What did Sup Forums think of Boogiepop Phantom?

What did Sup Forums think of Boogiepop Phantom?

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I thought it was unsettling. Good atmosphere.

I didn't get it.

I think it needs a remaster. 360p or whatever it is looks like shit. Good otherwise.

they need to re adapt all the novels.

It was alright, LN was better but I'm glad they went the sequel route for the anime rather than adaptation. Great OST.

>we will never get translations beyond the fourth novel

Nice atmosphere and music but couldn't understand what was going on half the time

It's much easier to understand what the hell is going on if you've read the first novel in the series

I wish it was fully adapted so I could get all of it

no shit

It has literally the best ED of any anime ever made.


I don't know 'bout that now user, I'm pretty sure this is the best ED of all time. Of all time.


what i could gather from the show
>there was some secret project to "advance humanity" that created the freaky shit and characters seen in the show
>the boogiepop you usually see was a copy made by the energy resulting from those experiments
>the real one is the alter ego of a schoolgirl from when she witnessed a traumatic death

Does that sum it up?

oh and the boogiepop wasn't killing people but cocooning them to protect them from something or other?

Not clicking on your shitty link, sorry.

>I didn't get it.
And you never will.

I translated all of it years ago.


Wait... I was about to watch this after finishing Zaregoto.
Is it still good to watch even if you're not familiar with the source material?

I just finished it without having read anything. It was definitely worth watching, but I can see it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

It's very much episodic; each episode is like a self-contained story.

Oooh, I like episodic animes. Hell yeah, can't wait.

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Solid 7. Would be higher if it made more sense. I had to read novel summaries to understand.

Why did he eat spiders?

They were delicious, and he thought it was helping people by relieving them of their pain. Of all the things in the show I don't know why you'd find that unclear.

What was the point of Manticore?

Why did it never get BDs?

That scene with the policeman in the alley is top notch.

It was an experiment by EvilCorp to use Echoes' power, which escaped.

I love triggering Sup Forumsnons

Boring and not as spook as I wanted it to be.

Worth watching for the atmosphere alone but as other people have said it's fucking confusing. I've only watched the anime so I don't know how much clearer it'd be if I read the shit but as a standalone it's harder to understand than fucking Lain

i cant read the novel. so i couldnt enjoy it properly

can i read the manga on scan?
would it help me understanding all?

Link or GTFO.

Are you sure?

What was the deal with the butterfly girl?

Great atmosphere, both the opening and the ending are god-tier.

The Locomotion Channel ad was creepy as fuck


Haven't read it but I think it's the same as the first novel, so yes. There's also a live action movie that covers the same stuff.

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Then take comfort in the fact that nobody will ever watch your worthless spic commercials, idiot.

Great anime.



Was one of my favorites when I watched it 10+ years ago, but it's been too long since I've seen it to say if that's still the case. And that was before I read the novels too, I think in some ways not knowing the whole story helped make Phantom better but that's probably just me. GOAT OP and ED too, and the sound design in general is excellent. Also I like how "foggy" the show looks until the last episode.

Also the novels relevant to the anime were released in english years ago, and downloads can be found online if you search for them. They're novels 1-3 and either 5 or 6.


Bad OP.

is this series the end of novel 1? I heard the other novels are completely different in setting

Oh baby, that's the stuff.


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>watching boogipop phantom on locomotion as a kid
I was very confused

Yes, Phantom takes place right after book 1. No the other books have the same setting. Or at least the ones I read do.

Echoes was an ayylmao with super powers. Why would an evil corporation not try to exploit that in dangerous and unethical experiments?