Dies Irae

Do you sometimes have the feeling of FOREKNOWLEDGE?

Mercurius could help you (and maybe grand you a Wish).

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Here is my wish: Release the last few episodes already.

>0 / 0 / 1 / 7
Fate killer, they said. A mere month has passed and no one cares about Dies Lrae anymore (save for a couple of shitposters that pop in Altair threads only to get blown the fuck out every time)

You seem to actually belong in those threads user, so please stay there.

beato best girl

Which members of the LDO did Kaz bang ?
He mentions that he fucked one or two of them, and he seems to have actually liked beatrice.

Rusalka and Lisa.

Bea is best Girl.

>I want to fuck Marguerite

He mentioned that he likes Robert E. Howard Novels.

I want to fuck Marie



Just finished Kasumi and Kei route. For a fighting VN, the fighting scenes are rather subpar.
The MC power is also boring as shit.
Shiro is more fun to read.

Hopefully, the other 2 routes are better.

>starting with Taiga route
Should've got Saber out of the way first.

The one behind Isaak, I think she was the second Tubal Cain if I remember correcly.


Are you the user from last week?

I just went with reccomended order.

Nah. This is the first time I’m posting here.

Could the Sakurai family be a reference to mecha pilots? Every member of the family that we see in the VN shares a name with Getter pilots. Rei, whom we don't see, shares her first name with Rei Ayanami.

Yeah, the other routes are significantly better, but if you really haven't been enjoying the first 2 routes, I can't really promise you'll like them. Anything in particular you don't like about the fight scenes?

Now that you mention it, yeah, it's possible, Masada is a huge chuuni himself, after all.

Too much narrative and not enough description of actions.
Ren's fighting scenes is also kind of one-note.
Just evading everything till he get the opportunity to close and cleave the enemy head.
Also, 99% of the time, the protags need outside distractions to win.

I like the characters though. Especially Shiro and most of the LDO.

Why do I feel I will get screw harder with you than with QB?
At least I get to keep my soul though

>At least I get to keep my soul though
Are you sure about that?


As long as I don't get kill

>the anime was ridiculed
>the VN sold badly
>ratings on vndb far lower than expected
>barely any discussion
>still no ero patch
What went wrong?

No Beatrice Route....

>barely any discussion
Everything has been pretty much discussed to death already, and it doesn't help that Paradise Lost, KKK and IkaBey haven't been translated yet.
>the VN sold badly
Is there a source for this? Because as far as I know, light was satisfied with DI's performance in the west.

Dies Irae has good Ratings on Steam.

Every anime game has good ratings on steam.

>buying anime VNs made in japan

Most key VNs did well, no?

It's pretty amazing that the main villain of this series is so colossally, epically self-absorbed that his solution to a sense of deja vu is to basically warp the nature of the entire universe.

I mean, it's like if your house is facing the wrong direction and the sun keeps getting into your eyes, and your solution is to change the orbit of Earth instead of just installing polarized windows.

For a story with protagonist who can't fucking shut up about his precious mundane everyday life there are barely any scenes of it. This was rather dumb.

True, but wouldn't people complain even more if they did include them? People give FSN a lot of shit for all the downtime.

And they said this is Fate killer.

Link me a single post seriously stating this would kill Fate


The hype for both the VN and the anime died real fast. Why did the anime have to be so incredibly bad?

To be perfectly fair.

Karl was basically the universe in the first place.

It’s amazing how the general attitude of Dies Irae fans have changed over the years. It’s gone from pretentious hipster to “lol, fun things are fun”. Back when it looked like it would never get translated, during the fanTL era before this modern boom of commercial interest in VNs, Dies Irae fans would boast about it being almost a life changing experience, an undeniable kamige and flawless masterpiece. The untranslatable gem. The game that shows kiddy Fatefags what a well-written patricians battle royale VN looks like. The undeniable magnum opus of battle VN subgenre. But as time went on and especially when a translation started to look likely, they kinda shifted to the “haha it’s a ridiculous, crazy shut off your brain kinda unapologetically chuuni VN” of today. Really came crashing down on the kamige ladder for many moonfags, almost becoming something that sounds like a guilty pleasure.

I guess the general point is never trust a word moonfags claim. “It’s untranslated so it’s good” is overblown meme but it has roots in a real thing. I ended up loving Dies Irae but holy fuck was it different from what people were talking about a good 5 years ago. It’s like they were discussing a completely different game with characters that just happened to share names. I wonder how off my perception of all the other never ever gonna be TL’d kamiges are.

