What did Asuka mean by this?

What did Asuka mean by this?

She says she lost because she couldn’t check my 5

She acknowledged that Shinji is the better pilot.

Seems kinda odd she'd admit that right after calling Kaji, and seeing Rei and Shinji together

She's sad that she's lost her metaphorical childhood friend to a weird genetic experiment who has no shame of getting naked all the time.
I'm starting to think Eva is just a cheap FranXX ripoff.

To me, her admitting she lost to Rei doesn't make as much sense as admitting to lost to better skill.

Look at Asuka here, she doesn't even seem upset he's attracted to Rei here. She is even smug.

>childhood friend
it checks out


She's not really smug rather ironic.
That's how about 99% of the global population manages to ask someone if they're single without it being awkward as fuck.
But the double sense in her "I lost" is pretty obvious. Of course she's kinda pissed about Shinji having "beaten" her, but that's not the main thing that bothers her, he just spent a month trapped inside unit 01 and he seems friendlier to Rei than before. She doesn't understand what's going on with him.


She loves her boyfriend Kaworu and doesn't want to give him to anyone

The episode where Asuka was mind raped by the angel still gives me chills.

Its amazing how one design of a minor character gave the birth to so many characters.

She admits that Rei and Shinji are better together.

...which in all fairness, they are.

cuck pair, but still the best pair. i simulatanously hate it and love it.

All pairs of Evangelion is like that, that is why I'm uncomfortable with pairing anyone in this franchise.

>be Kaworu
>show up for 15 minutes
>be one of the most popular Anime characters of all time still having clones made after you to this day

Not really. All it takes is the support of their creators and massive adverts. For Gainax-made characters, only Rei stands out (and Shinji really) since the creators hate her and try as hard as they can to make the character look bad. It'll be a cold day in hell before Anno praises any aspect of Rei's character ever, but for Gainax or his other companies to praise either Kaworu or Asuka directly or indirectly, that's just tuesday.

Nothing based about it - just otaku groupthink.

Don't start again you little shit.

>the creators hate her
Isn't it just Anno who doesn't care about Rei?

Wasn't Kaworu inspired by a Devilman character? Anno was a huge fan of it.

Rei is a ripoff of that bitch from Sailor Moon and Shinji is a ripoff of Noriko from Gunbuster, all those Gundam MCs, and all the other bland cuck MCs of the 90s

Only Asuka and Kaworu are original which is why they have the most clones made after them even to this day

As far as I know, it extends to others as well, after all, Anno handpicks them. Tsurumaki comes to mind.

Start what?

Not originally I think - Satan is quite different from Kaworu in the original story. However, Evangelion itself is very much inspired by Devilman.

That is objectively untrue though, not a single thing you wrote there was true.

Every Eva character was inspired by some other character.
Anno is a hack.

Pretty much, Kaworu's popularity (and nowadays, Asuka's as well) is simply corporate forcing. By draining other characters value in new shows (like shinji, rei, kaji, misato) all new fans are left with is kaworu, especially since that new eva movie. He's a bad character through and through, for a niche market. AFAIK Rei is still numba wan if you look away from the otaku.

>it started talking to itself again

Oh boy. I genuinely suggest we all pitch in to create some sort of Reifag psychiatric hospital.

Why do you have to do this in every single slightly related thread?

Every character ever made since the very first stories are inspired by other characters. What makes you a hack is straight-up copying other characters (e.g. the ten billion Rei copies).

Don't acknowledge it or it will continue to fester.

Actually, you've got it the other way around. Asuka is just your run-of-the-mill generic sci-fi character, as Azuma put it for instance. Tsunderes have been the run-of-the-mill sidekick characters since forever in anime. Asuka never had any clones, and Kaworu himself is a clone of your generic pretty boy character. Someone already mentioned Satan/Devilman already, a work which Anno himself said Evangelion was based on.

As for Rei, she's the only one of the characters that is actually considered to have had a big impact on the industry to the point where people were directly copying her, and admit doing so as well. One could argue that Shinji led to a slight increase in the "unheroic" type of teenage male protagonist as well, but there's been previous examples, and someone already mentioned Amuro from Gundam who went through a similar phase.

Asuka and Kaworu got less original over the years, as Kaworu started inherited more traits from e.g Satan, and Asuka for some reason started to emulate Rei more. Now, like in Devilman, much of Kaworu's character is based on being stuck in a loop, while Asuka has become half-angelic and stronger like Rei in new owkrs.

