Would you pipi Pipimi's mi?

Would you pipi Pipimi's mi?

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of course I would!

way better than that little midget

>116 KB JPG Anonymous 02/09/18(Fri)02:37:02 No.16
I would but her smaller friend would probably kill me for it

I want pipimi to wear bikini.

aye I wanna give Pipimi me pee pee

PTE is bad

I don't, I'm scared of that friend of hers.

This, popuko would probably kill you if you cucked her

why is it that there is never porn of something until it's animated. for fucks sake, you look on rule34 for PTE, and the oldest example was from march 2016. meanwhile the result 5 or 6 entries after that was from 4 months ago. and that's from page 2.

More people watch the anime than read the 4koma

Fuck yeah it is.

I swear you guys would fuck anything

>implying you would not




Pipimi can definitely get it, but I would DESTROY Popuko.


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Dropped this garbage a few minutes in.

Pipi means "Penis" and "to pee" in german Child Language.

watch the youtube shorts instead

I'm going to euthanize myself if they don't kiss at least once in some panel or skit


Yo this shit is mad gay


>I do, I'll also fuck that friend of hers.

Sure but I'd rather Pop Popuko's ko

is that fucking SRW4

t. Pipimi


Get out

I know. :D

I love this

>big tits
>hime cut
>usually the tsukomi
Best pop

I would Popoko her butt