There is no good manga live actio-


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what was the name of the live acyion???

>There is no good manga live action mov-


this wasn't too bad, i enjoyed it

>The discussion of "live action" television shows is permitted so long as they are distinctly rooted in, or based off of an anime or manga series

tite kubo is descanting again

>tfw the best live action adaptation of a manga is Korean

probably the best yet

Damn didnt even know that was a manga. Koreans easily make better live action movies than Japanese people

Over the top Japanese capeshit. Retarded but fun.
Well made. Rurouni kenshin tier
Aoi Honou

Good manga live action adaptations is an Oxymoron.

>hack writes manga/gets tv show, capitalizing on the fact that he went to college with anno
>idiotic evafags eat it up, even though it's complete shit
Like pottery.


to be fair, Anno's life is probably more interesting than anyone's.
people would be pissed if he was just a passing mention in the show.

but what got me to watch it was this scene:

and Mad Holy

that scene deserves an Oscar
Great actor

Japanese adaptations are ruined by retarded overacting most of the time. Manga is a limited medium that needs over the top reactions to convey emotions, which translate poorly to live action.

>to be fair, Anno's life is probably more interesting than anyone's.
It's natural for a fanboy and worshiper like yourself to think something this stupid.

at least in the show it is.
he was drawing anime and getting deep into the industry while everyone else was trying to get their doodles published in an amateur publication.

also Mad Holy:

He already has a best actor award. Cannes film festiva

Someone uploaded the whole thing to youtube, but it's super cropped to not get taken down by youtube.

why would you watch it on youtube?

kill yourself

I mean, it helps he likely got strong circulation due to the fact he was one of Shotaro Ishinomori's students and already had been stirring up popularity from continuing his various IPs. Besides, Japs eat up the general idea of the young life/anecdotes of popular creators. There was a fairly popular SOL manga about Tomino for a while.


Crows Zero 1 and 2 are great. Explode is shit though.

It was mildly funny, but the main actor was just too much of a caricature while some of the other actos were just weak. Good opening though.


Surprised this was a JAPANESE manga, adapted into a KOREAN film. Weird. Is the manga worth reading?

>Well made. Rurouni kenshin tier
Speaking of Kenshin, how is the second live action movie?

We had this thread ... two days ago? Felt sooner.

oh didnt know about this.

Yes, it doesn't have anything to do with daughter fucking though

>Alright! You got a lot of guts, Oscar!
Still a straight up masterpiece

Good as a stand-alone, not that great when compared to the manga which went fucking psychotic not even two volumes after where the movie ends.

Funny though, Crows 3 is directed by the guy who made Blue Spring which is the best delinquent movie Ive seen. It's also a manga adaptation.
>>Well made. Rurouni kenshin tier
>Speaking of Kenshin, how is the second live action movie?
The trilogy has well made sets and costumes. Recommended viewing even for non anime watchers.