The KnK event has triggered a deep nostalgia desire to watch all the KnK films again

The KnK event has triggered a deep nostalgia desire to watch all the KnK films again.

Goddamn they were as good as I remember. Six is still bad though.

Can we at least all agree that Ryougi Shiki is the best Shiki?

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>The KnK event
Fuck off and kill yourself You could've just started a nice Rakkyo thread, you know.

Or you could have just talked about KnK rather than stroke your retarded hate boner you stupid cunt.

Why does everybody shit on 6 ? I liked it, better than 1 & 3 actually.

I never watched 8 because I thought 7 was the last one. Did I fuck up?

>better than 1
This is up for debate but I cant see how you prefered it to 3

At least for me, 3 and 5 were the standout episodes of the series.

Yeah, 6 wasn't even bad. I don't get why people say it's bad when it has the SUPERIOR GIRL Azaka

I absolutely loathed the purple-haired girl on which the third movie focused. Also Mikiya being a bigger retard than usual about his morality in that one.

Oh sure, I didnt like Fujino either but I thought the plot and eventual climax on the bridge were excellent.

Ryougi SHIKI is the best Shiki

How many times do I have to watch Paradox Spiral until I can understand all its nuances?

Once. What is it that you don't understand in the movie?

Why didn't you like her? Fujino was in the right not wrong

>notSakura is the worst girl
What a surprise.

>talk about KnK with a GO fag who starts a thread with bait
No thanks. I've been playing the event the whole day, doesn't you mean you have to put trash in the OP.

>bawwww FGO bawww
You sound like a gibbering moron. The only "bait " here is your retarded attempts to derail a thread because of something vagely related to the subject material of the thread.

Silly cunt.

She was in the right.

She was just not really a very empathetic character and her personality was a bit shitty. I liked her a lot more once Shiki baited her into revealing her true feelings.

He didnt even mention FGO directly. He just refered to an ongoing event that featured KnK and then wanting to talk about KnK itself.. It was your horrible autism that immediately rushed to shitposting about FGO. Just give it a rest.

Good. This thread would only invite GO newfags who watched the movies last week for a shitty mobile event.

>implying that people with fresh interest that could spark discussion of the movies/KnK world in general is a bad thing

The autism is real.

What is wrong with you.

Will there be a more kino Type Moon anime than KnK?

Cooking Emiya already stole the kino title.

>TFW this plays in the KnK event
It made go back and listen to the whole OST again.

>not feeling pity for this poor thing
She did absolutely nothing wrong.

Just what event is it anyway? Been out of the loop cause TM is shit, except the KnK movies.

A shitty Fate gacha mobage about Servants. There's an event where you get Shiki as playable Servant and you go around the Oogawa building grinding through shitty gameplay. They took the music straight from the movies.

Six was great dude. The atmosphere was gorgeous

>Kara no Kyoukai the Garden of sinners

>Tsukihime (Lunar Princess)

Tsukihime PLUS-DISC

Tsukihime Fun Disc - Ten Nights of the Verses and Moon: Twilight Glass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code - Community Edition!38YgRTIS!hXliYFjdKtYvtMYd9M2Az2HuigizUvNtpYMOAurmyXY

>Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]

Fate/hollow ataraxia


Fate Franchise Loseless Soundtracks!OQwx1DYA!1c0Dkm1VfOPpthg6etuU4g

heh, based Filter Posters

Calm your autism my friend

>The KnK event
This doesn't explicitly mean FGO, you fucking dipshit. I'm gonna guess you didn't know that KnK was getting new material to celebrate the Anniversary? This is being celebrated at a bunch of places.

Of course I knew, dumbass.
The celebration for that was intended to end in late January, so I'm fairly sure we're not getting anything else out of it (though I'd love if it turned out otherwise).
In the context of its release in NA being today, there's no way OP meant anything else with "event".

Except it wasn't released today, you overzealous cocksucker.
You've gotten worse over time and everybody has noticed it but you.

It was released just over 18 hours ago. That's still today. I know because I played from minute 1.
Now fuck off.

Don't mind me, just posting the best songs in the entire series
Dunno why but they remind me of the Kaiji OST

If you've actually read the source you would understand why it's shit on. It's the worst adaptation of them all, which is a shame because the production and directing are great.

How exactly can you expect anyone to have read the source material when it's not been translated?

