Spiritual Enlightenment

What steps do I have to take to become a wise, enlightened old man like the character picture.

How can I integrate these practices into my life so I can be at peace and secure with my surroundings in an increasingly chaotic world?

>Hentai about a cult that uses sex and orgies as a means of spiritual enlightenment
> Young attractive girls are lured into it in hopes of fixing their shit lives.
>Perverted old guy is the founder and head of it.
>He and his followers just disguise it as a cult to get free pussy.

It was a shit hentai, get over it. He wasn't "enlightened" he was just convincing young girls that if they had enough semen and dick inside them then it would make them feel better, and it did. The girls were retarded. I literally don't understand why Sup Forums loves this hentai, it was trash to me. And I've seen lots of hentai. Even sub-par mediocre stuff was hotter and more interesting than this. People just started turning the old man into a meme because of "enlightenment" when in actuality, as I already said, the cult was just a front for free sex from retarded broken girls. It's a running gag in hentai anyway. Old perverted man fucks all the young girls, and it's not even a good one at that.

I think you are mistaken. You seem a tad perturbed.

>Reddit insult
>Uses Reddit to describe anything a person doesn't agree with or like

Nice rebuttal. That hentai is low tier garbage.

I'm perturbed because the hentai was shit and I'm sick of you faggots making it out to be like it was some hardcore 10/10 hentai; it wasn't. How is that mistaken? You meme loving fucks.

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Hey, Reddit is a much better laid out site with quality content that runs laps around this confusing random cesspool called Sup Forums.

I'm a male, user. Women don't watch hentai, and if they do it's probably yaoi garbage.

I fucked a middle school girl that loved bible black. This was many years ago. She was confused.

>I fucked a middle school girl
>She liked Bible Black
>She was confused

Shockingly I don't believe you at all.

It was her mothers disc. Shit you not.

I wish I could do the same thing to elementary school girls. I could go for some awkward middle school as well.

>Mother owned a copy of Bible Black
>Her daughter got into it
>Fucked a middle school girl

You're just making your story more unbelievable to me. Were you in middle school as well though?

How about a preteen incest thread for ol times sake?



the omanko of a model and idol

Best guy

He seems like the guy I wish was my grandfather. The fun we would have and I would cherish those days of taking my first few sips of sake and eating edamame while watching the sunset.

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A model Japanese elder.

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I like this anime.

Would be a fun series to LARP.