I wouldn't go that far - at least not for making Shinji, Rei, Asuka and Kaworu. All creation process involves taking something you know, refining it and creating a product. Although I do agree, the resemblances are there. If Anno is a hack, it's for his post-EVA works, including Rebuild.

Rei doesn't have a character to copy

>triggered kaworufag and autistic asukafag at it again

Ever notice how you're the only "pro-Rei" user in these threads?
You literally have to reply to yourself to pretend there's more than one of you.

So tell me, if Rei is so popular how come she only has one active fan on the entireity of Sup Forums? How come you have to literally get down on your knees and beg the autists at /c/ to come to your aid?
For being as popular as you claim, Rei sure doesn't have many dedicated fans like Asuka-chan does.

That's why Rei is considered "original", and Asuka is not. Rei isn't unique in having an existential crisis, being a clone, or half-human, but it's the combination of those traits coupled with the quality of it's execution. Rei effectively was such a great character that people were now considering different archetypes than the by-then very stale and boring Asuka-archetype they had seen many times before.

Don't forget characters like Rei and Asuka has created every kuudere vs twin tail tsundere that you could think of.

Haven't noticed because I didn't reply to myself in this thread. I'm pro-Rei, but I'm also pro-Asuka and pro-Evangelion. That's not neccessary. I did make but didn't reply it to myself, so the question is, what's your problem? Are the conspiracy theories necessary?

I also detect a lot of butthurt in your reply about the popularity of Rei. I do actually agree that there's a lot fewer dedicated Rei fans around, but isn't that explained by how the franchise has largely rejected Rei and Rei fans in the past decade or more? I think polls and mindshare in general proves Rei's still popular if not the most popular, but if you were a Rei fan - would you really have any reason to be dedicated? Interesting topic, matter for thought.

There were twin-tail tsunderes before Asuka though. There's a good reason why no on except insane Asukafags attribute the creation of the tsundere to her.

So what you're saying is Reifags are so low-energy they gave up on their "beloved waifu" as soon as things got tough? Pathetic.
Guess they weren't really fans of her in the first place then.

Must be sad that you have to talk to yourself every thread.

More than Asuka has, that's for sure.

I'm saying that since Rei is still popular and perhaps the most popular character still, yet still aren't represented in otaku circles - there probably isn't a good reason to be present in otaku circles. The reason people were enthusiastic about these characters in the first place, was because there was something to gather around in the franchise, and originally that was NGE. Nowadays when spinoffs have consistently failed, if not tried not to, deliver Rei Ayanami as a good character, there's just no incentive for people to either get excited and talk, nor become new fans of the character. That explains the discrepancy between statistics/polls and otaku community composition.

Still fans of Rei - but no so much fans of the franchise or community any more. Much like how many people opt out of the new Star Wars movies, yet they still love Star Wars.

>Must be sad that you have to talk to yourself every thread.
Again with the conspiracy nonsense. You're just mad I get more (You)'s than you apparently. Why is that, is it a sensitive topic?

Are Ristukofags even a thing? I genuinely enjoy all of the Eva female protagonists and don't understand the shit-fligning that goes on in these threads.

It's one autistic Asukafag mostly. Probably the OP as well, who do you think keeps starting these daily Asuka threads?

No fans of Rei, only shallow normalfags who move on to the next thing. None show loyalty or dedication to her, proving that she isn't worth it.
Not good enough of a character to strive people to talk about her and show passion for her.

This is why Asuka is the best, people want to act for her.


Rei is popular because she is submissive and you can project whatever personality you want on to her.

Asuka is number one!

Not really, it took 20 years of rewrites, positive comments from the author and for Rei to be thrown out for the hardcore otaku to like Asuka more. Asuka still doesn't outrank Rei in terms of being either the best character or the most popular one. I guess that's a victory for otaku such as yourself, but isn't it incredibly hollow? All those rewrites have essentially eliminated Asuka's entire character and made her ironically, closer to Rei than the original Asuka - not counting her face or hair.

People still talk more about Rei than Asuka too. Even the Rebuilds still feature Rei more, and discussion concerning the Rebuilds still gravitate around Rei for this reason. I think the Asuka fan mind-gestalt felt so inferior to Rei and Rei fans, that it became this twisted organism that only lives and breathes for reiterating EVA into increasingly shallow adaptations where their waifu somehow pulls longer and longer straws, while Rei pulls the shorter ones. Ironically this makes remakes like EVA more centered on Rei, making Rei the more developed and well-written character, whereas Asuka is merely put on a pedestal.

