Why aren't Womb Tattoos more common in anime or manga?

Why aren't Womb Tattoos more common in anime or manga?

Because anime and manga aren't all porn, sorry

They look pretty bad when they get preggers

They are.

In hentai anime and hentai manga.

Is she used goods?

This shit never fails to make me diamonds

She got held down by a bunch of middle aged men and got branded, after that thrown into a cell barefoot with rags only covering part of her chest


I don't remember gundam being this lewd

I don't understand this post

This scene alone was enough to make me cum when it aired.

Which one was this?

That is clearly the Principality of Zeon's emblem tattooed on what appear to be a little girl's vagina bone region.

It's a reference. The anime is saijaku muhai no bahamut


What is this drawing, a demonic face?

Shirou please

more 淫紋 please.

It's Aku dummy.

They look pretty bad before as well.

They're womb tattoos when they're in this shape Otherwise they're just tattoos

Tattoo over the womb, hence womb tattoo with full sexual connotation, obviously-.

>the tattoo glows when the girl is impregnated



Zekefags not even once.


Too many purityfags in the anime/otaku audience. It's hot but to purityfags, it's filthy so they have to cater to the plebian mass.

god bless Null and Satou Kuuki

Who needs em when you have DEEP DOPE?


Human anatomy isn't your strength I guess?
That's a uterus, ovaries and one giant sperm.

Used goods she is.

Not my fault a uterus and the overies look like the devil himself

tattoo? i thought she got branded

>Human anatomy isn't your strength I guess?
Newfriends are so nice.

Is this from twilight axis?

Its nothing but silly that she would be "pure" after this. You dont just brand, imprison and be done with captured fallen royalties. You make sure to defile them to the best of your ability.

Infinity Big Bang Storm?!

Jajajaja Te mamas-desu

What's with westerners and linking gutter tier crack whores

Why are tramp stamps not more common?

Because your mom cornered the whoring industry.

That's degenerate


souce is Darling in the FranXX and that is Zero Two

you are welcome

This nigger knows.

Don't advocate for this disgusting shit I already hate tattoos.
Womb tattoos make me uncomfortable.

because anime aren't made to pander to perverts with very specific fetiches like you.

>one giant sperm.
Dude imagine if instead of loads of sperm when we cum we just squeeze out one big sperm

t. anime watcher

>tfw you spend your afternoon thinking up a womb tattoo themed NTR hmanga

im getting too far gone arent i

>womb tattoo AND ntr

only trash anime girls have those



Fuck off.
Womb tattoos are to show slave's loyalty to their master's dick.

>Womb tattoos are to show loyalty to dick.


Fruit Flies have sperm whose tails are longer htan the fruit fly's body and they still produce millions of sperm until the female fruit fly is masively swollen to several times their original size with sperm.

They look pretty stupid.

That's the point dumbass. They're supposed to show what a dumb cockloving whore she is

I never watched Prisma, but I got the impression that it is mostly slutty girls doing mana transfer.

That's horrid

You sure know a lot about sperm and flies

Because too many viewers will lose consciousness when all the blood rushes from their head to their dick.

I heard you like womb tattoos


Pretty sure they aren't even common in real life, OP.

Then just go with a tramp stamp. No need to be all special about it.

At this point I associate Strength with m-da s-tarou rather than Black Rock Shooter

That's why you get their tubes tied: so you can cum in them as many times as you want

That's why she's not pure.

Isn't that Zeon's emblem? What show did I miss here

Woah, there's a TL? sweet.