Darling in the Franxx

Take bets on whether the PV was a fakeout or not.

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FishxHiro greatest love story ever told

>the PV
It's begins.

They are definitely fucking with us, we all know what's really going on

She's so good he just needs to build up stamina

If anyone translates this, I've got it cleaned and ready to typeset.

>if you do just the tip it tickles, darling
>lick it good from the base
>yes, that's good darling
>it feels good

>lick it good from the base
Tomato wasn't kidding when she said 02 was the masculine one.

Reminder that we gave thread dedicated to 02 over on (the 4th one already)
Drop by and share some cute dino-halfling pictures if you feel like it.


what PV?

None of the prior PVs have shown the important plot points ahead of time.

Next episode's, which else.

>the forced "hype" for this show is already dead
my fucking sides.

People are burning themselves out having constant threads.

never mind. fuck me. couldn't find it earlier

I love my wife Zero Two!

If she were going to do that, she would've done it before. Hiro was uncomfortable about their situation long before the kiss, and she didn't care.

you mean shitposters got tired of shitposting to keep these garbage threads alive

burn the coal, pay the toll user.

funny, I at least dreamed that both piloted a Franxx

Ride with the best, die like the rest

>Spaghetti xD
We're not the only ones.

Do you think Hiro likes to suck Goro's dick?

So how did Trigger manage to make two best girls?


Yeah, I like Miku and Ichigo.

no idea, maybe taking Goro's dick into ass
(after all, in my dream was Hiro the Pistil)

represents faithfulness in relationships

that's a big lance

what is she going to do with it?

"consider the following"-material

They need lubrication. Or is Goro going in raw?

When is this bad boy getting rolled out?

>omitting miss trigger herself from the list

Remember that one wild thread?

Who's the neko?

I have no idea.

Been busy. Is bullying 015 still on?

I'm fucking worn out from bullying her.
Episode 5 needs to refuel the bully tank or redeem her.


The samefag got tired of it


It's a mystery.

How long will it take for Sup Forums to completely forget this show? less than a year

If someone doesn't make this edit by the end of the day I will

Just like Sup Forums forgot Haruhi, Lucky Star, Kill La Kill, Madoka, K-On, etc.

Get used to these threads for a long time, they are never going away user. Especially because this show is such an absurdist foil to Eva which this board has been obsessed with forever.

which one?


ok, do it then faggot

Sup Forums forgot a lot of those

Jam it deeply inside some robodino's butthole

>ywn never save the world by spooning

Post more Strelizia.


Robots shouldn't be this lewd.


We gotta go lewder.

Oh but they can

Take bets on how much more quality we get

episode 5 is A-1, did you see the PV?

Sorry for the wait. Tried to make it flow a bit better.

Within a few episodes there won't even be an anime anymore, just vague blobs that move with voice acting accompanying.

My dick is diamonds.


>Forced hype
>daily multiple 500+post threads with an average of 150+ ips
Ok user

Its like teaching a young girl how to suck dick

We need more episodes to say for sure there's a coorelation between Trigger in the credits and half assed sections of animation.

if this show doesn't bring about a new glorious age of pegging, i am gonna be very angry

I fail to see anything wrong with that.

Also it seems that pochincoff is planning a doujin.

Sorry to break it to you, but the entire point of this is going to be Hiro manning the fuck up to live up to the expectations placed on him as a child prodigy. No pegging.

you managed to be even gayer

You're going to be very disappointed

They apologised for the animation quality on twitter, saying they decided to prioritize episode 6. Since they did episodes 4 and 6 at the same time, that meant that ep4 would look worse.

>Hiro manning the fuck up and learning how to take it in the ass

Pegging would ruin the show but I almost, just almost, want to see it him to see everyone lose their shit for a few days.

by the way, wasn't there a girl from Haganai that liked mechporn?

Filename no longer related. Anyone got the TTGL one?


i don't care about pegging in the show, i want it in my chinese porn books

The only one that needs to man the fuck up and learn how to take it in the ass is you, user. Your fetish hasn't been pandered to and you need to accept it.

Ah, sorry. You'll definitely get that.

I thought you pegfags were blown the fuck out last week

Actually the entire point of the show is that relationships improve individuals and allow them to reach higher heights than if they were alone..

They were

Yeah, and that's the framework he'll be doing it within because their entire worth is judged off their ability to perform as a couple.

Weird that this got banned in China. They're all for these kind of traditional values.

>vanillafags not accepting this either ends with ntr (hiro or 02 dying) or pegging

The PV is backwards. Hiro being sick or whatever is the first thing that will happen. Then the doctors will say he's just overworked and needs to eat and rest. That's why 02 is cutely feeding. she wants her darling to be in good shape.


Who the fuck cares?

Can you give me the quick rundown on that?



They're still holding out with hope because they're delusional and there's a new episode tomorrow.

We're done with pegging. Episode 5 will bait the homos like and yurifaggots and episode 6 will spit them out.

So if the robots share the girls features (Ichigo's bangs, Miku's twin tails etc), how come Strelizia doesn't have 2 small horns, but a single massive horn?

Because that isn't onis true form

*Do you think Goro likes to suck Hiro’s dick


It's a reference to the plant.
That would be cute.


China stream money thing is a meme
Rokka no yuush was supposedly popular there but it still almost got its studio closed because how hard it flopped

It's gonna be funny when Hiro dies of AIDS. Should've listened to Ichigo when he had the chance.

>AIDS from kissing
Stupid aussies

>first time
>knocked the fuck out
>second time
Someone really needs to do the "local man infected with dino AIDs is GROWING STRONGER" shop. Unfortunately my skill with Photoshop doesn't extend past scanlating.