi]
[Soryuuin Akemi]

Jason got arrested.
It's hard seeing someone you know getting arrested.

Tsk...that was embarrassing...
It's alright, no one suspects us, at least.

Miss Hibikii!
Miss Zinaaa!
Miss Ayakaaaa!
Miss Satomiiii!
Miss Akemiiiii!!

Something came up so I can't cheer for you, but let's hustle muscle!!!
Why can't you be like the rest of the background machos!!!! Most of them don't even have a mouth!!!!

[And so,]
[the contest began.]

Fufufu.....This is exciting.

......Chandy, what's your gimmick?
I don't know what you're talking about...

That's right.
Actually, this program is rigged.
The Japanese is "Dokkiri" which is a type of game/reality show. The "gimmick" is to get uncomfortable reactions out of their "targets" by playing tricks on them. It's Candid Camera, basically.

[The men's division is just extra.]
>Men's Division Extras
[The real focus is on the girls' division.]
>Girls' Division Targets

[This old lady is one of the participants.]
[At first glance, she seems like an ordinary old woman.....]

[Her true identity is this; a champion prizefighter.]
[A super-athlete, disguised as an ordinary grandmother. This is actually a common scam.]

Chandy.......I'm hoping for top ratings again~
Sporty Girls x Dripping Sweat x Scam = Elan d'Argent
Fun fact: based on the Japanese T.V. "Elan d'Or" awards, given to outstanding productions. Like an Emmy or Golden Globe. It's French, and means "Golden Style" or, in this case, "Silver Style."
>We can't lose...

Next person---
Entry number 114...
Sakura Hibiki.

Uh~~~ I'm nervous all of a sudden~
Relax! It's just like the idol auditions and when we were on TV.

Sorry, I was fine with everyone else...
I'm just not used to having all the attention by myself.

>Well, I lie about my cosplay hobby...
At times like this, you know I do that.

!!! Oh yeah, that!
That's right, that.

? What are they talking about?

Ah, what is that!!?? What are you doing!!?!!?

[It's not limited to sports, everyone gets nervous when it comes to a performance.]
[Have you ever experienced that feeling?]

[Here's an example one athlete actually performed to relieve this tension.]
[Everyone can easily do it anywhere, so try it out for yourself.]

Muscle Relaxation Routine [bold]
(1) Flex every muscle in your body for 10 seconds.
*Note, it's doesn't have to be a bodybuilding pose.

(2) Relax. Repeat this 2~3 times.
*That's it
**Normally it's a good idea to relax each muscle in sequence, but this time it's better to relax everything at once.

When you get nervous, your body can lose power or freeze up.
By intentionally flexing 100% of your body, you can regain composure and loosen up. By taking mental control, relaxation = relaxing your body, your tension fades. [bold "relaxation = relaxing your body"]
>2~3 times
It's simple and effective.

Also, it can help to let out a shout as well,
but it's embarrassing to explain to people, so be wary.


Wha...what's with that calm look...!?
She's like a different person from a second ago...!!!

Hibiki, show them why you're my rival!
It's frustrating, but show 'em when it's a simple punch, you're the strongest!

thank you.

I'll give it everything I've got!

You've got too much!!!!!

Sakura Hibiki's Record • Immeasurable!!!!!
With the score unreadable, OK! There's no chance of another winner!!!!
sfx: Pyon!! (bunny hop)

.........Chandy, what do we do about a 100 million yen prize...? That was never in the budget.......
.....that's coming out of our own pockets, isn't it...

[Surprisingly, the program generated enormous viewership,]
Candid Camer-uhoh
[very high audience ratings and rave reviews.]

[As a result, when the program re-aired,]
[it was broadcast worldwide.]


-----Ahhh. Now, I finally get to watch my recording.

Hibiki•Sakura, she may be the masterpiece I've been looking for.
[Harnnold Dogegenchonegger]
Well done, Jason.

By the way, weren't you on-site? Why didn't I see you on TV later?
Please listen carefully!!

Actually, something came up, and I was arrested by the police!!!
Wow~! That was truly embarrassing!

.....what are you doing over there?
[Unexpectedly, Doge-chan felt his own surge of embarrassment.]

