Sit down and be humble, My hero Academia!

Sit down and be humble, My hero Academia!

Togashi is back!
And outselling the hacks!

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still, selling less than the last volume.

>not a massive hack
He spends several months at a time giving his fans the finger while he wanks to Dragon Quest porn, and then publishes the cumstains to the fans who happily gobble it up.

Lol sorry no one wanted to read the adventures of overwhore and vault boy

Togashi is self aware


how can people actually read hunter x hunter? it's so cringy

test test




Wow, Shokugeki no Souma sales are really tanking. It used to sell about twice that much on first week.

It's actually really not impressive tho? Vol 34 did 650k with 3 days and Vol 35 made 477k with the same amount of day. That's like a drop of 150k.

jump super push only care about neverland now

That's not really a surprise. SnS has been getting progressively shittier since Erina's dad was introduced. Not to mention Tosh's art has also been getting worse.

Get back your hole Odakun

>SnS has been getting progressively shittier since Erina's dad was introduced
This everything about the azami storyline has been a mistake and the current regiment shokugeki has dragged on far too long

Based Togashi

Those are 2 day sales retard.

Is Haikyu good?

Yes, give it a try

>BNHA yakuza garbage arc sells bad
>HxH #1

nips have good taste

Dumb frogposter

Oh look another insecure HxHfags needs to judge his series worth by comparing it to others.
When will the HxHfags disease be gone from Sup Forums. Seriously HxHfags should be permabanned.

No wonder, he is the only shonen mangaka that can actually write a story

Not surprising at all. Azami arc has been shit, and the art has been getting worse. Tosh use to have a sharper style, but now it’s more moe.

It's released on 2 shit head

Its 3 days

Meant for this faggot


>i-it isn't a flop i swear

H-how can we herobros even compete?

Down to 400k sales, hiatus xhiatus is dying

>Sit down and be humble
Take your own advice HxH. Rememeber who's your daddy.

Season 4 is already announced i say it's not a flop



Based Togashi, BNHAfags BTFO!

It's pretty good

I'm not into sport stories, but I still liked Rocky and Raging Bull, so I'll give it a try.

why does this bullshit sell so much? does nips enjoy wall of text?

Japan's IQ is in the triple digits.

Yes and No that's why it have a really big drop on the sales.

the heart

mommy me no like wordies me like pictures

I'd rather have walls of text then Togashi's garbage art.

This kills the BNHAfags

Togashi's paneling is god tier you filthy pleb.

How? I don't read it nor give a shit about it

>hxh fans are always on damage control mode
>naturally their own thread devolves into a pile of trash while they play defense
You guys just can't win, can you.


This thread actually made HxHfags look pathetic

But you waste your time reading this garbage?

>tfw you know OP and HxH will still be going long after Hero Aca ends

Why does this page should make me think it's a garbage?

>bnhafag literally SEETHING because the sales don't lie

You're shit naruto ripoff is a flop

Patreak pls

deconstruction of shonen

>protagonist being edgy
how is this a deconstruction, is this like the only anime you watch because this is pretty common

>HxH and Haikyuu down from previous volumes
>Heroaca up from previous volumes
What's the problem?

Only 35 volumes within 20 years.

Why is this allowed?

goddam gon is a fucking nutty job


Is there any more cancerous fanbase on Sup Forums than HxH? It's literally the rick and morty fanbase of anime

I feel pity for MHA fans. Comparing their mediocre series to the greatest shonen ever.

I'll read HxH again when the current arc is done 10 years from now

One Piece fanbase.

HeroAca threads are literally a Tumblr embassy.

Retarded Huntafags, your manga had his worst start since 10 years.

>goes into literally any thread they can trying to make HxH relevant when it has nothing to do with anything
>insecure as shit fanbase that must one up on everything
>Togashi could literally cum on a piece of paper and publish it and they would eat it up and defend him
>absolute no self awareness

You're unironically right

That would be Dragonball. Right now you have 2 threads about its fucking abridged series.


yeah you are right
every shounen at some point the mc threatens to kill an inocent person just because he is mad

>posters from said series actually stays in their shitty containment threads
>worse then attention seeking HxHtards

>staying in their shitty containment threads
Someone post the "we are the chads of Sup Forums"screencap

Never see any. I'm usually only in the OPM, Nagatoro and MiA threads though.

Do you also browse r*ddit?

Onepiece fanbase ≠ Oda fanbase


That's exactly how HxHtards act though. No self awareness.

based togashi.

HUNTER×HUNTER 33 - 650817 (3)
HUNTER×HUNTER 35 - 477485 (3)

ハイキュー!! 27 - 274229 (3)
ハイキュー!! 30 - 266984 (3)

僕のヒーローアカデミア 14 - 183296 (3)
僕のヒーローアカデミア 17 - 201688 (3)

食戟のソーマ 23 - 150667 (3)
食戟のソーマ 28 - 132208 (3)

Here's the last time each of these series had 3 days worth of sales.


>greatest shonen ever
nigga you wat


why do people like hxh?

it's trash

>greatest shonen ever

>Drop of almost 200 000 for HxH


why is everyone so insecure about HxH? it's good. Almost all fanbases on Sup Forums are annoying shitheads.

>it's good.
it's naruto tier

the story is good. stop conflating the story with the fanbase. Even naruto part 1 was good, but the autists here will shit on it because of the persecution complex they have with the fanbase.

Keep fighting. I'm just happy that three good shonen are selling very well.

How will HxH fans defend this massive drop?

They'll ignore it.


>mc threatens to kill an inocent person
All of that just sounds to me that the MC is an asshole

It's going to sell the same

>my hero academia suposed being a huge sucess
>best numbers on the chart are few less than 500.000 copies
>HxH sells in 2 (TWO) DAYS what "my hero tumblr generator of retarded ships" sells in 1 to 2 months
Yeah, we will never recover. Kek.

Oh? Did I hear another kitten pretending to be a lion?

HxH has a much better story than onepiss.

Is this the only thing you can do? I asked about how you would defend the drop in HxH sales, instead you deflected and started bashing MHA. You can't even openly admit when your manga is experiencing a bad arc, or if the story itself is declining. The absolute state of you faggots.
Also, I don't give a fuck about MHA. It's funny actually, I hear HxHfags always go on about how sales doesn't matter whenever they get compared to One Piece, but apparently, when comparing it with another shonen, sales suddenly turn into a magical indicator for the quality of a story.