The Promised Neverland chapter 074

Let's keikaku together


















I don't know if this is getting better or worse anymore.

It kinda feels like he panicked after resolving the escape arc and rushed back to doing more escape arcs.

wtf that was it?

you guys told me the build up is good, and the reveal would be perfect? like he will stand at the end and be the last villain

stop believing memesters

Is...Is Norman the big kid?

Please be a misdirection or something holy fuck

Same, the series was way, way more fun when it was Deathnote.

It feels like he is struggling to move the plot forward in adequate pacing.

oh shit that's a nice reveal

>everyone finds out about norman cloning and adam is a clone
>everyone thinks norman is being kept hostage and just cloning and cloning
>everyone goes to ratri house and tries to save norman
>mfw norman is no longer needed since ages ago because they finished the cloning experiment
>mfw norman tried to escape long ago but got injured and became retarded
>mfw adam is norman this whole time

Get hype for Norman keikakus

It just feels like the plot is steering us back to where we started.

Everybody is getting put somewhere they need to escape from.

Norman will have to out-keikaku himself to escape this time, the odds seem impossible compared to Grace Field.

Nice spread

It's Prison Break all over again

is the big guy Adam?

>another escape arc
Could be good.

is it possible that Norman is in that experimental farm?

Damn, Peter grew up to be pretty cool

It's confirmed. He calls it with the same codename Emma found in the data from the pen.

Are you faggots blind? You see the current date on the monitor when Norman touches it, exactly two weeks after the escape which matches with the current timeline. This is happening in real time. He literally cannot be Adam, even ignoring the fact that the big nigga doesn't have.a number on his neck.

I'm like 50% sure the next chapter will either go back to Emma or will be the last one to focus on Norman for while.


>tfw too intelligent to be eaten

>Adam has no neck tattoo
>date on monitor says it's January 29th
>"is Adam actually Norman?!"
Holy speedreaders

It was already retarded to think he was Norman last week but there's really no excuse now.

Are those demons like the tard wranglers or something? I notice one carrying the iv drip for one of the mutants and if you look closely behind the text you can see the same one offering a plushie doll to the iv drip human.

The nips are going to cream their panties.

>t. virgin

I have a sudden urge to pin Norman down and lick his tattoos.

nice spaceshuttle

Is this one of those mirrors where they can see you from the inside but you can't look in? Because Norman is wondering what the fuck they're doing and he says he's the only cattle child in there.
But that begs the question on how exactly Adam would know his number.

Because it's clear that the glass windows on the inside the tard pen lets you see the other side, hence that giga nigga mutant staring intently at Norman and the scoentists

>50+ fanart submissions of Norman and Emma holding a symbolic cup phone stretching from Lambda 7214 to Goldy Pond

I know they can see Norman but the thing I'm confused about is why Adam would give a shit about his number when Norman has not interacted with him before. This is happening at the same time Emma is in Goldy Pond and Norman still thinks he's the only guy there. It's a bit weird.

We don't know, Adam remembering Norman's numbers is likely just because. He's never seen a human with neck tattoos before and probably often saw him walking back and forth from the test rooms and his bedroom. He was likely taught basic numbers and the alphabet by Lucas and started repeating 22194 after he knew how to say it.

It's like they can smell it coming.

This new farm is probably an experimental one with the goal of producing "superhuman brains" for consumption, in other words, rather then merely "premium goods", "superpremium goods" and in a more mass way. By using advances in genetic engineering and surgery in the human world, they want to learn how to make even more delicious children more reliably and faster then the old style of careful breeding and 6-14 years of raising (which is highly personnel dependent [not all Mamas are equally able], takes a long time, is genetically variable, requires keeping up an elaborate ruse against by definition super smart kids, etc).

Norman presumably is a rare enough super pick that they're hoping to figure out how to replicate him essentially.

>clone Norman
>Emma frees Norman
>turns out she freed the clone and normal Norman is dead

>I know they can see Norman but the thing I'm confused about is why Adam would give a shit about his number when Norman has not interacted with him before.
He's been experimented upon a ton but they aren't trying to make retards, they're trying to make geniuses. Result of early experiments are probably defective but with the result of them being basically hyper autists, not the target but also not dumb, rather probably really good at single things. He saw this human with a symbol that is completely unique amongst every other being he encounters. He probably has a fucked up memory that focuses on small details like that.

>This is happening at the same time Emma is in Goldy Pond and Norman still thinks he's the only guy there. It's a bit weird.
No, this is clearly a flashback. We know nu-Ratri obviously knows about Goldy Pond, but not all of its secrets. He thinks it's a secret completely hidden place where everyone gets hunted discretely, so it'd make sense if he uses it as a dumping ground for failed experiments (or to see what they do) in order to trade favors with the powerful demons who hunt there. Plus he maybe gets a kick out of using his dead human loving brother's place that way.