The Anime was a Boner Killer for many People.

Autism is a hell of a drug.
Love these pastas

It’s original mate.

I don't know why people like her.She is only important in one route and her motive was boring.Design was good though.

>moogy-dono changed his rating from 10 to 8 and ran away to trashy indie platformers in shame
JOPs are weird.

She is a good Girl and has a nice Personality.

Can't say for others, but for me she was like the only sane person from original members of LDO, and she was cute.

Can't wait for Muramasa.

>Are you the user from last week?
Here. I'm almost at the end of Kasumi route and I now kinda get why people consider this to be the worst route as it looks like the top commanders won't even appear. I also agree with to an extent. I mean Ren vs Rusalka's battle was exactly that. It was just Ren dodging her attacks pretty much the whole time and only won because Kei backstabbed Rusalka, by throwing her sword, which I don't get how she managed to do that when she was in the school courtyard and her target was on the rooftop. I've definately enjoyed Shirou's fights much more than Ren's so far.

The backstory was pretty confusing at first but its starting to make more sense as I'm nearing towards the end. Just one thing Did Lisa really fuck Reinhard?

I am patiently waiting for Muramasa translation.I can't even shitpost about how great Subaru is at this state.

>Everything has been pretty much discussed to death already
Makes me wish I had started this series sooner. I would have loved to have discussed this with more people but it seems most have had enough and moved on.

Yes, she did.

>still no Kishin Hishou Demonbane TL either
Why is JAST so slow?

All I want is to get to the Russian rape scene already.

Yeah, we've had some pretty nice discussion about the Shinzaverse when the anime was still airing. Still, there's the rest of the episodes and Pantheon to look forward to.

It's just not that good overall.

>Yes, she did.
Wew. I wasn't expecting her of all people to be the one.
>till, there's the rest of the episodes and Pantheon to look forward to.
That's in June isn't it?

It relies heavily on characters rather than the writing itself.If you're not into edgy nazi characters it really turns you off.

Anything else you'd like to note? Yeah, Kasumi's route is pretty disappointing, while Kei's is better, I personally felt that the climax dragged on for a bit too long.
>That's in June isn't it?
July, if I recall correctly.

I'm into some of the edgy nazi characters, but the overall story just didn't grip me. In fact, the edgy nazi parts were usually better than the main plot, which I think contributes to my dislike.


>Anything else you'd like to note?
Yes just some questions. Shouldn't Kei have been devoured by the scorpion in her womb, the moment she decided to attack Rusalka? I thought it was like an oath that if broken leads to instant death.

Another question, how old is Rusalka exactly? Even Wilheim called her an old hag and she said her wish is to obtain immortality because she's reaching her lifespan limit. If this is spoilers for future routes don't answer.

One final question. Was Kasumi's father some kind of maniac because from what I could tell, the narration said Shirou killed him. Again if its future route spoilers refrain from answering.

Another problem is MC's script.80% of the lines he says are either uninteresting or cringy.

Rusalka (Anna) is Born 1751.

You'll learn about Rusalka's backstory and the circumstances of Kasumi's father later, so I'll refrain from answering. About the scorpion, I kinda forgot it also happened in Kasumi's route too, but yeah, it's not instant death. But overall, are you still enjoying it?

Wow wasn't expecting her to be that old damn.

>You'll learn about Rusalka's backstory and the circumstances of Kasumi's father later, so I'll refrain from answering.
Okay thanks. If its explored about later that's fine.
>About the scorpion, I kinda forgot it also happened in Kasumi's route too, but yeah, it's not instant death.
Oh so it happens in another route as well? I guess Kei's?
>But overall, are you still enjoying it?
Overall yes I am still enjoying it. My main irk so far has been Ren's fight with Rusalka. The characters interactions have been pretty good all around. Was hilarious for example for Shirou to install a camera in the shower as revenge on Kei for waking him up. The chit chatter between the cast is definately the highlight for me right now.

Speaking of Kei I forgot to talk about her before, my stance is kinda similar to Ren in that I can understand where she's coming from but she needs to move on from Cain. I guess her relationship with him is explored more later but at least I know her reasons for fighting now.


Another thing I noticed is that Ren vs Rusalka's fight is different between Acht Est Fabula and Amantes Amantes. For example the CG in your pic doesn't even appear in the Acht Est version. Its weird because I checked other parts of the route and its been the same expect this part.

