Why are JK's so thirsty?

Why are JK's so thirsty?

Dunno, looks like she's just been for a run, could be why.

Cause her body is telling her to drink water since it's what keep us alive

Delet this travesty of a post right now.

>my sexuality is so fragile that hair length shakes me to my core

JDs > JKs

Finally someone who gets it.

I don't know about dating lawyers being a good idea, user.

You can examine their briefs all you like, though.

What if I don't want my briefs filed, though? I'll bet that smarts.

JS and JC are so much sexier than JK and JD


This is canon, now fuck off.


Finally an user with taste

why was this show so obsessed with this seemingly unimportant character? Every episode she was on display at some point

It's hebe.

Not for JS.

I only like upper JS

prime breeding material

JK can't be prime. JC is prime.

Scat fetish tier

JC > JS = JK >>> JD

Because pussy. Lots and lots of pussy.


What age was that one, again?



I want to know what exactly is going on in this scene