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thats a lot of mayonnaise

What’s that thing around her neck


i disrespect bullying


An explosive collar. Her head a-splodes.

Knock it off


One guy, 6 girls, stuck in a room alone with a computer monitor. The computer instructs him to choose a girl to rape and how to rape her. If they refuse the collars explode and they die.

Except you have to keep choosing to torture the same girl over and over. The game didn't really make that clear, so I assumed that you couldn't escape until each girl had been tortured.

You have no power here


>you will never cum on a girl's foods and force her to eat it

thats alot of semen

She ends up dying anyway when her collar was activated, but not before being raped tho.

Delet this.

Wait, it's an actual game? I always thought it's just two images.

Yep. You make her eat all of it and then thank you for the meal.


It's also a 6 episode hentai OVA. Be warned tho, avoid it if you're not into scat and/or guro.


fuck darling in the franxx is brutal

Subtle bullying

human girl
monster girl

Is spanking bullying



Darling in the NTR takes no prisoners I see.

This is not okay.



Girl literally tries to destroy the Earth.
Gets her destructo beams taken away.

So, should they have just let her continue then?


If we're going down this route



They have a shit machine? Nice.

>loli bullying
Is this Black Bullet?


Does this count as bullying?


thats brutal

That's surprisingly hot

I've only played the US version, but there's at least an option to mosaic out the scat if you only want the guro. It's not really all that effective since the girls are still taking a blurred-out shit in about half of the scenes, but I appreciated the thought.

Fuck you man.
>You'll never see her in the pouring rain and pat softly on her shoulder to comfort her.

there goes a perfectly good meal


Don't bully your loli too hard user
She might break.

Japanese mayonaise is really tasty.

whats she going to do? do me a favor?




guess she broke


Most of the bullying stuff is just cringeworthy.

a classic, thanks user

should have taught her sharing is caring

Guess I have to buy a new abusedoll

Amazing OP


Yeah, I can tolerate the guro but not the scat.





Poor lil Asakura

Good one, made me mad.

Is Akarin wearing a diaper?

Where is part 2?!

Holy shit

massive bullying incoming

Mio deserves to be bullied.



but why are you nailing those cursed clothes onto her instead of, you know, removing them from her life via applied fire?

This is counts, right?


fucking seething over here

>Things you want to forget


Seems like a decent fetish, is it worth getting into lads?

oh shit

>heartbroken ichigo
what a fucking femlet, I love it



That is PriPri

princess principal

part 2 when?
now, please

I said it before and I'll say it again. Thieves deserve to be punished

Reverse bullying.

>deleted even from panda
this is fucking bullshit

I wondered about this too. I remember fapping to it because I have a piss fetish and when I was trying to find it through tags it didn't show up.

weirdly enough the omake is still there

7 different reverse image searches lead nowhere.

Raping the stupid out of Makiba was the highlight of that VN



How monstrously cruel.

It was yuri and it's deleted.

My cute hentaifu Nemu is the highlight of that VN.