SSSS Tier Openings

Only the best openings (unless the show doesn't have one, then outro is allowed)

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Fuck off manime fags
Moe is justice


fuck what anyone says, this is still one of the only intros i never skip

I didn't expected that

good shit

The ending is better.

The whole soundtrack was amazing.

OP3 from the 2003 anime is the best
Al tearing that chimera apart is fucking A+
Also, them just loitering around during the slow parts is comfy as fuck

>Some other old goldies
Dokuro-chan 1&2:

Azumanga Daioh:

Hajime no Ippo OP2:

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>ctrl-f "rumba"
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>ctrl-f "ringo mogire beam"
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Fucking daytime Sup Forums

Why not post it?
Well, I do it for you


The Juuni Taisen closing credits song is amazing I never skipped it.

Mandatory Nordic post.
the openers are good, but this is so much better


bloody stream


samurai champloo

these are all obligatory

All of these are GOAT

Almost thought this was a 3x3 thread for a sec there

>Paranoia Agent Opening
YES, this is the true GOAT OP

Fuck off, the shows are popular for a reason

Paranoia op fucking sucks.

The Paranoia Agent op manages to be creepy, funny and catchy all at the same time, it's amazing.

>cowboy bebop
Nice, but I'd say the ed is even better.

I love City Hunter. CH3's OP is my fave.

The ED to the movie is my favorite

SSSS is pretty good tier, but what about Early 2000s Tier? I caught this shit on Comcast OnDemand's Anime Network shit at a hotel, the most weirdly comfy experience I've had

Good opening, made me want to watch the show even though it looks like generic mid 90s faggot shit.
Top tier.
All of these are quality.

My comrade

Ah yes, one of the many anime where Japan showed their shit taste. Great OP, fun concept, but Kagura really should've died from her tumors and Hibari was the better girl.

An OP thread? Well, about time to post this then.

Bleach's OPs almost always had great direction (14 and 15 being obvious weaklings)

That ghostbusters cartoon was great.

goddamn I wish bleach didn't turn to shit. It started off so cool

I blame Japs.

>dat 2cool4u aesthetic
>hip rock music
>constantly changing outfits
>good use of urban environment

let's be real, the best FMA related music is Let It Out

89% of all BLEACH openings are good

I like Melissa more

I've never watched Brotherhood. Watched the original TV-series and then read the manga as it finished up the story when I learned the anime diverged. That song wasn't very good and ending animation was kinda dull.

Even the filler was good.
Bleach had a lot of good stuff going and I desperatly wished that Kubo had found a writer to help.
I still want Kubo to make a hand drawn "Bleach Kai" with the original creators of the anime and get help with the writing duties.

What the fuck, it's missing the lead-in. Post a better version please.

Where my cyberpunk bros at?


Too cool for youtube

God I miss 90's Sunrise
Jibun Woo
The soundtrack is the one thing I wish Hellsing Ultimate had been able to keep from the original.

I am quite pleased with the amount of actual cool anime in this thread rather than moeshit

Then I will start the moeshit

Drifters fixed that


both noragami op's are great inb4 season 3/new chapters never

Spice and Wolf OP in russian

this is one of my all time favorites.
Under rated show as well. was good fun and the main gril was cute

a solid 10/10 OP
brings back memories maynge

Fucking why. This is terrible, the original is perfect.

Mnemosyne something I have never seen Sup Forums talk really under rated anime inb4 its edgy /u/shit


Watched this show solely based on the comfy as fuck opening - didn't care much for the furfaggotry. It was actually pretty good and now I get all those economy jokes thrown around.

still can't believe the fucking manga's updating again

I cri evertim when Sound Life plays. It's been embedded in my psyche since I was a kid. Gooks pavlov'd me with a surrogate mother figure in my developmental years.

Tried coming up with something recent that you don't see all the time in these threads.

There were really too few threads when this aired. OP is rocking and the show is damn fun.

legit SSSS opening right here

the opening is god tier as well

Ghost In the Shell is the GOAT opening and theme but Cagliostro is highly underrated. I don't know how they managed to capture the aesthetic of the '60's so well.

Straight out of 1999:

>Silent Mobius was 27 years ago

Here's some actual SSSS-tier

I watched the entirety of Subete ga F because of how fucking good that OP was. I was so disappointed

the ED was also super fucking good it was all a waste

>animation in the opening barely or not at all synced up with the song

Looks fun.

had no idea what bokurano was until i saw it on one of those nico nico compilation videos. fucking fantastic OP

Elfen Lid is a contender for GOAT openings

My guilty pleasure anime and the gag intro
Dragon maid intro:
Accel world had some good intros that were the only reason i gave it a shot
This intro was the only reason i watched problem children
Death parade intro
Noragami aragoto, the "hey kids" intro
I'm Sugimoto intro
Re zero op, the good one.
Always loved the op and ed of both seasons of konosuba
Mob psycho 100, nice visuals too
Parasyte intro, fear and loathing in las vegas is great
Baccano op, you like jazz?
DBZ op1, dont think they've ever topped this one for me
One piece op, and i have shit taste and liked the 4kidz rap
Space dandy
Tiger mask w
Yamada and the 7 witches
Blade dance, totally not an ed
Berserk 2016, even though i hate this animation with a passion
My favorite fma opening