So I just finished Fate/Stay Night for the first time and holy fuck was it bad. The pacing is terrible and the prose is beyond laughable at times. The battle scenes are pretty cool tho, even if the music sucks too. I understand it was revolutionary back in 2004, but how anyone could say that DI is inferior is just beyond me.

Opinions user. While DI is my favorite VN, FSN still has a place in my heart.

I miss "Beatrice is best Girl".

Careful user, you may trigger the Fate "Elitists" that lurk around. Though even Nasu himself admits that if he could, he would completely rewrite the Fate route now. He even considers Fate CCC to be his best piece of work, so I really don't get those people who have the believe that only the VNs of Fate are good and the rest of the franchise is trash.

>Rusalka route when
This reminds me of Illya in FSN who originally was going to have her own route but was changed at the last moment and so her parts was placed into Sakura's route which is the final one. Just like how Rusalka's parts is in Rea's route which is the last one, although unlike the former, I don't think a Rusalka route was ever planned.

Well, I'll be looking forward to hearing from you again when you finish Kasumi's/start Kei's route. I'll probably make a thread if there isn't one next saturday.

I would rather shitpost about Chachamaru.
Here you go, user.

Sup Mukei. Could you translate this part from Pantheon's CM?


"This [place] is dominated by anger. That's why I want to embrace all the grief. The original rule of this world that is called shinza is hold back by Naraka's Throne."
I think term "shinza" is generally was translated as "godhead", it means the Throne god that is currently controlling the world, being its "original rule".
Basically Marie here talks about first heaven's curse, which is maintained by Naraka, making Throne gods endlessly compete for Throne.


Thanks man. Think you could translate the fight between Ryuumei and Momiji one of these days? If it's too long, just do the parts where she talks about the glorious Ougon.

i love shirou

She's pretty fucking redpilled, I'll give you that.

Who doesn't?

She is best Girl.

>Kai's cum dumpster
>best anything

But Marie is Mercurius's cum dumpster.

True, but she isn't best girl either.

Merc really wishes that was true

Probably not.

To Mercurius, sex is the equivalent of being killed, and is more or less all he wants from Marie*

Kei's climax was probably the best. I thought Reinhard was going to job but NO!

He was a fucking wall and Merc was a magnificent bastard. If I'll praise Masada for anything, it's not giving into bs shounen tropes when his antagonists are concerned.

>Best girl

If you mean the most wanked, then sure. Otherwise, she was almost as weak a heroine as Kasumi.

Rusalka >>>

I probably like Fate more but DI was objectivelty better.

Story-wise, they're about the same. Mediocre while doing nothing novel

World-building tips somewhat in Fate's favor

Characterization is where DI blows FSN out of the fucking water. The best in FSN was Kirei by quite a margin, and Trifa is enough to compete. I don't need to explain why Reinhard and Mercurius >>> the plot device that Gil was in FSN. Admittedly, that is also AUO's worst incarnation.

The "most wanked" one is Marie, there's a reason why she and not Rea is considered a main heroine of dies.
I wanted to do some parts with Ryuumei, and I was thinking about this fight in particular. So, one day, probably.

Is this kusoge actually as good as how moon readers describe it or are they exaggerating how good it is(again)?
Literally every VN that got translated isn't as good as how JOPs described it, they backpedal and claim it wasn't that good in the first place.

None of them, he mentioned that he wanted to bang the second cain but he never said he got the chance

See Expect every non-translated claimed kamige to follow the same rule, including mememasa

Everything is kamige if you're autistic enough.
Seriously though, Muramasa is very much hit or miss with swords autism and Narahara's writing overall. If you enjoyed Hanachirasu, then imagine something like that, but ~50 hours long and generally like ten times more polished.

Don’t worry user. We will get en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_during_the_occupation_of_Germany soon.

Who is the best Paradise Lost and Senshinkan girl? What about villain?

>Story-wise, they're about the same. Mediocre while doing nothing novel
Yeah, both have very similar premises. "A battle royale across one city to gather enough souls, in order to obtain a wish using a vessal." Obviously there's more to it than that for both of them, but that's the basic idea.

>World-building tips somewhat in Fate's favor
Well it also helps that FSN isn't the first Type Moon VN so its already had quite alot of world building in comparison to DIverse.

>Characterization is where DI blows FSN out of the fucking water.
Pretty much. Just look at the "best friend" comparisons for instance, Shirou has Shinji and Ren has Shirou and I think its a no brainer over which one is superior.