Why is she so perfect?


I wish a loli would bully me

God I want her to rape me

>tfw Nagatoro will never give you a footjob under the table in a crowded restaurant

> Wears indoor rubber shoes without socks

Her feet must stink. I'll pass

what do you guys think of people who like dominant women because they want to dom them instead?

It's hot to be on a 2 way bully situation.

I want to fuck nagatoro romantically

What the fuck is up with her mouth

She is not. It is simply you who never had gf.

2d is near perfect, please do not mix fantasy with reality.

She probably goes barefoot 90% of the time so her feet most likely don't smell horrible

Nagatoro is a bully! BULLY!

This is pale Nagatoro.

delet this

Is pale Nagatoro nicer?

Of course not, she's taking Senpai's shrimp patty.



Someone edit this to say nut juice

>senpai is 10x more pale

>already kissed him

She's gonna bait and switch, right? She'll let him believe she likes him, then turn up the sadism, right?

>beats the fuck out of his dick and balls
>kisses him at the end as apology
Fucking diamonds


>Doodleman lurks the Nagatoro threads

Then again his Nagatoro drawing(s) did get 4 digit notes

I want her to fart then blame the smell on me.

>not white

Big titties

This would be 10/10


almost all your girls in your chinese cartoons are asians by default, so beat it

even at half power shes fucking perfect

And caucasian senpai, apparently.


So I was digging around some files and found this little game, did this ever get translated?

It's being worked on. Slowly.