Shingeki no Kyojin

>She will never look at you with this much hatred
Why even live?

also new chapter is out, nukemin soon

Wow, that was fast.

Rest in Peace Best Girl

She isn't dead. Have faith in her.

Today I will remind them.

Ultra instinct manlet next chapter

But best girl is alive and 360noscoping Marley scum

So I'm under the impression Zeke wanted Marley to muster it's forces so that Armin could crush it all nice and quick.

Heil Eren

And he was talking to Levi at the end.

>360noscoping Male scum
Yeah you go girl

What if Floch, himself, is the Devil?

well, Magath is doing that anyways. Hard to say what Zeke has planned really

>Have faith in her
not that user but the one we don't have faith in is that hack isayana

>Zeke is SnK's Ephialtes

>Have faith in her.
The thing I don't have faith is in SL humanity.


>best girl is alive

not for long. Better prepare to get gabbied

But believe in Annie. She needs to live.

It's Magath who's commanding the army, not Zekek. And Magath commanded them to stay out of the town.

>inb4 gabbled

>needs to live
for whut purpose

i can't wait for the salt it will produce

During their council meeting Zeke was like "We gotta do this now now now now."

She's dead

Isayama user, he's the real problem, not annie

Why does his art never get any better?

I think he was insistent on getting back to the island as quick as possible, along with Mads? I forget.
Zeke was also suggesting that Marley lie and say they already re-acquired the Coordinate and all the other Titans, just to possibly get other nations off their back for a while

Saying that Annie has been dead all along after leaving her fate hanging needlessly for 5 years would make Ymir's death look like good writing. Surely he isn't that much of a hack.

Because she needs to.

She isn't.

I know. But I have faith in her.

>Zeke was also suggesting that Marley lie and say they already re-acquired the Coordinate and all the other Titans, just to possibly get other nations off their back for a while
>This never happened.

but it has



You'd think by this point the art would at least have gotten decent.

Hasn't he been doing this shit for like 5 years, how can one man improve so little in so much time?

Did Annie's dad make it out of there okay? The guy has a bad leg.

Thank you, I didn't have that compilation.

It would be nice if he lived to be reunited with her.

well, believe what you want, I don't want to get disappointed again

He's deader than dead.

as oda

>well, believe what you want,
And you user

>this never happened
more like it quite literally happened.
I would call you speedreader, but maybe you are a noreader instead.

we saw him pushing reiner's mother to safety, he probably got crushed under the rock


Lady Tybur better make it out of this fight alive.

Lights soon

I want Eren to put his dick inside this bitch.

not that user but you're not a speedreader, your reading comprehension is just too bad. HE isn't saying about "lying", he's talking about doing it then showing the world, nowhere it says he is suggesting fake news.


What if Zeke's master plan ends up being too smart to win?

>Hasn't he been doing this shit for like 5 years, how can one man improve so little in so much time?
Drawing at the same level for five years and improving your art for five years are two pair of shoes, user.

She'll put her armored dick inside him.

He's saying that they have to attack Paradis as soon as possible, brainlet monkey. That's why mads brought up the time limit.

its literally been 4 years

Good post.

Forget, isayama, have faith in eren, because annie has faith in eren because she is actually in love with eren, He's the only man in her life to ever bring her some kind of happiness. Even her and her father have a toxic relationship. Yet this cute oblivious boy she met brought her joy and help shift her world view, with his ignorant yet passionate ideals.

His enthusiasm and dedication for getting stronger as well as going against the current ,against all odds had a great impression on annie.
She thought it was especially cute how excited he was when learning a new move, it made her smile
She had wished she could be like him but admits she's a weak person at heart, scared to oppose the marley empire, yet she wishes for the courage to do so.

When she wakes up next chapter, she'll learn that eren possess the founding titan and humanity now has the colossal titan under their control. Meaning opposing marley is now a viable option and not just stupid optimism. She'll then join eren and the walldians to help save the eldians and destroy the marley she hates so much. So that the eldians stuck in marley, weak people forced along the current, can be considered people too.

>5 years
It's almost 10 user. Isayama is legitimately braindead.

His definitely improved, and the anatomy of the titans and characters is really great.

That being said the art wasn't very good this chapter, probably poor time management because of new years, chapter 100-101 have amazing art.

Annie is alive. They would have fed her to one of the others, but none of them have indicated they've been turned into shifters. There's no reason for Eren to eat her since he pretty much already has all her powers.

>this copy pasta again

>but none of them have indicated they've been turned into shifters
the battle just started mang, give it a chapter or two.

I liked the Female Titan arc best. Had some great panels

How? It's the only thing to do with Annie that wouldn't be bad writing. What made the Ymir stuff bad wasn't that she died, it was that she decided to give her power to Historia's enemies in the first place. Her being eaten after going to Marley made sense, just as the SL eating Annie to take her power makes sense.

You try to dismiss it because it pasta, but everything said is true, and the manga supports it, you're an idiot for not realizing, can't wait to see your dumb founded post when annie comes in next chapter to back up eren.

There's still Historia, Hitch and Hange (though I doubt the latter ate Annie). My bet is Hitch.

