Kengan Asura

Chapter 95 : Wolf







Oh snap.
We finally get to see what Setsuna's made of.



I've gradually come to be annoyed by this girl's fujo tendencies. Anyone else feel the same?

Eh, it's kind of cute.
Plus the entire arena got wet at this point, so she gets a pass.

Comes up a bit too often, yeah.


>that reference





>Wolves of Heaven are Japanese fighters according to
>main Wolf of Heaven we've seen is extremely Chinese

For how much the writer and artist claim to care about doing the proper body movements, that stance sure looks fucking retarded.

Chinese that fought on the Japanese side for some reason perhaps?

That must hurt like a bitch.

>contributed greatly to the onslaught of the Japanese army
I guess that could be interpreted both ways.

Aaaand that's the last page for this week.

>Nikaido Rei
If he's a chink, shouldn't his name be translated differently? Kengan doesn't have furigana.

One extra page left.

>sister complex
I would have one too if I had a sister that looked like that.

meant for

Oh wait, nevermind. From what I understood, they fucked up BOTH the chinese and japanese for some reason.

I think "they overwhelmed the Chinese army" is either a mistranslation or a really badly worded way to say they awed them.

Yes, I suppose that makes more sense.

Yamashita is actually a genius

You can see exactly where the girl is looking at.

Love Ohma and KANEDA's reaction to the irony of Himuro's words.

He has good taste in women.

Poor pretty boy.

Well, Nikaido didn't last long. Most of Hayami's fighters seem to suck, and concentrating so many of his pawns in C block has backfired. He only has Julius and Saw Paing left, unless he reveals that he's controlling more people, like Kenny.

I would never be able to wait for the translations, when I know the raws are miles ahead.

You don't need any language knowledge to understand what is going on.

Series is ending soon though.

It might be a hard concept to grasp, but reading manga is actually a different experience than just looking at pictures.

I wish we had at least the english scripts for the raws or something.
I wonder if we could find some user from vietnan to translate the viet chapters from Nettruyen.

Translating from a translation is always a stupid idea.

Well, in the recent years it's the way I experience them, even with English translation.

What does Kazzy see with his eagle eyes?

why do you think the series is ending soon?

But it also says they contributed to the onslaught of the Japanese army.

Which I had interpreted as saying they killed the Japanese. But you're right, the other way makes more sense. Also, looking up the uniforms those are Chinese soldiers they're fighting on that page.

I had never seen a martial arts stance where your feet are pointing almost 180° degrees from each other.

It's kind of fucked up either way.

because he's a dumbass who thinks Ohma is the main character when it's actually Kazuo. Ohma is pretty much done and there's nothing left for him so he thought it was ending.

Sure, an old man with little life left is the MC.

And what's next for him?

are you not paying attention to the story? Kazuo is shrouded in mysteries. he's showing some shit that shouldn't be possible for an average old man like when he saw the fast moving roulette as slowed down in the lottery and correctly predicting all of the fighters that will succeed.


I think they might have touched up on that in the recent raw chapter kazuos ancestor was a fighter who had crazy observational ability

Holy shit so shitpost that Kazuo is a descendant of the greatest fighter is actually right.

Yea I hope we get a flashback of him fighting

Hwy high do the powerlevels go in this show? About which Baki character?

>in this show

oh, new chapter, nice

Never seen baki so can't say but this is one of the more impressive feats in the series 2 of the top fighters in terms of strength clashing rattling the stadium

Can't wait for some of the round two fights, but also looking forward to Okubo vs Agito.

okubo vs agito should be a good fight no way okubos employer chose to fight agito willingly if he thought okubo couldn't win

They have pre-Kaku second series strength. That is to say, their middle-ground fighters might be on par with Speck. There's not yet anybody with third series or greater-levels of power.

>teleports behind you
>pssh, nothing personal, kid...

A younger, more manly looking Kazuo, huh.

There's also Hiyami's last remaining white suit, the sword wielder. And now all this stuff about the actual guy who taught Ohma that rental skill whatever who's apparently "dead". Plot hooks abound.


h-he's fast

nope, thats the lot, But Julius is pointed out as being the person who the fang was most worried about fighting
Before he knew that Takeshi spent his recovery time learning various martial arts to counter his freeform style.
and before he knew based Gensai existed


It's gearing up for a timeskip. Haruo being trained as Jun's successor, Rihito as Gensai's etc.

I hope not.

Probably he's the descendant of his brother tho

>hard rock nipples
boy, she's horny af

Hmm well that's possible although I don't want there to be another tounament so soon after this one ends. I think the story might shift to something else like ohma going back to his hometown to try to found out more about you know who or maybe we get around the world stories of what the fighters are doing like volume 0 was

I doubt it. Hibiki is showing up to win it all. And to have an eating contest with Ohma.

She might be too overpowered for Kengan

She's certainly shaping up to be.

oops, Ayaka. Oh well

Meh looks like Setsuna win for sure. Can't fucking wait to see him BTFO that guy who beat Rihito.

nice bait fag

>Fighting in BDSM gear