That Person's Result

Alright! Like this, I can aim for the prize!
--->Wearing a mask


sfx: SNAP

[Tachibana Satomi's Record • Immeasurable]

Ha HA! Chapter 39 - complete! Typesetter friendo is workin' on chapter 36 right now and has access to Ch. 37&38 as well, following! We're catching up! As before, by all means, if you're actually fluent in Japanese instead of my garbage, I'll happily oblige corrections in the translation just a reminder, it's not verbatim literal of course. Alterations are always made when crossing the language barriers and/or to stay small in the dialogue bubbles. Doesn't mean my stuff is any good, though! Some (minor) bubbles could be COMPLETELY WRONG! :)

Thanks OP
Wasn't this thread here Sunday?

Yeah. I got impatient and couldn't wait until today, and I had gotten the raws early (THANKS MEGA FRIEND!!!) so I just had to make an early thread.

By the same token, assuming I get chapters 36, 37, 38 before a Thursday, I'll post early threads to dump those, too.

>Danberu nan kiro moteru?
Literally "How much can you lift?" as title.
Oh well. Nobody's perfect.

It's a sad world we live in...but, we're all gonna make it, bro.

Also, something I thought I picked up on before but had forgotten about (I went back and re-read all the chapters)

...Hibiki has an older brother we haven't seen, yet...

its not cute Girls its gay yaoi men lifting muscles.

women cant gain muscles due to lack of testosterone. they can loose weight however as easy.

The fat in the breast and butt are just that, fat, if they exercise TOO much that is removed isnt it? and it will turn flatter.

...the background machos rarely appear. It's cute girls + Machio.
Women can gain muscles, just not to the volume or at the rate men can. Similarly, they cannot lose weight as quickly or as easily because of that lower muscle mass/matabolism.
Breast tissue in women is NOT made up, 100%, of adipose tissue ("fat"). It's made up of mammory glands such as lobes+lobules, milk ducts, lymph, connective tissues, even ligaments. The amount of fat in healthy breasts is about 70% (or less). As for the ass of a human, you're completely wrong if you believe a healthy pair of buns is comprised of
>just that, fat

A woman who exercises her butt "TOO much" will NOT have it "turn flatter." Quite the opposite. Have you EVER seen an athlete???

it will turn ugly, like a mans butt.there also not many big breasted women who are low % fat, like 5% bodyfat for example

>The fat in the breast and butt are just that, fat, if they exercise TOO much that is removed isnt it? and it will turn flatter.
Unless they eat enough to keep enough body fat. (Yes, that works. And it was a greco-roman ideal of beauty to have a nice physique.)

It's just your opinion if you feel a female sprinter's ass is
>ugly, like a mans butt
And women never reach 5% bodyfat, that's near lethal for them, seriously that fatally low. But you are correct, a woman with extremely low body fat will have smaller breasts than someone in the normal->obese range. Weird! Doesn't mean DD are inherently the body ideal for a lady, though. And there are certainly cases of fit women with large breasts.

If your entire view of female beauty boils down to "enormous breasts" and "cellulite ass" then I'm afraid a manga about fitness is probably not for you.

For a simple reference, here is an female olympic athlete. A polevaulter, with focus on sprinting (butt, hamstring) and shoulders (vaulting). She has a powerfully sculpted butt and low bodyfat percentage. The peak performance for a woman in physiology. This is NOT a
>mans butt

The corruption is taking hold...


I want sensei to find her perfect life partner. I wish it was machio.

So does she, kinda.

>mans butt

Oh really? I haven't read it for quite a while. Is it in the translated chapters or the raws?

No, I'm only referencing the reason she joined Silverman's Gym. All the women, literally all of them, have seen Machio as a hottie worthy of spending their money on just to be trained by him.

By the same token, she's literally the only person in the manga who is still disturbed by his clothing shredding poses.

>By the same token, she's literally the only person in the manga who is still disturbed by his clothing shredding poses.





Well, I can't use mimichan anymore because it says legacy captcha is no longer supported which sucks.

Anyways, Hibiki is turning into wife material. Look at how fit she is


Hibiki looks really, really great in this image for some reason. Like, she's hot as fuck this chapter.
I'd marry Hibiki.

Maybe the author likes bunnies. They are, after all, fertile animals, if you know what I mean?