I wish annie comes back but I don't care about shipping, they had some connection but she'd hate him a lot of that attack killed her father

Uprising and wall maria had the best art for me.

To be honest, I don't even think annie actually likes her father, and only wishes to see him again because he is all she had.

But I wouldn't be surprised if she felt like weight was lifted off her soliders with his death, and she'd be surprisingly okay with it.

Why is Magath so based? Jumped off a building when the SL started gunning down the Marleyans and survived a bomb at point blank. All without 3DMG or super powers.

A lot of combat experience.
Also, unlike Galliard, he has taken the knowledge of how SL operates to heart, and does not underestimate them.

there's too much unknown things about her feelings and her mindset

He didn't jump off, he likely make a run for it, to the door. Also the bomb was some distance away he he hurt his head. I don't think Paradis' bombs are that good either.

>turns out zekek isn’t playing 69D chess
>he jobs to levi again
How would you react?


What do you guys think, is this it? is this the last arc/battle?

Is the manga fucking ending in frong of our eyes?


Which is exactly why her back stabbing marley could totally work, the set up is all there from the "make the whole world your enemy", same as Eren, to her ironically making eren a formidable titan user.

Isayama just needs rope it in and bring it full circle.
And fuck the paring shit, if you're a fan of annie you're going to want her to survive, and that only happens if she's playing for the winning team.

it would be comical. I would laugh even more if he actually IS playing 30kchess but Levi or others don't know, or don't realize somethings changed and eviscerate him anyways.
Pieck and Galliard being there I think has thrown a wrench into Zeke's potential plan, so he might have to roll with it. However if Zeke kills even a single SL/Paradis person then I believe he is in business for himself.

>stupid dog, I told you to wait.

So? I've had faith in Annie since day one and I've had faith in Asuka for over 20 years.
You should better support those you love.

>And fuck the paring shit
Makes you think. Also the sooner you accept Eren ate Annie the better for you. Isayama is literally stabing your face with it at this point.


>playing for the winning team
you underestimate her liability factor, and the degree in which she may be unforgivable. She is somewhat directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their people after all, as well as the more personal deaths of people they know/fight with.

You can get everything Annie has to offer, without the risk of her turning on you, simply by feeding her to someone else. The winning team may not want her, only her powers; and there is a way to do that.

>ctrl + F Jean
>0 result

Was I the only one who creamed his pants when seeing his handsome new look?

Nah, if anything we are on the middle point Hacksayama will find a way to stretch this.

Trump-tier combover.

Could anyone remind me whether Eren inherited the memories of timeloop as well from Krueger?

What does that even mean?

It's funny you say that, isayama has yet again managed to trick you low iq deathfags.

How does he do it? back to back surprises, you've been wrong about everything up to this point, what makes you think this will be any different.

I thought of a better way to circumvent Serum Bowl while still ending up in the same place
>SL prepare to go to shinganshina, are equipped with bombs with a new explosive which is more powerful than gunpowder and may be able to damage the armored titan, who they think may appear
>On the way out they experience minimal resistance, and no titans are visible in Shinganshina, which is largely reduced to rubble
>SL starts to form perimeter, Eren and co try to find his house
>Ape Titan appears on the outer rim and roars, causing hundreds of titans who had buried themselves under the town to emerge and attack
>Reiner jumps in from the outer side and transforms, Bert transforms on the inner side by the gate to prevent a retreat
>Zeke hops down on the outside and starts chucking rocks into the city
>Eren transforms and engages reiner with the help of Mikasa and a few others, but the others can't get close enough to use bombs because there are too many titans
>Erwin takes Levi and a few others over the wall to engage Zeke, who they correctly assume is the leader
>In this fight, Erwin distracts titans, allowing Levi to focus on Zeke. Levi wants to help him but follows orders and lets Erwin get killed
>In town, the SL are getting mulched, Armin freaks out, but then comes up with an idea, says something about how there's another way to get to the Colossal Titan's nape
>He flies to the CT and into its mouth, being engulfed by steam. After a brief pause, there's an explosion in its neck, and it falls over, much to the horror of mikasa and eren, who could see it happen but were too far and preoccupied to stop it.
>After a minute, it gets back up, apparently Bert survived, but it appears erratic and its body is still decomposing
>He walks to the front of town and scrapes earth into the ruined gate, sealing the hole
>Turns around and with the last of his strength, gives the salute
>It turns out armin didn't use his bomb, but instead injected himself with serum inside the CT's throat


You can have all the faith in Annie you want, her fate is not in her own hands. The SL and Eren are the ones who matter and they're not forgiving or merciful, just ask Bert and Reiner.

>to trick you low iq deathfags
Someone post the Ymirfags BTFO edit.

he said it won't be stretched and already discussed the ending with the editor

I know that. But I believe she will live. It will be very upsetting if she dies.

Lol nice baldie you got there. That comb over must be stuck with titan cum to hold and not show his hairline after all the maneuvering.

not that user but eren eating another shifter when it could easily be given to someone else is the stupidest thing, no way SL would lose a chance to get another shifter

>Trying for the Erwin cut but going to a 4th rate barber who takes walk-ins

>Bunch of manlets already past puberty
>Now all of them are Captain Tsubasa tier lankets


you need to go back to your contain threads