Dragon Ball Super

Where the fuck are their tails?

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They explained it when Cabba and Vegeta first met. Their evolution was slightly different than U7's saiyans, thus they evolved into not having tails

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Why do characterfags think it's bad writung when their beloved character doesn't win the tournament? It's beyond embarrassing.

>Vegeta is fighting Jiren AND GoD Toppo at the same time in 126
Looks like Geekdom's list was pretty much spot on. How the fuck does he do it?

>Kefla is stronger than UI Goku
fuck off back to twitter, Geekdom

without Gohan in the ring, there's no way to beat Toppo

Frieza and 17 can't handle him

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Wait, where is the source that Vegeta is fighting both at once?

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>ssbkk goku above ui goku
>dypso above ui goku

Good Saiyans won in U6, they threw away their tails to not resemble their evil brethren.


toriyama forgot to design them with tails so they had to come up with an explanation

Perfect Dragon Ball Female:

>Lower Body
>Upper Body

Is that right?

>lower body
>upper body

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Kale is for Chiaotzu since both autistic enough to get along just fine

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126 preview image

>UI goku that low
Shouldn't he be at least 4?

Who cares about some fat spic's power level chart?

What's her endgame?

You might be able to say that Kefla was stronger than UI Goku, though? His UI wasn't yet mastered, so he had far greater defense/dodging and finesse, but didn't necessarily trump her in terms of raw power. It's like Shichika vs the Holy Man. I feel like it could be debated, but putting Dyspo above both of them is just retarded.

Future Trunks

Legit question.

How can U7 be the second-weakest when it's already clearly established that they beat U6?
>Toei in charge of continuity

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He is Toriyama's tax shelter.

No, the answer I was seeking was not answered

An episode preview that was translated. It mentions Toppo attacking Vegeta with Jiren's support, after Toppo beats Freeza and 17. It sounds kind of odd though, due to Goku not being mentioned at all.

>UI Goku completely clowns Kefla 1v1
>b-but maybe she could be stronger in other aspects
No. She's weaker. That's like debating who's stronger between Krillin and Goku because Kienzan could bisect Goku.

The issue with UI Goku was his stamina. Kale clearly couldn't tank his attacks, they just weren't strong enough to quickly wound her or knock her out when he only had energy left for a couple of attacks, but his charged Kamehameha still threw her out in a single hit.

why didnt we get gohan blanco??

muten roshi

i swear to god i love kale so much it hurts a bit


>Royale Vegeta eliminating Toppo then fights Jiren
based, sad for Toppo

I'd pay to see her chained, drugged and conscious, on Roshi's basement.
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All the while Kefla was chained on the other end of the room, just as drugged and conscious. But just watching. Roshi would just give her food and have her watch.

>Being this much of a brainlet


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They got eaten by the animation budget.

She clearly inherited this trait from someone.

Who is the saiyan nazi? Caulifla or Kale?

>17 and Freeza try to defeat Toppo; 17 by using rocks to attack and Freeza by using his psychic powers!
>17 by using rocks to attack
Toei can't be this retarded, right?

UI Goku vs Legendary Kefla is the exact same setup that they had a few episodes before, where SSJ2 Caulifa and Legendary form Kale take on base level Goku and still get shat on. They even had a dialogue about how base level Goku was far weaker but had more battle experience and superior skill to them, which made up for the power gap. UI Goku vs Kefla is just that but taken to an extreme, which is why it could be debated.

I'm not saying that this is the case, on that note -- just that it's debatable.

The stamina was a factor in that particular battle, but his imperfect UI had low striking ability even against Jiren. If it was perfected UI, it would be no contest.

Kale, without a doubt.

Probably a mistranslation, Freeza used rocks to attack Goku on planet Namek, so it's probably that

>17 and Freeza are downed by Toppo's attacks

So they aren't out, which means the "final barrier" is almost surely 17 (probably eliminated that episode). If Vegeta really is out in his episode too, then that does leave Goku and Freeza vs Jiren, as per Heroes.

Kale is for Sex in the Moonlight.

Caulifla is for anal on the beach.

>per Heroes.

caulifla is a proud saiyajin but kale inhereted all the purest genes. tl;dr its both

why isn't 17 on that list

because its headcannon to the nth degree

>125 preview and title already spoils that Toppo finally uses his GoD powers
>its only 126 do we know he knocks out or beats down 17 and Frieza

Let me guess, 125 will have a ton of padding where they launch attacks at each other with the peanut gallery throwing their redundant observation and only in the last few minutes will we have Toppo actually show his GoD powers.

I think one of the summaries mentions that he shows his true power after getting in a disadvantage. So, they'll fight for a bit, start winning, then Toppo reveals his true power does a couple of attacks and the episode ends there.


I was about to suggest this, Yamcha is about the only male character adult maple character without a permanent/future/forgotten love interest


>Frieza jobbing to lorax
Nice fanfiction.

still waiting on that proof that the show is not profitable, faggot


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>No saiyan girls with cute tails

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Different universe, different yet similar evolutionary path.

Do we know for sure if 17 and freeza get both eliminated by Toppo?

Maybe they're just beaten up.

"Final barrier" sound like something tied to 17

Dragon Ball FighterZ apparently ended up with a 24 character roster, instead of the expected 25 character. The final roster turns out as:

Beerus, Hit, Goku Black, Blue Goku, Blue Vegeta, Goku, Vegeta, Adult Gohan, Future Trunks, Gotenks, Kid Buu, Fat Buu, Teen Gohan, Piccolo, Cell, Freeza, Android 16, Android 21, Android 18, Tenshinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, Ginyu and Nappa.

If you were allowed to add just 1 more character into the initial roster of the the game, who would it be? In4 tha sum fagg8 tells me "go back to Sup Forums"

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Kale is for drinking chocolate milk with and coloring.
Caulifla is for giving massages and foot rubs.

Threadly reminder
Beerus was shown to be able to nullify ki attacks. Toppo, being a god of destruction candidate is also capable of such feats, he did so to one of Basil's attacks during the exhibition match

The reason 17 is attacking him with rocks and Frieza with psychic powers is because ki doesn't work on Toppo anymore.

What the fuck is Vegeta gonna do? His Final Flash can't hurt Toppo

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>18 and 16 in
>21 in
>no 17
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17 is relegated to just an assist for 18.

>it's not the opposite
What a retarded decision.

hopefully they'll add the ToP 17 as a DLC character

>it should be the opposite
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>preferring Shitdroid 18 to CHADroid 17
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He's already getting added in xenoverse 2.

Before DBS, 18 had more attacks than 17

>Losing all those waifufags money

She was.
But UI Goku was "better" so that means that power levels no longer fucking matter because of this retarded on all levels stupid goddamned UI form.

They should have just given the fucking form that was obviously designed by a fucking intern for Gohan TOO GOHAN and given goku SSB but with red hair and called it a day.

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I feel sad lads... my soul feels like its bursting in two. So many things left unexplored.
>dragon ball isnt over only super retard hurr durr
implying Toriyama will elaborate the super shit. only thing we are going to get are half arsed interviews about him explaining every retarded crap.

I hope the new saiyan movie flops.


17 is trash
18 got in because she has a vagina and is Kuririn's husband. 16 is a fucking fan favorite badass.

Remove Goku Black
Add Broly and Uub.

GoDs don't get attacks simply by being GoDs apparently.
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And Toppo can't be a goddamned god until either his god or dead or he is made into a god by zeno.

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