Hippity hoppity

>Great body
>getting fit
>Determined personality

And don't forget

>Big tits
>revealed midriff

I'd put a ring on it. Without a second though

The Japanese are always simplistic with their titles like that, it's how they roll.

I think somebody at one point explained that there is a play on words with the title. Something about the title also meaning "Is lifting popular?", if you interpret the original japanese in a creative way.

What this man says

The soundtrack for Hibiki's transformation:


>I think somebody at one point explained that there is a play on words with the title. Something about the title also meaning "Is lifting popular?", if you interpret the original japanese in a creative way.
100% correct! The title is a pun, a sort of innocuous double entendre.
I can explain that a bit:


There's obvious literal translation:
>Dumbbell what/how many Kilo(gram) can you have/do?
or, more easily understood
>How Much Weight (in kilograms) Can You Hold?

But, as the user mentioned, there's a play on words, here: moteru.
Mōteru (持てる) has multiple meanings. As the kanji (持) form expresses, it is a verb that expresses "to do" with the meaning of "endure, withstand; capable of" and when placed in a phrase like this, "to lift."
However, almost equally as popular when used in modern language of Japan as a colloquialism, it means "to be popular" or "holds the potential of." With this translation in mind, the title is also:
>Are Dumbbells/Lifting Popular?

So, "Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?" is both
>How Much Can You Lift?
>Is Lifting Popular?
There's actually more emphasis on the latter translation being more accurate. Despite nearly 40 chapters so far, the "DYEL" version is more popular, but that's unsurprising.

>So, "Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?" is both
>>How Much Can You Lift?
>>Is Lifting Popular?
Holy shit, I never heard about this. That's brilliant for a beginner's manga on weightlifting especially when your mc is a school girl.

>Is Lifting Popular?
Err, I meant
>Are Dumbbells Popular?
but yeah. It's a good title, but it's unsurprising the English that stuck via Sup Forums is "dyel"

If hibiki enters the kengan matches, her alias should be


The gorgeous glutton

Right Hook and dukes

Thick and punches like a brick

Delicous brown turns the matches around

>The gorgeous glutton
>Right Hook and dukes
>Thick and punches like a brick
>Delicous brown turns the matches around
I love it. Their Idol Group name is "The Dumb Belles" so I inherently love all those fighter names for Hibiki.

Sakura "Dumb Belle" Hibiki

Btw, the most obvious implication of the rabbit symbology currently is in case some of you aren't boxing fans there's an illegal strike in fighting called the "rabbit punch."


It's famously for how deadly it is.

How would Kazuo react to Hibiki's punches, I wonder?

He'd be able to predict the reason behind it when almost no one else could, but still be shocked it came from such a cute school girl. And Hibiki would make a new friend. I wonder if Karla is already a classmate or a kouhai...

I hope there's eventually a panel where "Akemi" I think that's her name, introduces karla to the group and karla gets tense from the hidden power emitting from inside hibiki.

Like something along the lines of

"Inside Hibiki, A beast awakens"

Or what if she learns her own version of the kure's "removal" or ohma's "Advance".

That'd be epic.

Speaking of which, if Ohma and a female kure had a child; would it be able to do the advance and removal?

Bump, for keeping the thread alive

Please don't die! ;_;

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I do not have a blog and I do not officially represent Rakuen Translations. I'm just some dude on Sup Forums helpin' out. Thanks for the advice, but this is basically the only place I make any public posts about Danberu. I'll also be uploading the ENG chapters to mangadex from now on, since it looks like another individual has already uploaded all the content already. So there's that.

These threads exist for Sup Forums and as a sort of proofread-before-the-rest-of-the-world sneak peak before Rakuen publishes it or before bato.to would get it, though that's dead, now. That's all.

Is that the new Batoto from Sup Forums.

Sorry. I thought you were affiliated with them.

It's a hobby, but thank you all the same!

Do I get shot for saying that they hit like girls?

(Ayaka is so cute in serious moodo.)

Whoa, the gloves are off! Don't take jabs at the girls! That's a low blow! Christmas Cake sensei does, at least.

Something about that 4th panel makes me laugh like a madman. She's hulking out there unintentionally.

>Hibiki being trained by gaolong when?

