You may only marry one

You may only marry one.

It has to be Ritsu or Mio, All the others either have a bad personality for marriage or wouldn't do any housework
Yui is the cutest though

My wife Azusa of course.

you don't need to marry if she's already your wife


None of these are my waifu.

Yeah, let the rest of us marry her!


you can't marry to someone's wife. maybe you can but it will hurt her husband

ritsu would objectively be the best wife

Mio. She seems like she would make a great mother and has the best genes among them.

Ritsu and Azusa would be top tier wives. Mio and Yui would be the worst. Mugi could swing both ways depending on what type of person she becomes,

That's easy. Mio.

Mugi > Yui > Mio > Ritsu > Azusa



damn premium shit taste right here

Why is you list backwards?

Great taste

My girlfriend Ritsu of course.

Mio, dude. Why would you marry someone else?

What would marriage with Mio be like?