Was 2003 the ultimate year of the shitstorm when it comes to anime?

Was 2003 the ultimate year of the shitstorm when it comes to anime?

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how many times are you going to make this thread

I've only made it once before you idiot.

I made it once too

Well this is the third time I've seen it so that answers that.

Why would 2003 be the ultimate shitstorm year? Did something happen in that anime?

>Onegai Twins
>Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
>Ragnarok the Animation
>Green Green
>Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
It's like a solar mass of edge and memes colliding.

>Kaleido Star
>Hand Maid Mai
>Read or Die

my first fap

Out of those I've only seen FMA, Fumoffu and Kaleido Star, and none of them seem that memey, maybe Fumoffu I guess but that's it.

Kaleido Star would be that one anime that gets constant discussion.
FMA had the Nina scene among others. You can't tell me that wouldn't have freaked Sup Forums out.
Fumoffu is one of Kyoani's early shows.


>literally what: the list

Retarded newfags like yourself aren't welcome in this thread.

>I only watch post-2010 anime for post-2010 kids like myself

>Read or Die
Man I loved that show. I should get around to re-watching it

This is bait...but I'll bite.
Fuck off newfag

What was the deal with the early 2000s anyway? So many weird anime.



Anime finally got lower budgets so more creators finally got the opportunity to make the anime they'd always dreamed of making

Lucky Star and School Days in particular made a mess of Sup Forums that year, along with several others.

Left or right?

Right, no contest.

Is there a term for what Onegai twins is?
It's not a sequel, it features an entirely new main cast. It's not a spinoff, the old cast and setting is an integral part of the plot. it can't be "the same universe" it had the setting restrictions of Onegai Teacher. I wish more anime did the Onegai teacher to Onegai twins more

Why Green green though? It was funny at the time and the OVA has sex, but I don't think it was memetastic or something similar.

Out of curiosity, has there been a single season as stacked as spring 1998?
>Cowboy Bebop
>Initial D 1st stage

Please don't forget Princess Nine.
And if you include OVAs, that's when YKK began too.

I also made this thread once too. I'm sorry, OP.

I was just listening to Second Flight and then this thread appeared.
Are you a wizard OP?


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Newfag, you must lurk. Please do not post in this thread again