ITT: Shit girls who didn't deserve to win

ITT: Shit girls who didn't deserve to win.


Pic is not related.


Unrelated pic.

>worst girl apologists

I will fucking geld you OP

Wow, only 4 posts in and this thread is already full of shit taste

What the fuck was her problem, again?

keep going Sup Forums so far its 3/3

any girl who forces the tsundere meme and have her and the MC has a hateful relationship only to fall inlove in the end


I never knew one man could have such shit taste.

Not that guy, but all tsundere is garbage. Get over it.


have you ever taken the time to consider that maybe its not me who has the shit taste but rather its you?

>worst girl

Thats not Kaede.

i have not seen this anime nor will i ever watch it so you get an agree by default

Senpai was the normal one, you're thinking of the yandere childhood friend.

This bitch.



I sincerely doubt Haruto would be considered a victory. Worst boy deserves worst girl.


The Anime wasn't canon so I could care less

>Decided to check up on Fuuka again a month or two ago just to see where the story was since I stopped reading it when the Fuuka 3 shit started
>First fucking page is a big shot of that faggot Haruto

I’m just waiting for the 1.0 isekai spinoff by now.