Why does she pretend to be blind?

Why does she pretend to be blind?

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Shiki made her blind when she fucked up her eyes

Considering the special, she clearly didn't make a pretty good work

Am I retarded for liking Proto Sakura morre than the actual Sakura? I genuinely felt bad for her when Shiki fucked her up. That's when my "protect her" instinct kicked in.

Does anyone really like the "actual" Sakura. This one was a good side character that played her roll then fucked off. The one from Fate ruined the game.

I think it's universally agreed that, on the matter of broken, raped, emotionally damaged TM heroines, the official ranking is Kohaku > Fujino >>>> Wormslut

Not when he was raped and tortured by a bunch of delinquents?
Keep crying faggots

You're both entitled to your wrong opinions.

>Not when he was raped and tortured by a bunch of delinquents?
Nah, she didn't even resist. It was like fucking a doll

Kohaku = raped thousands of times, didn`t even understand sex was supposed to be a source of pleasure, viewed it only as a tool for her synchronizer abilities, blushed when Shiki made actual love to her, funny, cheerful and genki personality, master strategist; despite her vengeance, never blamed anyone for her problems, couldn`t even bring herself to hate Makihisa

Fujino = raped hundreds of times never felt pain or any pleasure/stimulation whatsoever, indifferent to sex

Sakura = raped thousands of times, LOVED the cock, horny several times throughout the story, Shinji himself comments on how horny she'd get for anyone's cock, loose as a cannon, clingy, possessive and self-pitying, won't stand up for herself but blames everyone for her problems, enjoyed herself thoroughly killing hundreds if not thousands of innocents in Fuyuki, brings out the worst in Shirou, refused to kill herself even though that`d easily stop the destruction of the world and her beloved Shirou`s death

She's voiced by Noto Mamiko, that's already an upgrade from wormy

>Not when he was raped and tortured by a bunch of delinquents

I mean I certainly felt bad for her but watching her call out to her senpai and saying "it hurts" just melted my heart. Maybe I'm just autistic.

Azaka, Akiha, or Rin?

She was literally injected with magical aphrodisiacs and still hated to be raped to the point of killing Shinji because she was devoted to Shirou like a good maiden. Everything else you said is exactly how a normal human would act, remorse and sadness are common things to have when you were exposed to eight years of hell and abuse.

Azaka is great but she's ultimately just a side-character. She'd win if she had more screentime, but she only really features in novel 6, and the movies made a mess of movie 6, the book is completely different.

Akiha is too flat. And she shares a trait with Sakura: being the worst girl in her own route.

Rin by proccess of elimination.

They are all worst girls, tsundere brats that treat you like shit for no reason are annoying

Nasu tsunderes are not like generic tsunderes. Rin for one doesn't treat Shirou like shit. Not for no reason at least.

I just watched the third movie again since it's the 10th anniversary, so it's nice to see a thread about Fujino. And yeah, I definitely felt the same thing when she was crawling around and crying

The DVDs are better than the BDs, right?

>movie starts with her getting raped

Yes, the Kara no Kyokai BDs are notoriously poor-quality. They were released right at the beginning of the Blu-Ray era, and they were mastered like total shit.

Explain what they butchered in movie 6. What made the novels better? I read that the novels were in general not good at all.

>Oh look, it's a thread about my favorite KnK girl
>Immediately turns into Sakura shit flinging
Why do you people constantly have to bully her?

It's a complete re-write made by Ufotable. The antagonist, Satsuki Kurogiri, is one of the most interesting characters Nasu has ever written, but in the movie his entire story and motivations are handwaved, abridged or outright cut off.

You read wrong, btw. Novels > Movie, despite all the eye-candy.

The movie says she was trying to feel more pain to feel human, does that mean she was trying to take revenge in hopes of being abused again?

Rin. She's the cutest. Akiha was okay. Azaka was just there to gripe at oniichan for most of the movies.

Anyone reading Garden of sinners manga?

>Novels > Movie
No, the novel´s writing is shit
It's called atmosphere and good direction, things that you are supposed to do in a good movie

Sounds normal. I like most Sakuras more than actual Sakura.

>It's called atmosphere and good direction
>Movie 6

Or, rather, at least half the KnK movies fail at those exact aspects.

Absolute pleb.

Akiha, but only if she's not in her route. Kohaku route Akiha has some good fire to her.

>Akiha, but only if she's not in her route.

Why not?

So what's happening for the 10th Anniversary? Are they doing anything special?

You mean this?
>still on movie 5
The art's quite nice. Shiki is so soft.

