A Certain Magical Virtual-on Warfare SS

A story drawn the day before the "A Certain Magical Virtual-on Warfare" from the viewpoint of Misaka Mikoto & Shokuhou 's Tokiwadai Level 5 pairs.
What kind of thing is "a fight between a girl and a girl" in which two fellows are colliding with each other?


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Blood-Sign Vol.8 Obi

Since this is non-canon, I hope lewd things go down.


Misaki a pile of shit

The way Kuroko's big hips connect to her thighs in this is bugging me.

Kuroko is so adorable.

>White Queen
Where is Shiroyama "Queen Slayer" Kyousuke when you need him?

I'm a firm believer that Kuroko will grow up into a healthy 16-year-old girl. sexy thighs and all


Her chest will probably be mostly modest, but I bet the legs and ass will grow quite a bit.

Kuroko is a pokey name.

I'm getting tired of her exposure, but I'm happy Misaki's getting some more.

Why aren't there more pictures of Itsuwa driving motorcycles?

Machines are difficult to draw.


In this room who exactly is she giving them too? Is it me because I’m the next post?


No thanks Uiharu. Sorry.


I want to eat her ass even more than I want her cookies.

I doubt it. You couldn’t go a day without something sweet.

My point exactly.

I would prefer both honestly.

You wouldn’t do it when the time came.


Yeah I would. If a 14 year old girl is already giving me cookies then eating her ass is naturally the next step, probably.


This man knows. Gotta eat her out while she's young.

Spoiler Unexplored Summon://Blood-Sign 8

I can't tell if Mikoto looks happy or pissed or both







Discussion time boys!
NT 18 or 19
Which do you prefer and why?
Personally i prefer 18 as it gave a shit ton of new info, answered a ton of questions (some fully and some partially), had a ton of holy shit moments and just generally covered a lot with one hell of an ending.


Are my eyes deceiving me or is that Walrute?

NT19 dragged a little too much with Hamazura

Huh isn't that Waltraute? I don't read Blood Sign, someone explain.

Waltraute? Really?



18 is one of the best novels in the series, 19 isn't even close.

Yep, her name is there in the text.
Her setting was always presented as the "actual" world of norse mythology, so I guess it sort of makes sense that norse summons in BS would come from there.

dat face

Bad timing to post during an illustration dump
Personally i prefer 19 as i really liked the focus on hamazura after a lot of touma

>when there is no cereal


Is Kamachiverse real?



More MisaMisa always welcome

Spoiler Album:


NT18, I'm not a Hamazura fan. Plus I was disappointed in how quickly pendex was handled, and how Coronzon got outwitted so hard.

Is there a page count of the volume yet?

18 without question, it is arguably one of the best novels altogether and is tied with 13 as my favourtie NT volume.
>Personally i prefer 19 as i really liked the focus on hamazura after a lot of touma
I get it, but still, as said
>18 is one of the best novels in the series, 19 isn't even close.
18 is in an entirely different league

18 easily
you get to see aliester kaikakuing and entire preeminent magic cabal into self-destructing
also that ending twist was so good, and made so much sense looking back that i really feel it was planned since early OT

Registration information
Bunko: 456 pages
Publisher: KADOKAWA (2018/2/10)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 4048936786
ISBN-13: 978-4048936781
Release date: 2018/2/10
Packing size: 15 x 10.8 x 2.4 cm

teiba nor reveal any Table of Contents yet
but We hope probably got full raws in several week after the released.


Definitely 18. Hamazura is a weak character to me.

NT18 without a doubt , NT19's the story really dragged along after the prologue and only picked itself up from the hospital onward.

Could also just be another case of reused name and design like Tselika and Karen. We won't know for sure until we get the afterword.

Kamachi better not put any obnoxious Blood Shit characters in Index. I know its a LN in Index's world but he can fuck off with "the LNs are real!" or "some esper or magician makes their favorite LN characters to life"

Yes, Mikoto is iu – ao – eu – ei – kub – miq – a – ci – pl

Cute cat.

Don't worry, Index has enough obnoxious characters for you to worry about as it is.

Do you guys think it's possible that Kamachi is helping JC staff rewrite the plot for season 3 so the whole thing plus WW3 can fit into two seasons? Those novels were so long ago I'm sure Kamachi has thought of a way to improve them

You can't improve perfection

He's gonna add more Mikoto scenes


CUTEST pervert

I thought that you were supposed to take her hand in marriage after she does that, but I guess this works too.

Kuroko's hips are starting to fill out

I told you guys Kamachiverse crossover is canon. Some anons denied the truth.

What the fuck, Dude?

1 step closer to KamachiPhantasm lads

>White Queen is created at the end of Raildex

Same clothes but different weapon, the raw calls it the Cross Spear and not the Spear of Destroying Lightning.

He's running out of ideas.

>running out of ideas

Miki recently stated that if they used all of Kamachi's ideas for Raildex alone, it would easily hit 100 volumes.

>yfw other Kamachi characters are actually Unexplored Class summons as well

Motherfucking White Queen as the Queen of the original layer of the world where there is no magic where Aleister wants the world to go to when?

Why some people hate blood sign so much? I haven't read it yet.

>Blood Sign is a sequel to Raildex

Kamachi giving Nisio Isin a run for his money I see

It gets shitposted with a lot so I guess that pisses people off. Although its probably more like we got 3ish vocal faggots and the rest are people that either like it or are indifferent, just like with literally everything else that gets rabidly hated on in here

Because the MC is a meme

Mariydi a shit

Picture related traumatized some anons.



nothing to fancy, Waltraute being "Materialize" on Blood Sign.

Madam Professor's horny as horses.

White Queen BTFO, decide to forget Kyousuke, search Toma / move to Academy City.

>Irigaru Tarou
That guy's name is just Illegal Boy. That's a little on the nose even for Kamachi.

Based on the text, it looks like she appears, fights for a bit, and is quickly replaced with another Material. So exactly what you would expect for a Divine-class.

I like it. If Kuroko developed a nice ass she would be a total heart-breaker. The pigtails with the red ribbons, her face, and the dfc work pretty well for her already

So basically it's canon-ish?

White Queen is only good as a ___