The situation is ridiculous, and I think that's the reason people walked away from you and you're left with yourself.

Wtf are you high
Every company shills their own characters, most don't have this huge an effect
Also Rei is insanely popular

Childhood is idolizing Rei. Adulthood is realizing Asuka makes more sense.

Isn't it the other way around? I think it is. We've seen that the more submissive Rei gets, the less popular she gets. The blanker, the less popular. But for Asuka, removing major parts of her character has only increased her popularity.

I think Asuka is only number one in delusional people's minds, and among certain subgroups of otaku.

Rei has spawned characters like Yukino Yukinoshita, Homura Akemi, Hitagi Senjougahara, Yuki Nagato and blue Saber. All good characters, most characters that try too hard to be Asuka always suck. Look at Stella Vermillion.

Agreed. Asuka is pretty believable character.

Holy shit it's a fucking gif

Most do, but they shill them all. With Anno post-EVA, that turned to shilling only the characters he personally liked, that is to say Kaworu and Asuka. Picture related for instance, you'd never see the equivalent of this for Rei. When we look at what Anno has to say about Rei, he explains that he "has no emotional connection to the character", and further says he thinks less of JApan for liking her more. The Rebuilds are effectively a continuation of this sort of passive-aggressive fandom.

But yes indeed, Rei is insanely popular. In Japan at least, she's still often the only character even representing Evangelion in the higher rankings of character popularity. People can choose whatever they want, but the truth is, Gainax/Khara hasn't been truly selling "Rei Ayanami" ever since the 90's.

I don't see the appeal of Rei, she's just a blank slate for the most part.

This girl however..

Childhood is idolizing Rei. Manchildhood is pretending Asuka makes more sense. Adulthood is understanding that both are pitiable characters, but that it's undeniable that Rei is the better choice if one were to choose.

The ending we all truly deserve.

>What did Asuka mean by this?

Stupid-shinji never got over his oedipus complex and would bang Rei (a clone of her mother) if given the chance. In other terms he's a fucking loser. Not even Asuka's pussy is enticing enough for that dipshit (who only manages to masturbate to her comatose body).

That will be the day when Asuka smiles.

She literally dies halfway through the series and is replaced with a zombie. Not that it really much of made a difference anyway. Reifags are fucking pathetic.

t. the only Reifag left on Sup Forums

That's Asuka and not Rei, though. Rei is defined by having an actual concrete character arc, whereas Asuka is defined by having her character arc end with a question mark.

Hence you get all this speculation rather than appreciation of Asuka's actual character, as seen by for instance that extreme autist that peddles his escapist shipping theories about whether or not Asuka and Shinji had sex at some undisclosed location off screen in the original TV-series.

This is projecting onto Asuka and NGE.

I can tell by your horrid taste in art, posting this disgusting western shit, that you're that one obsessed Reifag who always starts these sorts of threads and ends up getting told on them.

I seriously don't know why you object yourself to such torment.

Says the Asukafag thinking Rei dies halfway through the series. Either you're bad at math and think episode 23 of 26 is "halfway" through the series, or you're a Rebuild-baby/brainwashed by Rebuild where that does actually happen. The latter explains well why you're an Asukafag.

I can tell by your comment that you're extremely butthurt.

she lost to rei

she says "shinji is back to his old routine (rei) so soon? I can't believe I lost EVERYTHING to you"

she is clearly addressing rei here, and the everything is fucking conspicuous. everything is not defined, but probably means her virginity

What is actually appealing about Rei?

Asuka is objectively shit to compared to modern standards, but at least there some stuff to work with.

Reifags are either complete normalfags who think "she's cute" or utter disturbed individuals, like that one tranny who wants to become Rei. I don't know what that particular Reifag sees in her who starts these threads though, because he spends most of his time talking about Asuka. That's what 20 years of rooting for the loser does to you.

Good, smart, self-sacrificiing girl that really drives the story. The people's favorite.

I can tell by your comment that I was spot-on.

She just wants attention because she never had as a kid and saw Shinji as the only one who actually could give her, but instead he prefers the dead cabbage over her. I - It's not like she likes him or anything.

Not even close, and I can tell still that you fall into the "manchild" category - which is what I implied you were butthurt about.

She's cute. That's all there is to it. Everything else is defensiveness or projection. She's not even sexy and cheeky like Asuka or fun and caring like Misato. There's nothing to be attracted in her as a woman, she's a puppy crush.

