Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Hey you! Have you worshipped Kanna today?

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Saikawa, get out of Sup Forums. You're not 18.

February 8, 2018
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No, but I've adored Tohru today.

equally good

Does Tohru have an actual butt or does her tail cover everything?

She has some nice shitter
But why u ask? It's the other orifice that counts ;);)xP




I just binged this whole series yesterday and I loved it. The loli bs was cringy as fuck, but I dug everything else. Fafnir was my favorite though

>Fafnir was my favorite though
Good taste. What was wrong about Kanna and the horny girl anyways?

I just hate that kind of fanservice. It just seems pedo to me. I loved all the characters though. Kanna going to school gave me all the feels.

I mean, they're not doing "lewd" things, yeah, the context might be lewd but they never try to do something bad... or at least if you don't consider licking to be the equal of sex.

True, I'd be lying if I didn't feel hot when I saw Kobayashi and Tohru almost kiss in the OVA. Kanna is a cute anyways and is too pure to partake in any lewdness.
Is the Manga any good? Or should I just wait hopefully for a season 2 of the anime?

I recently read a raw chapter (or what I could), and Kanna really gets better as the series goes on (much like the other supporting cast members). The spin-offs do her and Elma justice respectively as well. The manga is something like 64 chapters in so far, and it seems like everybody is getting their turn to shine a bit more. Makes me sort of wish for more Tohru and Kobayashi moments, though.

From what I have heard, it's good, not pretentious but not too interesting.

I'll wait the Season 2.

I really liked Elma too and I wish she, along with Fafnir had more screen time in the anime, so this pleases me.
I don't think I've shipped anyone before nor have been into the shipping community. But goddamn it, I want to see Kobayashi be in an actual relationship with Tohru.

>I don't think I've shipped anyone before nor have been into the shipping community. But goddamn it, I want to see Kobayashi be in an actual relationship with Tohru.
It's excruciating. Their dynamic is just so devoid of forced development at all. It feels so natural despite how Kobayashi continues to play the straight man long into the manga. They both just sort of blend into the on-going activities of daily life (and other characters start getting more and more of the spotlight). It's kind of perfect honestly: slowly establish a level of gentle affection between them and then back off, allowing other characters to develop here and there. The ol bait n switch keeps us wanting more.

This is probably my favorite slice of life anime. Granted, the only other things I've watched like this are Umaru, Steven Universe(which is fucking terrible now), and We Bare Bears.
I do love the build up is like you said. But fuck, I want a happy end for them damn it.

No, but I'm worshiping your forehead as we speak.

tofu and erma is my otp

Why is her forehead so big?

She's balding. Luckily, Kanna is there to comfort her.

I want Elma to confront them about it, only for Kobayashi to claim Tohru for her lifetime.

>not too interesting
After watching the anime and then reading the manga, it's easier to see where the adaption elongated or emphasized certain panels in the manga which were rather emotionally charged despite how little impact that they might have within the page-to-page format (more often than not, COOL will confine emotional turning points to small, almost random panels due to how a particular page is organized). The manga has its highs and lows, but it kinda hides the best moments just by how COOL sets up the panels. Sort of a shame.

Oh my lord

This page from the manga comes to mind. Kanna has run away from home, and after a day of exploring with a new friend, she is reminded of the home she left and dwells on it for a moment. Within an anime adaption, this could be a poignant 10-30 seconds or so, but it's just a shred of a single page within the manga dueto COOL' s formatting. There's another emotional instance like this toward the very end of the chapter in which Iruru and Tohru do battle.

Elma doesn't even have her own pillow. Just look at that fat maidragon.

I want to rest my head in those thighs

Why is Kanna so fat?

Kyoani diet

no translations, thanks for the reminder user

Baby fat.

compressing a big dragon into a smol package

At this point I want to learn ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all about her. Or for the sister to just rape him like the roommate did.

Genetics. Her mother has an even larger forehead.

I worship Allfather Woudan.

Her thighs? Yes

I want the Editor to do something.
Also when I realized the imouto wasn't actually talking I started reading her with Garfield's voice.

When he said the Editor has a ton of experience with men I busted out laughing.

You'll notice that all images skillfully avoid that very question


I'm an Atheist.

>how do we draw a disproportionate tail's joint?
we don't

A friend heard there is a pretty lewd Kanna picture from the original artist, but he can't seem to find it.
Anyone got that one? For him.

just look at his pixiv/twitter

I followed the right path.

These ones, I assume.


>Somebody spent time to add the diapers in every frame, the crinkly sounds and that final scene.

Sure thing

Can't find the RAW for that one.



The moment you know it's AOTY

>being able to distinguish key scene changes
You're a real connoisseur.

No, but I kicked her out of the house


Why is there a lightbeam coming from her head?

Because she is bald.

Speaking of Kanna, recently a new friend of her, named Chloe, showed up in Dragon Maid Ch. 62 and in Kanna's Daily Life newest chapter.
Opinions about her?

an awesome chapter