Gaolong is secretly taping the Glory Gym boxing training and is taking notes by watching Hibiki. Like SIR.

And jerkin' it

Yeah, I wonder if the author is ever going to go anywhere with Hibiki's Super Saiyan mode, or is it just used to poke fun at things every now and then? Every time I see it getting used, I feel like it's supposed to have some sort of bigger impact (no pun intended) and relevance to the plot later on, especially in light of the obvious Kengan Ashura-connections. Like it's supposed to foreshadow something.

It seems to be more a gag to me. Maybe they'll do something but who knows?

Hopefully, more characters from kengan ashua will show up as cameos. I hope ohma comes in and asks to fight machio or something.

Karla seems more likely to show up since she and akemi go to the same school

We all want to believe she's going to stumble into some final round Kengan event as a replacement and just oneshots whoever is there. Maybe with a literal rabbit punch because that finalist is scoffing at her, looking down at her with zero guard and turning his back, maybe he's yelling at someone behind him facing away from her. And she just comes up and blasts him in the back of the head.
>Wh-what? Was I allowed to do that?? I thought I heard the ref say 'go'! Was that okay?!
>Y-yeah, he did start the match, Hibiki. That was his fault for turning around...
>I feel bad, though...
>[Next chapter, back to regular gym time]



kinda related but is any TL group going to pick up megami no sprinter? i really want to see how to increase my test.

Also if you guys like this and haven't read that go give it a try, it's only 3 chapters but they are all on moon.

>pick up megami no sprinter? i really want to see how to increase my test.
Something's increasing and picking up, but it ain't my test, that's for sure

Holy shit this is dangerous as fuck, don't teach people to do this in the shower on the balls of their feet, wtf

Man, Adam Dudley really mellowed out, didn't he?

>megami no sprinter
Is this just a hentai? It's straight up pornography and the first chapter has a pre-teen boy visibly jerking off his tiny prick while tonguing this widowed 20-something ex-sprinter curling 2.5kg dumbbells immediately after taking a shower. I mean, she's drawn hot as fuck, but I doubt anyone will pick it up if it's a series.

i mean, the story seems interesting and i wan't to see the nihongo opinion on no fap.

When this is your girl, a loving beauty who supports you, you really don't have much to prove to the world anymore. You can pretty much just enjoy life.


>I hope ohma comes in and asks to fight machio or something.
I'd like to see an eating contest between Ohma and Hibiki, both big eaters, with Ohma humiliatingly losing to a high school girl, and Hibiki later lamenting the result, when she weighs herself.


>I'd like to see an eating contest between Ohma and Hibiki, both big eaters
I like it...
>with Ohma humiliatingly losing to a high school girl,
Nice, nice...
>and Hibiki later lamenting the result, when she weighs herself.

Someone tweet this to Sandrovich

Glad you like it.

Gotta sleep now to enable that muscle to grow. Remember to move those dumbbells, bros. Spread the gospel of muscle.

(Does Sandrovich speak English?)

Given his "FUCK A DUCK!!" "HOLY TESTICLE TUESDAY!" probably not much, no. But maybe a little? Just running it through a translator gives this, though.

十鬼蛇 王馬と 紗倉ひびきは食べるチャンピオンシップに出席する。王馬は屈辱的な敗北を被る。 翌日、ひびきは体重を計った後、彼女の勝利を嘆きます。
>十鬼蛇 Ouma to Sakura Hibiki wa taberu chanpionshippu ni shusseki suru. Ouma wa kutsujoku-tekina haiboku o kōmuru. Yokujitsu, hibiki wa taijū o hakatta nochi, kanojo no shōri o nagekimasu.
>"Hideo Hime and Sakura Hibiki attend the eating championship. Wang Ma suffers a humiliating defeat. The next day, Hibiki weighed her weight and mourn her victory."

I just wanna see a cameo from totally-not-Kobayashi now for a competitive eating chapter.


>Kobayashi doesn't get full; he just gets less hungry


I hope to post again with a new chapter in hand! Good night, fellas.


subtle backgrouns image of the champion's belt on a table in the office or mounted on the wall....

It's not an "if" it's a "when"
Karla WANTS his babies and she WILL get them.


Bump for gains and fitness



>D cup