>half the KnK movies fail at those exact aspects
No, only the sixth one does

>at least half the KnK movies fail at those exact aspects.

Explain yourself right now.

Did you somehow miss the part where she goes full bitch, then full demon, then full retard?

isnt that kinda not her fault at all? Do you also blame Sakura for the rape?

>So what's happening for the 10th Anniversary? Are they doing anything special?
There's a KnK event live now in the NA version of Fate GO, but that's more a happy coincidence than anything since JP had that event 2 years ago and NA is just that far behind.


How about this?


Dude, the novels are shit, Nasu´s shit prose coupled with info dump is not a good way to get a novel going.

>people can't enjoy things

Paradox Spiral is still the best TM work. It nails the sweet spot between the Tsukihime side of the Nasuverse and the Fate side of it.

>It nails the sweet spot between the Tsukihime side of the Nasuverse and the Fate side of it.

How so?

that rape scene still gives me a boner

because blind girls are hot

Does she pretend?
Honestly, I forgot all about Extra Chorus. It's the worst add-on to the series besides that Shiki/Mikiya lewd handholding.

Why? It's not amazing, but I thought it was nice to see more KnK for one last time.

I like the dark tone it went for.
Yeah it had ridiculous wire-fu fight scenes ripped straight from corny Chinese cinema, but I liked the deadpan depiction of confronting domestic violence, the body horror imagery and the restrained use of gore, the cinematic techniques and directorial choices used to enhance the feeling of being trapped in an endless time paradox (jarring cuts between repeated scenes, symbolism of the yin-yang/spirals, and recurring visual imagery like the clock in the city square), the understatedness of the Nasuverse magic- deceptively dangerous in how antithetical it is to most anime which have flashy visual effects, and the ethereal soundtrack which ties it all together.

>wire-fu fight scenes
It's not that different from how Shiki fights in the other movies, isn't it? The animation's just a bit nicer in KnK 5 due to Tetsuya Takeuchi's animation for the zombie fight and of course the wild storyboards for the finale with Araya.

>Wild storyboard for the finale with Araya
You are joking right? The finale had the worst scenes.

I was just indifferent to all the Reien school characters.
Mirai Fukuin was a better ending, with SHIKI accepting her impending death.

Planning on rewatching this since it's been a few years. Which subs are better, ANE or Coalgirls? Also, is it worth getting the 1080p (was this even animated above 720)?

Whether you like the storyboards is a matter of opinion, but sure you'd agree that wild is an apt description.

>Also, is it worth getting the 1080p (was this even animated above 720)?


One of my favorite things about Paradox Spiral is the way it "twists" every day life. That feels like one of the most recurring things in the movie.

You know that there are plenty of families like Enjou's in any city. But the Oogawa building concentrated a bunch of them in the same spot, hiding in plain sight in the middle of a city. Every day, a bunch of (fake) people died in that building, and no one around them gave a shit. That feels like a core idea in Nasu's old works, all of the weird, fucked up stuff that occurs in the world, but that people can't be bothered with because they're too busy with their own private lives. This fits perfectly with the hidden nature of magi and the Church, of course.

Same thing with the start of the movie, when you have a montage that establishes the everyday life of Shiki and Enjou. Even though one of them is a kid on the run after killing his parents, and the other a super magical assassin girl, they live such mundane, normal days, they go through the same chores as everyone else, eat ice cream at the end of the day, and they have a routine. Once again, the idea of really strange stuff that blends right into a normal city, as if it were always part of it.

I sure do love it when characters become anorexic, especially when they're meant to be fighters.

Do you mean in Melty or in the last ones? Because I can only agree with the Remake sprites. They're also stiff looking as fuck.

Those red eyes are her clairvoyance which she learned during battle on the bridge. And it's probably the reason why her regular eyesight got worse. So basically her eyesight only returns when she wrecks stuff.

Different user but if I'm guessing, it nailed the psychological aspect and normality (or rather, the violation of) in Tsukihime, while combining it with the "magic" and ideological (mainly in Araya trying tobenefit in his own way) side of Fate.

(Araya trying to benefit humanity in his own way)*

>Does anyone really like the "actual" Sakura.

Fujino has an extra story in the manga, set after her arc.

Source: the little shitbeans attached to your ass

What a load of headcanon nonsense.

What was it about?
Was Azaka the lead character?

Why would you need a source for a personal opinion?
That user was just saying what his favorite aspects of F/SN and Tsuki are, and that KnK combines so well.

I am and I fucking wish translations were back. I mean, pages can be easily ripped from the site itself and all you need to do is to photoshop in new text.