What is reality?


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Was that the real lain? Or a lain created by Eiri? Why Lain says there all are hers?

a poop


there is a different lain for each one inside of us

You are software not hardware Lain

I only finished Lain this week.

I liked her original personality more

what is hardware in the world?

watch it over again...again....again

Still a best

A miserable pile of secrets ?


That one was made by the Knights

something dumb gaijins wouldn't understand

>tumblr lain gif
Please kill yourself.

I’ll Second this. Burn in a fire OP

See desuarchive.org/a/thread/167186763/#167187780

>wanted Americans to not understand it AS THE JAPANESE WOULD
you know precisely that this was backpedaling after initial statement about values
it's right in the image
so just accept that japanese overlords don't want western fucktards in their land or culture

Even though the image specifically says "as the Japanese would"? And even though subsequent actual interviews about this topic say as much as well? And even though Ueda would later say that he was surprised that Americans understood the show in a similar way to the Japanese?


Not an argument

Are you sure?

Maybe the producers should have developed their ideas more clearly to the audience then. If the writer wanted to convey to the audience idea X, but the audience thought of idea Y instead that seems to me the failure of the writer.

Ueda just had the original idea. He didn't even get lain himself

I still dont get that statement from ueda...Did he mean the internet/Apple thing?

Yes. They can alter reality, we know this much from the Phantoma incident. They can also create holograms of people - we know this much from when they lead the guy with all the headgear down by the bridge with a fake Lain on his screen to assassinate him. If Lain won't willingly break the boundary completely, they have to make her as miserable as possible so that she is starved of human connection and thinks her only purpose is software.

Ueda likes french women and hate pepperoni...that said it all

let's all love lain

Reminder we will never get despera


He wanted two cultures to respond to the thematic material in different ways so that there would be a conflict of ideas and subsequent new communication between the two.

he wasnt the writer

Ueda trying to justify his racism

I don't think you know what racism is

was she hardware too?
I thought the whole reality in lain is just a pc simulation, lain in kinda the pc himself, and the her dad is the programer

Loving Lain.


but how would have replied the americans?

She might be, or Eiri could be lying and he could have just found her. Regardless, she was definitely in a human body, and that's the point Alice was making in the end. She could feel loneliness, and someone could take advantage of that. Her dad had nothing to do with her creation based on anything we know.


he honestly thought americans were too dumb for an anime like this

what was the reaction Ueda wanted from the US?

America isn't a race, and that's not what he was saying, as evidenced by all the actual evidence in this thread that you're conveniently ignoring.

war of culture?
new form of communication....
what does it mean?

And you don't seem to understand
A shame you seemed an honest man

I've never seen him elaborate, but based on one quote of his (I'm glad that everyone likes Lain! But at the same time, I kind of wonder, do people over here really understand Lain? The way I percieve things, the way Japanese viewers percieved Lain would be different from how Americans viewed it. But when I was in L.A., the fans I met seemed so very Japanese in their perception... and that kind of isn't what I wanted, because like I said earlier, I wanted there to be a clash between cultures. I wanted American fans to see Lain and think, "No! That's screwed up! That's so wrong!"), I would say he probably expected them to respond more negatively to the antitranshumanism and nonlinear time related themes.

>I would say he probably expected them to respond more negatively to the antitranshumanism and nonlinear time related themes
Instead they ripped of lain with Matrix and Transcendence

I love Lain

She had the power to destroy hardware, but never done it again