What is your next course of action?

What is your next course of action?

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To stop playing with this rubber blowup doll and find a real woman to have a family with



Research how pleasurable vaginal stimulation can be. This is probably why I find vaginal in porn boring and anal great, It's absolutely impossible to gauge what the former feels like.

Continue to pump my fat black dick deep into her cunt while standing and starring down at her tits
Yank down her top and grab a fist full of fat Jap titty meat.

You mean after I wake up from passing out from too much masturbation? Probably find something to drink.

Find a sugar daddy and slowly nudge him toward starting a family with me.


open door
get on floor
do the dinosaur

Sell my body to the highest bidder


never ask for sauce on Sup Forums.


Fault! Service: Aratanaru Rival

Find a cute virgin and make him the happiest boy in the world.
It just seems like tons of fun to go the extra mile and try to pleasure a guy in every way possible. I don't know, guess it's because I have a dick and I can relate to how nice it would be being on the dude's end.

Cover myself up, find a loving husband and be become a housewife.

Fapping staying is not very good.
The max amount of muscles possible to be free of their work to gently abbreviate is required.
>[x] find my shit, mainly laptop
>[x] open some large insertions gaping manga
>[x] find some inserts
>[x] find a bed to masturbate
>(cum faster than it's time for that poor cucumber because comfy)
>[x] sleep

Black people are disgusting.

Crashing this plane

with no survivors!

I mean, she's already doing it. Just maybe with a bit more intensity.