Golden Kamuy

Chapter 147 scanslations are out.

What an absolute beast of a chapter.

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Don't lose hope, Sugimoto.


Why is it turn fucking gay
is it beause drawing the too man turn him gay?

>they didn't keep ogata's "mu?"





>Manly men resolving their problems through FISTS
>Probably going to form a deep bond after this
This is my jam


It cracks me up that they're posing again, but less intensely because they're tired


There we go. What a banger of a chapter, the raws didn't prepare me for this at all.

I know this is supposed to be sweet, but this is some disturbing denial right there.

But anyway excellent chapter, in particular.

Thanks for dumping. You right that was awesome.



I hope their reunion goes well

>read up to volume 10 until I started to fall asleep at 4 am
I love this manga, I hope the anime will be good

I agree. She's got herself so convinced that she's right back to normal? Thank god she's actually right.

It wasn't actually tasty though. Too gamey.

They're by the sea.
He'll say it when she serves him eel.

I guess he will say hinna when he chokes in his own blood.


Why'd they have to make him so handsome...

Geisha mom, good genes.

I will not cry.....damn it

Just let it out, user. We're in for a rough time.

I hope the anime keeps his deep green eyes.

I doubt it, I think that was more of a lighting thing than anything.

Asirpa's blue eyes are too significant, they're not just going to hand out unusual eye colours like candy.

I told myself I wouldn't sit in these threads and gush about Ogata but good heavens

Will the next place Sugimoto gets shot in be an eye?

Not before he can rip ogata from limb to limb in his berserk state.

Do you think its supposed to be symbolic of him still having a shred of hope? Nah that is too hopeful.

Oh god that line by Ogata.

Maybe he doesn't even care about getting caught at this point.

The optimism is too damn high!


>Sugimoto can't remember what the masterplan was
It clearly was to get into the Banya together, because that's where every plotline headed

pretty excited for wonfes

Golden Kamui used to be one of my favorite manga, now turned a gay comedy

Shocked we still got Ogata-lovers after this chapter.

So, where to from here? It looks like stenka man will be leaving them next chapter, and then... what? Think we'll spend time with team traitor for a bit?

I don't like that Sugimoto is also one of the best fist fighters around.

Earlier in the series Sugimoto's specialty was shown as survivability. grit. being able to get out of any situation ok.
I didn't like him being able to tango with professor penis 1 on 1 in a judo match and I don't like him being able to fight evenly 1 on 1 with the strongest fist fighter in abashiri.
that just makes him too strong.

Shocked we still got Ogata-haters after chapter 137.

It's too late for me. Take me out back and put a bullet in my head, Ogata.

Wow this was really fucking gay

This is probably the worst looking bear Noda has ever drawn. The lines in this chapter look thicker than usual actually.

He just loses his limits when he turns into a zombie. Like that Shizuo guy from durarara. Regular Sugimoto was getting his ass kicked by stenka man, remember?


Well aleast he is poor with guns.

Sugimoto specialty is immortality. He can tank any damage, that's how he can dance on the top floor.

I have a feeling stenkaman won't live long. Ogata might shoot him next chapter.


He might just leave. Noda's not the type to make overly grim scenes for no reason.

>Ogata might shoot next chapter
>And there is nothing can do about it

Might be just shitty scans

Catbitch please wreck havoc again. It is missed.

He's wreaking havoc on my heart, does that count?

She's going to be devastated when he does finally die.

What do you mean? Sugimoto has always been portrayed as the top brawler in the series. That's part of what makes him fucking immortal (he'll murder you before you can kill him). Remember when he judo threw Mr. Penis?

Oh Ogata, destiny is coming for you and the only thing that can save you now is that little girl´s mercy.

We're all in for a very bad time.

She's not going to have a lot of it if she remembers comments like that.

People have no tastes and don't give a fuck about the story they read.

Is Ogata going to be pissed off when he realizes yet another important woman in his life is delusional and pining over a man she can't have?

Him 360 quickscoping her dad will be a mercy killer.

A banquet of food might save the whole cast from fighting with each other.


Weird phrasing, I meant that Ogata killing Asirpa´s dad, will kill any kind of mercy Asirpa could feel for him. Thus ensuring Sugimoto will be able to go medieval on that ass.


Ahh, I get you. I agree, except I think Asirpa might be the one to do the deed. Sugimoto killing Ogata would be stereotypical and expected.

Asirpa killing him would both crush us and fill us with joy.

Choke on tendies.

Is this the peak of manga?

I can imagine Asirpa putting poison in his food like he did for his mom. Then finally he says hinna.

I didn't knew they were this huge.

Oh my.

I love it.

Poetic justice if she cooked his favourite dish.

Are those balls or a dick, I cannot tell

Actually, the canibal fashion show and the guy fucking the bear were.

Both, and probably his foot as well.

hot, long, and thick Matagi cock

>Asirpa poisoning someone
She is a warrior!

This world needs more Tanigaki/Inkarmat doujinshi, damn it.

that's actually still fairly small, elephant seals, sea lions and walrus, especially bulls are intimidatingly huge.
And the biggest of the seals is a Bull Southern Elephant Seal with records around 6 metres long and weighing 4 tonnes or more.
imagine that in your living room or apartment.

But does Ogata really deserve a warrior's death?

>manly man
>deep bond
Try to read things before making assumptions about them.

Does this manga have ANY djs?

Yes. On toranoana. But theres not much.

Gee, you tell me.


user, were you the one who posted the lewd pages from a pixiv dj?

Of Inkarmat and Tanigaki? I wouldn't really call it a dj, but I suppose.