It was a different board back in 2007-08 when these films were coming out. Standards were a bit higher. I don't even know what I'm still doing here anymore really.

Also, it's been translated for ages now

>talks about higher standards
>posts Curry
Getting mixed messages from you, user.

Don't bully curry oldfag user. He's cute.
And he's right, neo-TM fanbase has no standards because Nasu has no standards for stuff he's not personally writing thanks to money.

Much appreciated valiant defender. Truthfully, curry isn't my favorite, I just felt her reaction was the most appropriate. I will show her a bit more love from here on though.

Why are KnKfags so insufferable among the TM fanbase? They put the shitty series on a pedestal. Honestly speaking, Apocrypha was more palatable despite its flaws compared to the chuuni crap in KnK.

Honestly, I say this even as a fan of Nasu, he pretty much recycles the same story and characters every iteration, so it's kind of pointless to make sweeping comparisons between them.

>being a filthy NAfag

Tsukifags are the most insufferable. They piss on everything new that's made by TM that's not Tsukihime. They are the worst crybabies

New TM is just mostly shit, user. It wouldn't be bad if they at least did something good with Fate, but they aren't, they just milked the shit out of its core concepts, to the point where it would be really refreshing to have anything different.

>Honestly, I say this even as a fan of Nasu, he pretty much recycles the same story and characters every iteration, so it's kind of pointless to make sweeping comparisons between them.


What changed Type Moon between then and now?

FSF is good and I agree extella is shit

FSF is not by Nasu. Personally I enjoy SF well enough, but I think the bigger disappointment is Nasu not doing any of his own original projects, and not changing it up from Fate for 5 years now.

Tsukihime event when?

>They piss on everything new that's made by TM that's not Tsukihime.

TM haven't made much

>1998 - Kara no Kyoukai
>2000 - Tsukihime
>2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
>2002 - Melty Blood
>2004 - Fate/stay night
>2005 - Fate/hollow ataraxia
>2006 - Fate/zero
>2010 - Fate/Extra
>2012 - Witch on the Holy Night
>2013 - Fate/Extra CCC
>2015 - Grand Order
>2016 - Fate/Extella
>Tsukihime remake?

>and not changing it up from Fate for 5 years now.

14 years now. Not sure how Tsukibros can complain.

Looking back, how was Type Moon's first VN?

>secondary baiting
Mahoyo was 5 years ago, secondary-kun.
Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin movie is even more recent.
The whole Nasuverse had plenty of fanservice in 2012 with Carnival Phantasm.

Fate is Type Moon now. Accept it.

>Mahoyo was 5 years ago, secondary-kun.


>Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin movie is even more recent.


Nice shitpost with 0 arguments.
No more (You)s.

New TM is mostly good, secondaries.

If you're talking about GO specifically, that's really backwards. It's mediocre most of the time, somewhat good when Nasu writes, but even then those stories are stuck in a shitty game.
If you think GO is "mostly good", you're the secondary who hasn't even followed the game from launch.

Maybe recycles is the wrong word. What I mean is that Nasu has obviously been enamored with certain ideas and character concepts from the very beginning and so every work is more of an iteration to perfect those rather than a standalone project.

Nasu is on record saying Grand Order is his main work.

Of course it is, dumbass.
Is that new information to you?

Reminder that Grand Order is Nasu's magnum opus, Type Moon's center pillar and that if you haven't read it or dislike it you are a disgusting secondary that has no place on this fanbase and should fuck off begging for more Tsukishit forever.

Why are westerner "fans" so against Grand Order? Is it because they haven't read it? Is it just sour grapes? Because they have become the secondary they have shat on for years?

it's shite mate

Pretty poorly executed, the small amount of music and some of the design choices like Arc/Ciel's routes being so similar and disconnected from the rest of the routes or the main heroine being one of the characters with the least screentime really bring it down from how great it could have been

Don't respond to this one bait poster who decided to shit up an already shitty thread.

>Why are westerner "fans" so against Grand Order? Is it because they haven't read it? Is it just sour grapes?
They're probably either butthurt because they got shitty gatcha rolls and failed to get the SSR they wanted or they're too poor and don't have a device to play FGO on.

>spent 300 quartz
>no Saber Shiki

>talking shit about the one group of Western fans that actually give Nasu money he deserves instead of being filthy pirates

>not saving for Jalter

>actually give Nasu money he deserves

>Already got my waifu
>never have to worry about saving quartz again
>roll randomly on whatever I want and get lucky occasionally
Feels good

Damn I feel bad for you user. I didn't even need Shiki yet I got this on my first 10 roll.

