This is what a 14 years old looks like

This is what a 14 years old looks like.

Pretty fucking tiny 14 year old, she needs to eat more meat

You're kidding right?
That autist looks like 27 yo with her heavy make up, lipstick, and all.

That episode made my edgy heart feel something.

Robots do not age.

But she's clearly aged like milk.

Not a robot, and clearly aged from her flashbacks.

>Pic related
14 yo girls from another show for comparison

Y-you're lying, right? I though she was at least 18

She's at least 18 at that point, you dumb shit.

This, on the other hand, is a real 14-year-old.

>Looks like an interesting series with some depth and charm
>Turns out she's a supernatural being
>She literally fights wars with the biggest, stupidest, most Chuuni battleaxe you've ever seen

Aaaaaaaaand dropped.

Simon 14, Yoko 15, Kamina 16.

Everyone's too used to pedo faces from moe and fanservice shows. When was the last time you stepped outside and saw an actual 14 year old girl?

>he fell for the fake spoilers

I live next to an elementary school

She was once told she was about 14 (maybe around when she's shown in flashbacks as a child soldier who actually looks 14, duh?), now time has passed and she's obviously older.


>fake trailers and fake novel illustrations

real age probably 18 or something,no fucking way she 14,too developed.

Really? Sounds fucking awesome
When do we get to the good part instead of this boring crap?

this is a 10 years old

and this is what an 11 year old looks like

Perfect age for marriage.

Also 11.

back to facebook with you

14 year old demon



this is what a pedo looks like