>no it's a flashback
It's been around two weeks since the escape on January 15th and the date on Norman's monitor says January 29th

>Emma uses a clone army of giga nigga waifufags to break the Promise

They don't actually say how long he's been there do they? I think it's been a bit more then two weeks, the time they spent at the shelter is a bit fuzzy beyond the 4 days getting ready to go to goldy pond. If Adam was dumped relatively recently (like the previous week) and they noticed he was good doesn't seem like the timeline would be off. I didn't get the impression he'd been there for ages.

>Norman has been torturing Adam and now Adam is repeating his number out of trauma.

Norman villain confirmed

dunno what you're even arguing with user. thats norman's number, the symbol of where he was taken. the guy clearly saw it before being dumped at goldy, chap 74 shows norman right from grace field. remember norman was taken a ways before they escaped, not the 15th. it's a flashback.

Norman was shipped off to Lambda before Emma and the others escaped, so he's been there for more than two weeks.

Yeah, can't be assed to go back and try to figure out the exact time but it was at least a week or two. This chapter is either entirely a flashback or at least a partial flashback and the current Norman has already been at lambda for a good month or more undergoing increasingly difficult testing and trying to figure the place out. Plenty of time for them to have an older failed experiment dumped who'd have seen him.

maybe norman himself IS the reason adam was dumped? like, suddenly they've got this incredible new experimental subject to work with so a lot of their previous haphazard efforts are now obsolete.

aaaaaaa I love Norman

The kids escaped on January the 15th and spent at least 5 days with Sung.Joo and Musica. Between that and Goldy Pond, I doubt more than 9 days passed. So either this is an extremely recent flashback or it's in real time.

Because this current chapter does take place in current time and isn't a flashback apart from that scene at the gate. The date on Norman's monitor matches the estimated current date in Emma's pov.

Oh, we know it will go back to Emma from "next episode" preview at the end of Jump.

I love how some are saying that the series is lacking build up. It's always been that way.

It has build up, it's just usually very short. There was a whole chapter of build up between Emma being told about the door and the phone call, for example.

Drawing the character with Norman traits was just another way for the author to keep us reading.

So what's the difference here? It's always been a superficial build up.

It said something like "The plan of liberation moves forward buy Lewis also starts moving."

>They escape on the 15th
>the spend five days with Sung-Joo and Musica
>They spend five more days with Noname
That leaves four days between the trip the Noname and GP, our current timeline. This chapter isn't a flashback.

between the trip with no Name*

Lewis is gonna one-shot everyone but Emma, Violet, Lucas, Oliver and Adam isn't he?

The author is incredibly good at cliffhangers.

Man, everyone keeps saying Oliver's gonna bite but I kinda hope he sticks around.

If emma can lose an ear to escape, norman can lose a hand no sweat

He is gonna play nice and let the kids think they have a chance before saying they need to try harder to not bore him while killing 2 or 3 of them effortlessly.

Are people dissatisfied with goldy pond arc? My only complaint is that shit seems to be wrapping up there too quickly. Everything from the shelter to emma getting captured was great though.

the chapters from Lucas introduction to the current one are hype as fuck to me


Shirai won't have the balls, I guarantee it. An ear is easy to ignore.

I just thought this today earlier.
>Mom spared Norman
>Was about to spare Emma
>Was going to send Ray for the Tifari
She was surely heartless.

>Everything from the shelter to emma getting captured was great though.
funny, because that was too quickly too

>letting Norman AND Emma live
>sending her own son to die

I don't think it's wrapping up yet. Lewis is going to butcher kids left and right. The Norman thing seems to be like the Rey thing from 3 chapters age: just a set-up for the future.

I've seen both complaints of this series being too slow (50 chapters and they haven't done shit, only escaped the farm!) or too fast (they do things too fast! We go from one plot point to another without anything inbetween!) lmao

when it comes to solving conflicts, the series is too slow, when we think we will have an answer, the author creates a new question. BUT narratively speaking, the series is too fast. for example, they were from homeless, foodless and in front of a dangerous and mysterious enemy, to children with a safe shelter, lots of food and a new ally in a few chapters.

Norman is mine, back off.

I thought of that today too.
>Emma cut her whole ear herself
>A 12 year old kid
She sure is strong.

I feel like this is a retarded question but she can still hear out of it, right?

Emma is my (future) wife.

Yeah, she still can hear out of it. Unless she gets a really bad infection she should still be able to hear with that ear.

I think so, she removed the outer part. But it would have been cool she had issues with hearing since she is always wearing a thicc patch.

I'm not dissapointed but i'm a little upset at the direction it seems to be going in, I was hoping that this arc would be pure horror and thriller and we'd see Emma having to survive several hunts from the poachers before we'd get a battle rather than just jumping into one straight in. I was actually quite terrified and nervous reading chapters 65-68 with Emma reading the signboard and then Lewis killing kids on screen.

To be fair she did inject herself with anesthetic and was pumped on determination and adrenaline, still I wouldn't have had the balls to do that let alone when I was 11

I mean, Lewis will still kill kids on-screen. It will just be in a different context.

>muh emma cut her ear, muh emma is badass

Cutting offscreen is easy, I want to see if she has the guts to do this in real time.

I don't know why, but I expect at least one of the kids that escaped to have an active tracker. It's just a suspicion in the back of my mind.