This, Kara no Kyoukai? Tsukihime? Melty Blood? All of those can go fuck themselves if it ain't Fate shit it ain't gettin'n made. Now that they know Jenne is as popular as Saber, I can't help but imagine how much longer Fate/Grand Order the anime will be in waiting for, I mean, both Jenne and Saber together? It'd sell like hotcakes even through by all history both should hate each other.

what the fuck

Take the writing on its merits instead of bitching that it doesn't "belong." If you think GO is shitty writing, say that instead of GO IS THE DEATH KNELL OF THE FATE FRANCHISE AND HAS BETRAYED EVERYTHING THE ORIGINAL STOOD FOR.

I never understood why she submitted herself for a saliva shower.

What "many series" used to mean
>Tsukihime, Fate/stay Night, Notes, Kara no Kyoukai, Mahoyo, Tsuki no Sango

What "many series" means now
>Fate/stay Night, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Extra, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Fate/Grand Order

>butthurt because they got shitty gatcha rolls
To be fair the gatcha is cancerous as fuck and this is coming from someone who plays FGO frequently. I probably would have rage quitted myself had I saved up for months only to fail.

Kara no Kyoukai, the prototype to Tsukihime, had a collaboration with Fate/Grand Order before Tsukihime itself did. This coupled with lack of information on the Tsukihime remake (which has been in development for a long time) is making it look like Type-Moon have pretty much abandoned it.

I can't believe i spent 160 dollar on this shit last night. I'm done playing this garbage game.

I hope you learned your lesson user. Gatcha games are literal cancer.

It's not the "death knell" because of the writing, though. Apocrypha had shit writing, yet Nasu continued releasing good shit all throughout the period in which it was published. TM as a whole was unaffected, regardless of what Higashide or whoever else wanted to do in spin-offs.
The problem with GO is the massive impact its newfag audience has on the future of TM, and how Nasu's own writing is wasted in a subpar product (which has terrible storytelling and characters most of the time) instead of just some other hack author's writing.
Thankfully Nasu still has the time for stuff like Last Encore (though that's a first since GO's launch). If he can release the Remake or literally anything that's not Fate, I'll probably become indifferent to GO as a whole or even start enjoying it again.

You should only ever spend money on FGO if its a guaranteed SSR banner.

Are you implying he doesn't deserve it

When are those coming again?

The next one should be the 1 year anniversary, so late June.

muh secret club. this faggot probably just watched it last week and is now trying to act like an oldfag to flex his e-peen.

I just watched the first movie, pretty mediocre. How do the rest hold up?

5 and 7 are best.

The movies timeline are so messed?

>The KnK event

I miss Kara no Kyoukai

Why would you ever spend money on a fucking mobile game? Especially this FGO because you can literally get top tier servants without spending a dime.

>not saving for Merlin

Fate/Extra fucked things up for everyone. That's when all of the type-moon fanbase became all about power levels and fanservice. Then when fate/zero got adapted, a bunch of secondaries came in expecting grittiness and urobuchi shit while most of Sup Forums was angry at the pointlessness of so many scenes, the filler and the batcave fight.

Last, when FSN:UBW came out, the fanbase blew into normiefag shit. This gathered trolls, but they were easy to deal with. However, many F/Z fags were either lost, bitched about asspulls, and decided to troll the rest of the type moon fanbase since they were so butthurt that their "mature" fate/zero became a show about a teenager and his ideals.

This was only aggravated by Nasu being a hack and making more and more fate works, including fate games to push its popularity more, shill the original FSN, and sit on his ass while avoiding to work on the Tsukihime remake or create any new stories himself. The fate series brought a bunch of more normies who joined the fanbase for the tits and fights, which worsened the trolls, which worsened the powerlevel discussions, and overall made the entire type moon fanbase more unbearable.

>Arc, Ciel or Akiha
>Saber, Rin or Sakura
>EMIYA, Cu, or Gilgamesh
>Nero, Tamamo, or Altera

I feel like it was meant to be a rape scene originally but Nasu didn't go through with it in the end. Murder Speculation 2 is quite a mess all-around.

You guys hear about that chick in virginia who gouged her eyes out with her bare hands yesterday?