Hey Sup Forums, what's your dream anime release? Pic related, I'd like Trigun to get the FMA Brotherhood treatment...

Hey Sup Forums, what's your dream anime release? Pic related, I'd like Trigun to get the FMA Brotherhood treatment. The anime adaptation we have is garbage. Knives doesn't even use Knives for fucks sake.


Some episodes look really cheap but it's not bad at all. Great music and there's some decent animation in the right moments.
Also you had Badlands Rumble more than a decade after, which was surprisingly good and a little miracle.

Yeah it's not terrible quality, but there are so many great moments in the manga that need to be brought to animation. The real Wolfwood death, Livio, Legato's actual character arc, etc. That and the series ending was rushed as a motherfucker.

Gash Bell

On the other hand, it was a shame the videogame got cancelled.

Eh, you got the Gungrave games right? Yeah, nvm I'm sorry.

the entirety of berserk in 1997 style

Ikuhara and David Lynch working on Punpun

I want this to get a remake but it's never going to happen because nobody heard of this shit. Original anime was fucking awful.

Karakuri Circus

all of Yotsuba to

The first 8 eps. of Gungrave were great, when it was still a relatively grounded story about mobsters. Then it became meth head monsters and went down the shitter.

Either a Seven Seeds anime directed by Tomino or a 50 episode Drifting Classroom series. I can't decided. Surprised Drifting Classroom has received a live action but no anime adaptions, not even a movie, bizarre.


It's not garbage, what the fuck
The only bad episode was the last one, there were amazing ones like 17 and 23-24, the Vash's character development was good even if slightly different from the manga, the OST is amazing
It's a good watch, even if rushed towards the end

It became monster shooter after ep 16, not 8. And the last two episodes make up for it.

On one hand I would love a Vinland Saga anime but on the other I don't and I can't pin exactly why. If your talking about Brotherhood treatments Soul Eater could always get it's manga ending adapted.

I guess I would say a modern, not shitty Berserk anime with no shitty CGI, but that's probably really obvious. The 1997 anime captured the atmosphere of the manga pretty well despite its flaws, but it would nice to have an adaptation with better animation and voice acting.

Other than that, I think it would be cool if Gantz got a really good anime adaptation. I think the anime botched alot of the subtleties that made the manga so great.

Why do people still love Berserk so much? Miura himself hates it, it went to pointless JRPG with some gore thrown in after The Lost Children, the chapters are getting more and more boring, the art is getting worse. The only thing that keeps it afloat(get it) is that Miura needs a job.

>talented people with real artistic vision working on a shitty manga
Truly novel

You're probably not entirely wrong. It's just that the volumes that set up the story are really amazing, and construct a believable yet fairly complex world. I also like how the story has somewhat sophisticated themes like determinism vs. freedom, what it means to be caught in someone's dream, what it means to use people, revenge, ect. And the relationships between the characters in the Golden age arc is really nuanced and well done.

However, this is most potently expressed in the volumes where the manga was in its prime, with the amazing art style and everything. I've been re-reading Berserk lately, so that's probably why I'm enthusiastic about it.

But you're right; there's been more and more unnecessary comic relief, the art isn't as good as it used to be. But I still have a faint hope it might possibly get better, but probably not. The story is at an important point plot-wise though, and for that reason alone I just want to see what happens.

Don't tell me you like the hamfisted Wolfwood death...

Maybe so but eps 2-8 are what I really remember drawing me to the show. After a certain point it still goes pants on head retarded.

They ruined the MAIN antagonist so hard it really killed the show desu. It's like they did the first season of a good adaptation well, then decided "Ah, fuck it"

Skipping the knives goes crazy after finding out they've dissected one of them point was a big oversight desu.

The actual scene with him dying was not hamsfisted at all, the events that led to it - maybe. I actually liked how simple it was with just him reflecting on his life in a church compared to epic melodramatic scene from the manga with children's letters flying around and them greeting Wolfwood. I mean it's still good, but it's like something out of a VN made by Key.
Anime Legato was a great antagonist nonetheless. Anime Knives is hella dumb, but he was barely present in the manga at the point of time when Trigun anime was in making, and anime original ideas were largely hit and miss. Nightow isn't perfect in this regard either, we never got any meaningful development for Elendira or Earth Plants for instance.
That wasn't even in the manga(and perhaps Nightow didn't even think that far at the time) when anime was airing.

You bring up valid points, I gotta give you that. Butt I want my faithful anime nonetheless. It's the only manga I bothered to buy the volumes for. I think the series would be much more well regarded I we got a good adaptation thus I can only wish it would be by the studios that did space dandy, both dub and sub.

As for the anime original ideas and the manga not being finished though
that's why I said the FMA Brotherhood treatment. Don't tell me that wouldn't be eaten up by viewers.

A high quality OVA that accurately adapts the Akira manga.

This guy.

It's hard to tell. People liked Kekkai Sensen, and considering that shows like Fate/zero(that have predominantly male cast and dark setting) can sell(and this was before the Fate boom, or more like it was what initiated it), I think Trigun could be more popular if it was released now compared to the 90s. Rumor has it that it wasn't really popular in Japan, which I'm inclined to believe since they made a movie specifically for the western audience. It's not completely implausible idea considering all these new adaptations no one asked for, like Rozen Maiden s3, Kino no Tabi s2, new seasons of Slayers, Devilman Crybaby. Try praying for Bones and Netflix funding.

I think they'd have to subtly market it towards fujoshi to make it sell though, like Bones did with Kekkai Sensen. That, or Netflix goys saving the day.

So... Start petitioning Netflix?

You don't make a petition to make an anime, that's embarassing

I want and don't want a new anime for Trigun at the same time. It'd be cool to see manga scenes properly animated, but the new fanbase will be cancer, I can feel it in my bones.

I want Trigun Brotherhood but the first anime was great most of the way in.

It wasn't decently popular? Wasn't the old anime at least 3 cour and spawned some games? Anyway last manga arc was too long a boss rush, I got battle fatigue. But I also want best girl Maria animated so a remake would be good.

Don't jinx it

I feel ya brother, but it really needs to be fixed. It really shits the bed about the time he shoots the moon.

There have been FAR worse petitions. He'll, I gladly signed a petition for Shin Godzilla to get a western theatre release.

Brotherhood treatment, you say

>Seven Seeds anime
Completed Basara first, please.

I also want Fuyumi Ono to finish the fucking 12k novels and for an anime to be made of that.

Just started watching it. So is it just contrarianism to bash it or is the manga really that much better?

Readaptation of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

an actual well done Eureka 7 sequel

I always wanted the instrumental of the ending theme.
The music in this series was real damn good.

Pic related would be the hypest shit since forever..

The anime was much better than the manga, better ending as well.

Read it and decide for yourself, but I stand by the manga being 100 times better

blu ray release when?

>Hey Sup Forums, what's your dream anime release?
Baby Face

This, too bad there aren't many studios that can do it justice.

But that's just so wrong. Truly we have found the contrarian of yore. He actually thinks it ended better.

Same as you OP, but regarding Soul Eater and Shaman King, their anime endings are so bad compared to the ones in the manga.

Prove me wrong.


>Uses swords

>I'd like Trigun to get the FMA Brotherhood treatment
You mean where they make another adaptation but its just as shitty as the original? Why would you want that?

>Trigun Maximum Animated by Madhouse like the first anime
yes, please.
>Livio vs Chapel animated