Mysterious, cool, strong, doesn't get in your face, actually gets shit done, worthy of respect, inspires self-reflection, hell, what isn't appealing about Rei? She's got a positive story and preaches self-improvement. Most of all, she makes Asuka look like garbage no matter what the standard. But that's more Asuka being garbage, maybe.

How was I "not even close"? Attesting a horrid taste in art that you coincidentally share with that one Reifag that usually starts these sorts of threads and wastes hours of his life debating a 20 years old anime that he can't let go off due to severe mental issues? And how am I a manchild again, because I point these facts out?

Asukafags are literal, unironic cuckolds.

Sounds like you have problems buddy, problems that sleep and rest cant solve. Your obsession about fighting Reifags is really what makes me so damned sure in my indictment of you as a manchild.


There isn't that much to work with with the Rei from the show, I like some of the fan art but as is she seems very uninteresting to be around.

>spends most of his time talking about Asuka
>Spend more time talking about the enemy

That's how war works, faggot.

Ya gonna need a bigger bait, friendo
a way bigger one

>NERV's genetic engineering lab got drunk one night

The point is that he's the only guy left who is actually taking this seriously.

who's this faggot and what does he have to do with best girl?

Certainly it's not the one Reifag left who is starting these obsessed threads.

That's hogwash. Rei is sexy by her looks alone, and Rei is definitely caring - she's usually at Shinji's side when he needs it, and can comfort as well as punish.

>There's nothing to be attracted in her as a woman, she's a puppy crush.
Here's the thing though, the children aren't women, they're children. As a woman, Rei is far better than Asuka because she's way more mature and level-headed, not to mention responsible.

Asuka is really more of a fetish than a character.

This whole "projection" bullshit is also just ironic, because it's again Asukafags projecting their bs onto Rei. Who's got the most self-insert projection fanfics again? Rei? Asuka? Asuka, that's who. Rei managed to be the most popular without relying on that, and that's why Asuka fans are mad. Without projection, Asuka is just the failure she was in NGE. Rei is still a great character that achieved something.

That's right, because all asukafags can do is shitpost and image spam. Reifags all know you are unable to form a sound argument.

>she's usually at Shinji's side when he needs it
This is what people with shipping goggles actually see.

It's an Asukafag, he (you?) started a lot of other Asuka threads today as well.

As far as I can tell, there's only one retard like that ITT, and that's the Asukafag, which hell, might be you anyway.

She literally is, you stupid fuck. Rei is the one who gets in between Shinji and Asuka whenever Asuka is abusing him.

I started the thread to shitpost about Shinji and Asuka's relationship, not talk about Rei

Rei is This is only true if you're extremely uninteresting yourself and want some sort of slapstick romance with a bitchy 13 year old like Asuka.

Rei is the de facto most interesting character in the show. With Asuka all you'll get is 13 year old kid behavior, which may be interesting if you're a pedophile, but with Rei you've got an actual base for discussion. Asuka only has pleb opinions that NERV forced down her throat, but Rei's got her own home-cooked philosophy to share. She's a genetic experiment and that by DEFAULT makes her a billion times more intersting than redhead THOT#932423.

Well, good going, because you've attracted that autistic Reifag retard to your thread.

>This is what people with shipping goggles actually see.
She visits him in the hospital like twice, protects him from Asuka, and reveals she cares about him in her thoughts during later EVA. That's just Shinji, truth is Rei even cares about someone as twisted as Gendo.

She said: "don't take your jealousy of best girl Rei out on others".

>with Rei you've got an actual base for discussion
Is this what Reifags actually believe? No offence, but Rei didn't seem to the most talkative.

....and confirmed. Asukafags are as usual the cause of everything bad in this god-forsaken fanbase.

>Rei and Asuka are the only two options in the show

>but Rei's got her own home-cooked philosophy to share

You can say that again

See this again? Jesus fuck. At least post some good art of Rei. I can literally point you out based on your horrid taste alone.


But when Rei talked, it was at least interesting. That's the difference between Rei and Asuka. Asuka talks a lot, but she's always vapid and uninformed. Rei talks very little, but when she does, it's always something that makes you think or educates you. Rei knows shit, Asuka doesn't.

It's the quantity vs quality consideration, where Asuka stands for quantity (and poor quality) whereas Rei stands for quality (but not quantity). In the end, Rei wins out. As always.