How do you feel about the Scavengers becoming regulars in Railgun?

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How many of them have dicks?

Only one for now


The tall one with black hair.

>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy



As usual, the trend of adding NT-related characters and references continues with the legal loli ninja.

Maria or Enshuu soon.

Misaki a pile of shit

She's even cuter than I remembered.
Anything can happen at this point (besides them meeting to avoid retcons).

I hope the Scavengers replace Saten, Uiharu and Kuroko.

I wonder why She has to go Baggage City for observing some shit I'm not remember well despite She's in AC which is the central of Science Side now.

That's the dumbest thing I've read in the past few hours, but sure if you believe.

So how does this choose your own rate up (which is a fantastic idea by the way) work as far as when the rate up is applied? Will it start when you pick or will it applied the next day?

Fuck me, here I fucking hare bridges


I'm just make funposting, because the the thread is boring to me.



Kill it with fire!!

Just started a discussion you'd like to talk about, also fuck Gookmoot.


I second that

You summoned me?Get it? Heh.

sooner than you think


For the future of her clan

Fuck off, Cancer.

Is there Seike porn yet?

I couldn't find any.

Soon, with the power of magic


Does this mean oumi is in an elaborate way looking for someone suitable to give her children. Specifically hybrids that'll renew the lifeblood of the clan



>mobileposter fucks off
>deviant art spammer takes his place
These threads quite literally cannot catch a break.


This is just plain silly, but my dick is tingling.

Tell me about it. I can't have fun because of people discussing stuff.

>Kakine comes home to this every night

One day we will reach an arc set around NT13 where the other gods hang out with the slut brigade before kamisato sucks them up

>saten gives chimera make up tips

Be honest.
Is this ship possible?

Never met. Even Touma is closer to her, and even that is a crack ship.


Yes Yes

I know that, but would it be possible in the non canon way?


Are Accel's batteries waterproof?

He was in the bath with LO splashig him that one time, though I don't remember if he was wearing the thing in the novel or not. He shouldn't have been able to speak or bathe without it though.

The illustration right there shows he wasn't. But yes he should have been wearing it

Stupid sexy trap



She’s been there since like last chapter you fuck

So that’s why he doesn’t wear it in the mmo


There's no harm in reiterating the point, especially since she seems to be getting more focus than expected.


(so 2018 will have more releases than 2017, right?)

>Kakine, gunha, and Himegami together

(all nobodies who barely fit in the groups they are supposably in)

When I think about it, God's Right Seat really were the less united group. Terra got murdered by Acuqa who then fucked of to England, Fiamma is busy chilling with Ollerus and creating dank spells and Vento is taking the seven seas. I konw magicians aren't supposed to actually work in groups but that's next level.

It is all just a means to an end I suppose.
Also, the dancing Vento is cute.

Compared to who? Gremlin was literally just a ragtag group of people surrounding othinus

They didn't murdered themselves and starded doing their on shit after 2 volumes. They only rebeled after NT10 and even there one of the reason they were angry was because some of their were sacrificed or were still battling. We also saw some member like Bersi and Marian being pretty close.

Bersi wasn't close to marian she liked him one sidedly

Thor wasn't really as onboard with Gremlin as most of the GRS was. He goes directly against their interests on multiple occasions and then took on the whole organization just because he could.

Fuck off monkeyposter

Thor just wants to get some sweet EXP and he would easily betray an organization he's, apart of to get the most he can.

Sure but that does point to them not being a very well knit group

I could have sworn he liked her a bit but was too obsessed with muh revenge/penance

Bersi was literally a corpse

Which characters would look best in a wedding dress?

I'm going to marry this blonde 14 year old goddess






You thought it would end with yesterday's sexts? I can and will keep going and keep doing it until something really does happen

Kakine will come back a winner.

>2 quints
>Got the 555555 sext
>Probably 10th quad
He's on a winning streak

True number one

Such is the power of Dark Matter. He can go voluptuous female shaming even Oriana in tit size, to cute loli, to high testosterone male (natural form) with ease.


current accelerator could kill current touma desu replace touma with accelerator it'd be 10x better

You can kill him, but then you step on the dragon landmine, so do you really win?

Kakine is perfection in all forms, he truly is the true number one

What all those IB required enemies. What is accel going to do if Niang NIang sides with coronzon?

Theres two kakinefags now? Fuck

I'm surprised there aren't more. But, I am glad to know someone else isn't as plebeian as the rest of you lot

Get his butt kick. Accel need to get anew form before he can fight Magic Gods.

I love Accelerator, and I'd love to see what would happen if Touma truly got taken out for good. But I don't really like how you're posting this to sling shit. I don't care for Touma much, but he's a part of the world and the thing the world is centered around.

IB is avoidable by magic gods too, you know. He can autsitcly run towards a magic god with his fist raised all he likes, it doesn't matter with a magic god.

I still think the volleyball him is working for Coronzon now because we still don't know what happen to that one at the end of Othinus Arc.
I meet Crowley doesn't really need that one anymore because he had Beetle 05 if he ever need some dark matter.

I'd give him better odds than Accel.

>Select Mikoto rate up
>Get Accel USBs and Kuroko again

These threads have been slow lately, what happened?

>spend 10K gold coins on orianna rateup
>get USBs and mikoto
i let my inner dumbass out spending that much but oh well

>ib can't touch holy right directly
>can't stop a swipe from aiwass without Touma's arm ripping off
>can't block Othinus's arrows only redirecting them
Yet it can stop Gungnir with only breaking a finger?

Some things are more magic than others